Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Climate scientist convinced global warming is real based on evidence.

You've seen this chart before I bet, but do you know the rest of the story.  These almost 14k articles finding proof of global warming are not in  news stand rags, they are in academic journals.  The key term is peer-reviewed.  This means the writer submits the article, it's reviewed by 3 credentialed experts with knowledge in the field it's focused on, plus the editor. They have to be able to re-create or verify the claim, the conclusion, the reference material, and check to see it's original work and text.  It's not uncommon for them to ask for minor corrections or more info.  If it's more than minor, it's rejected.  The process can take many months.  So, you can take that 14k number and multiply it by another 4 people who proved it's true.
Except for these 24 articles, all the information denying global warming comes from news stand magazines, trade magazines, and articles prepared for and given to news outlets, or books by some blabbermouth, are virtually never written by climate scientist, and are not peer reviewed.
So take this seriously when you hear:
97% of climate scientist are convinced that global warming is real based on the evidence.
If it was your mom, and all the docs in the hospital said we're 97% sure if we don't lower the fever she will die, are you going to let it run it's course on advice of the flower delivery boy?


  1. The power of fux whore news.

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    No, that is the power of Peabody Coal Company's money...


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