Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How high's the water momma?

Sea level rise?  Here's a funny thing, the sea isn't flat.  Currents and changes in local strength of gravity make some areas higher than others.  The great current that carries tropical water along the east coast of North America is being slowed at the north end of it's travel.  This is leading to pile up of water along the central east coast states, of almost 5 inches in the last few years.  The slowing is caused by so much cold fresh water running off Greenland.  Like an on ramp of aggressive drivers, they slow the freeway behind them.
Low lying nations and islands are at risk everywhere as all oceans are rising, some faster than others.


  1. I just posted a painting which rises out of the same circumstance u elude to...happy new year sunshine

    1. Pops,I liked it I liked it. Happy New Year and wavy gravy .


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