Wednesday, October 31, 2012

fake picture of rally "liked" by 58,000 Romney supporters

This is off the tax dodgers lying flip flopping email web site, it says there are 58,000 "likes" for this photo.  It's fake.  It's a Nevada event, doctored up to beat hell.  Note the tent seems to have two supports, yet both are at one end, the isles are three at one end, the two openings in the tent top (in the top picture) becomes 4 while only one lets the sun shine through, the roof supports are mismatched in many places.  If you enlarge it you will see a banner at the left end reads Romneney, this thing was stretched and pasted into a fantasy by someone who was either not good at it or decided the Rmoney supporters were as OK with this hoax as they were at being part of the Rmoney canned good hoax in Iowa, taking products provided by Rmoney off one end of the table and handing them to him for the photo ops at the other end.  What the hell is main stream media doing?  I think the liberal press charge is pretty much over, the rich own the press, and if they want to keep their job they can shut the fuck up about what they see.

womens rights after rape, cut, health care, cut, Romney's plan.

Chrysler first, now GM's CEO says Romney is lying, again.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Exuse me for posting an erotic picture of Sandy

FEMA and NOAA on Romney's hit list

Rmoney and the alpha geek Ryan have said in the past they will close FEMA because it smells of big government communism, and NOAA because they dabble in weather science and keep records of past  trends.

Sandy is Gods revenge for lesbian scissors

Just trying to beat the Reichwing zealots to the punch.  Their god is hitting the US for something.
What do you think he is punishing us for?  Shutting down a good war?  Breast cancer exams covered by insurance?  Allowing suits against pedophile priests and scout leaders?  For not letting the GOP abolish FEMA?  Threatening to tax the rich?  Having a black President?  Please, tell me, why does their god do this?

Hurricane Sandy's power outages can be avoided

If you were in the area hit by power failures, and if you have solar panels on your roof, your broccoli and frozen blueberries are going to be fine.
One or 2 PV panels will run a kitchen if you don't use everything at once, a couple more will run it all, a couple more will run most of a small house.  If you have a small battery system you'll have lights into the night as well.
If you live in West Virginia where they predict snow, no worry, solar panels even work under snow.    In fact, a light snow makes them more efficient due to the millions of reflective and magnifying surfaces it creates.
Solar power sounds better all the time.  If I wasn't 50 feet north of a row of six 100 foot tall cottonwoods I would have PV's, but they shade the house year round almost all day, very nice in the summer, it lowers my air conditioning bill.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My neighbor scores first touchdown against the Irish in 44 quarters

Blake Bell, OU #2 quarterback, lives a block or two from me in Wichita, scored the first running touchdown against Notre Dame since Boston College in 2011.  44 quarters.   Blake, 6'6" QB use to run between my house and the neighbors with the neighborhood kids.  I don't really know him.  Walking around the block the last time I saw him 2 years ago he said hi, nice kid.  The belldoser they call him.  I think he has run 6 or 7 TD's this year.
Notre Dame won.  I'm a big 12 fan, but I really like ND.  Their #5 is fantastic and a really nice guy, he goes out of his way to spend time with the walk-ons and bench warmers, knows all their names, says they are the heart of the team through their practice and staying power.  How many athletes recognize that.  What a gem.  Manti Te'o.

Friday, October 26, 2012

I voted early

Mail in ballot, done.

Mad John, the GOP's best foot forward



 As Letterman said 4 years ago, "there putting something in his metamucil".   Crowding into the GOP's clown car non compos mentis McCain is rushing from TV to TV to excuse and support Repubs  redefining rape as just another "method of conception", Ryan famously said, one of Gods tools to deliver joy to the world.  The list of war on women troopers enlisting just the last month is to long to deal with here.  This raving rable who spend no public time speaking about the boy scout rapes, Catholic alter boy pokers or evangelical womanizers, are eager to make laws to take over the body of any women carrying the god given joyous sperm of a rapist.
FYI: His multimillionaire wife is a big part of Budweiser in the Southwest, not one Budwieser product in 4 years.  Go John go, this is your last rodeo.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

kids can make you money

Got a dimmer switch?  Paint or tape this little design on it.  Got a kid?  Tell the kid, whenever their is good natural light in the room, or if no one is in the room, make this into a happy face.
According to a story on line, the kids take over immediately, they love to be in charge of something, and as you know a penny saved is a penny earned.

the flag blows left, backstage fun

I found this on a German web site, swears it is real not faked.  It's Mitt and grandkids.  Also, the Germans are following this election closely and they are baffled by the amount of support Rmoney is getting considering he lies all the time.  They ask one another what do the people voting for him think they are voting for?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Romney-Mourdock Ticket

Rmoney is running adds endorsing this Murdock war on women warrior, and refuse to take them down, hopefully they will continue long enough for women all over the nation to see Rmoney is a douchebag.  It's kind of a gift to democrats, "something God intended".

He's Got it Right - Obama for America TV Ad

Starve, but with the lights on.

The largest use of water in the US, both mined (wells) and fresh surface water (river/lake) is thermoelectric, boiling water and directing the steam through a turbine to make electricity.  The result is the bulk of this water goes up in vapor, along I might add with many units of wasted heat. Coal is burned for this, natural gas, and some oil, wood, trash etc. as well as nuclear plants do this too.  A move to wind and solar panels frees up that water for all the other uses listed below.  Water, not oil, will be the most valuable commodity soon in the US, it already is in much of Africa and the worlds deserts.  Unless we free up water from our current generation methods, free them soon for agriculture, we are going to starve, but with the lights on.  

Fracking has exploded since these charts of 05, fracking is pumping whole creeks underground, lost forever, exempted it from the water vapor/rain/ocean/water vapor cycle.  That can't help the dusty boots in the field.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney endorses Obama for President

Last nights debate was another shake of the etch-a-sketch for the GOP, shake and start over, repeat as necessary.  Along the way lie that your current statements do not reverse or ignore your old ones, shake and repeat.

On every point Romney agreed with the current position and action.  He nit-picked the details for things to bitch about, but the man endorsed Obama, there is no other way to view it.  Good enough for me, I'll vote Obama.

What a good belly laugh, the line about we don't have as many horses or bayonets as in WWI either.  Now, for the ship counting trick, which by the way 1 of todays ships could have shot hell out of the entire worlds navy of early WWI without ever getting close enough to see them.  The count is meaningless.

How Many Ships for World War I?

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Go back a few years before 1917 and you’ll see that the Navy was gradually building its force, but throughout that period it had significantly fewer active ships than it has today.
That pattern held right up to 1916 when the active force totalled 245 ships, still fewer than today’s count.
Given that history, it’s pretty obvious why Mr. Romney chose 1917 as his benchmark. The jump to 345 in just one year was an unprecedented but appropriate activity by the Navy, given that the U.S. was heading into war with a powerful force that had already laid waste across Europe.
After World War I, the Navy’s active force took a nosedive for reasons that are patently obvious. The same pattern, logically enough, occurred before and after World War II.
In other words, 1917 is a cherry-picked year of comparison. It does not account for the technological advances that President Obama pointed out, and it does not account for the state or nature of warfare during the periods of comparison.

Clean Technica (

2012, another year of declining food reserves

The last few days have seen more record highs in Kansas for late October.  This years corn crop in the US was the smallest in 17 years, and already next years wheat crop, just planted, is at risk with soil moisture 21% of what is considered a proper level for sprouting.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to One Angry Zebra, cheers ole buddy

Falstaff's Revenge

A true tale of Ron when I knew him in the USAF.  This event is from 1968 or 69 in Germany, Falstaff here, is none other than Sarge, the One Angry Zebra.  If you ever read Shakespeare you know Falstaff as a plump and jolly debaucher who could hold his own in a row.  Happy Birthday Ron (oneangryzebra), thanks for not giving me a concussion. 
--------And so it began------

Another car rolls in to a slot in front of the barracks. Blue VW doors ajar the occupants spill out laughing and bragging. Out of the dark comes a small group on foot, walking back from town. It will soon be 12:30, the night is cool and damp as the drunks from the off base bars converge and mix with the guys coming off swing shift at our white stucco home, an American NATO  barracks. Cigarettes and lies and friendly insults are exchanged as they filter into the building. Off to the side, through the humid halos of distant lights lie a dozen or more low earth covered hangers sheltering nuclear armed F-4’s behind razor wire.

Inside I live on the first floor, first room to the left off the entrance. The Squadron Headquarters is the first door to the right. It’s closed at night, but there is always someone on duty, to find people, report fires or trouble, answer the phone. This duty rotates amongst the 80 men living in the 3-story building. It’s a job all of us hate, for reason of oversight I have never been called on to do it, I keep that fact to myself.

This poor schmuck stuck with tonight’s duty is in a room on the other side of my room, for some reason it’s referred to as the “day room”. It has some easy chairs in it, along with some card tables, pool tables and fuss-ball tables. I look in the day room, a few pause at the pool table where a couple of tipsy airmen are heating up, pushing one another around and slobbering red faced insults. The schmuck and some others are trying to keep a lid on it. It’s pretty funny but I decide to stay out of it this time and go to bed. I head for the latrine and on to the room.

Five of us share a room. It’s a big room made for eight, with big swing out windows that open on the parking lot. I throw my clothes in the locker and fall in bed under a green wool military blanket.

I’m almost asleep and fear washes over me, I hear something. I could hear Falstaff’s breath rattling through flem. I froze in my bunk assessing the danger. What treachery is this? The beast has just returned from a trip to Ireland, arriving back waving a crude crooked wooden mallet. It's a shillelagh to bring down his foes he brags, a weapon of wild tribes, heathens, and sheepherding murdering raping wild men. And now I know he creeps forward amongst the bunks and lockers, an assassin in the dark, I smell him, I hear him shuffle slowly. I make the decision to try to escape with my life; I know he means me harm. He has for weeks nurtured and grown his hatred for me.

The root of his discontent lies in incidents too dim in the sotted past of gin and beer and poisons, in scuffles and insults to many to endure. But, if I can put a handle on the pranks which set him off the track of sanity and onto this path of sending me to hell, it may be two incidents, incidents and faults of mine, pranks.

The first event: From 6 stories up, in a glass bird cage packed with radios and phones I work as one of the air traffic controllers. We look out into the night, every night, and when dawn arrives, before us on a near hillock sets a hideous checkered box in the grass, the radar operators of the air traffic controllers work there, and this is Falstaffs domain. The winter is long here, not severe, but long. Snow comes many times. This morning a foot of snow covers the earth. Between the base of the control tower and the checkered radar unit stretches a 40’ wide 1.6 mile long concrete taxiway, parallel to the runway. A deep ditch is on one side of the taxiway.

Like moles from the earth the radar operators emerge from their checkered burrow into snow reflected glare and trek to the base of the control tower to enter. They seek sanitary relief, there’s no bathroom in their lair. A guy with a good arm and a supply of massive slushy snowballs on the catwalk 70’ up can rain frozen pain on these poor soles as they struggle through the snow in and out of the steep ditch. 2 or 3 people with good arms can hold them back until they can’t take it. Cursing and dodging Falstaff and others can often be brought to falling in the ditch, offering an even easier and bigger target. It was great fun from the tower, but rightfully garnered hatred from those floundering in the ditch absorbing the icy hail.

The second event: A scuffle after a night of drinking. Falstaff and I, having consumed copious amounts of alcohol during an evening which started a hundred kilometers away in Luxembourg City at the Green Lantern where we laughed till we cry at a male voice waling either in pain or thrill drifting down from a harlots torture chamber above. Back at the barracks at the end of hours of debauchery, for reasons I am sure unknown to us then as now we scuffled a bit in the room and Falstaff passed out, I could say went to sleep, but in those days he didn’t go to sleep, he passed out. I, reverting to the most base animal instinct of a prank, after all we spent the day and night being base animals, grabbed a bucket of red paint and wiped the soles of his boots, when suddenly as if an alarm sounded he arose cursing the world and walked to the latrine and back.

07:30, it’s a workday and the First Sergeant is in the room screaming.  Red tracks told Falstaff's story, which urinal he stood at, the wobbly path he treads to and fro.   Clean it up was the order.  For the next few hours the hall was full of sounds of his labor as he mopped and scoured and waxed, finally unable to completely remove all the evidence. As he worked, he mumbled threats and plans of revenge. It was going to be a significant event. I was doomed and slept light from that day forward.

But now, I breathe slow and silently in the darkness of the humid German night listening as my murderer draws near with his primitive weapon. I have to escape or get to the light switch. The room is dark, a rat maze of lockers and furniture and beds. I move towards the doors, bringing me closer to him. I fix his probable approach and skirt the opposite way. I will outflank him and get to safety. Suddenly the heathen is upon me, my path choice an error. He can see me against the back light of the window. Wham, I can scarcely comprehend what happened. A horrible cracking sound and impact pitching my head to one side and I almost fall, I lunge or stumble to the side and now I can see him. He whirls the war club overhead like a cowboy working a rope on a helpless calf. He means no less than to spill my brains on the concrete floor. Stepping closer he levels insults and smiles cruelly. Surely killing or crippling me with this knobby wooden mallet is his aim. Bam it thunders again but he misses my head and lands a dent in the steel locker door. The lights come on, others are startled out of bed and want to witness my death, such is the atmosphere. I pull my hand away from my throbbing head, no blood. My punisher roars with laughter and accusations devaluing my lineage. He faints another swing but I see the attack is over, I have survived. I amble to the latrine to brush my teeth and run cold water over the growing hot lump on my head.

The latest wave of drunks staggered in from town, hearing of the attack some gawk at me in the latrine holding my head while others fill the room to hear my malevolent aggressor issue an exciting account of the battle and the guile employed to win it. While he glows in victory the drunks examine the dent in the locker and pass around the cudgel, marveling at what a magnificent implement it is while swinging it dangerously over one another testing the feel of it.

Ah, to take a beating from a friend in front of my prize pinup, DeDe Lind, the hottest Playboy foldout of all times, that was the lowest point. I took DeDe down the next day, folding her carefully for storage.

If ever you find a shillelagh, burn it.

For the environment, and to answer Rmoney and the teabags..

"Cease being intimidated by the argument that a right action is impossible because it does not yield maximum profits, or that a wrong action is to be condoned because it pays."  Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

Don't bet against the sun and the wind.

 We live in a time of illogical and magical cures for government woes and Republican wars.  Cut the government's income (taxes and fees) to grow how much it receives - speed how fast we pay off the debt.  If that was your newly married kid and they came to you saying "mom, dad, sinking into debt, give me advice".  Will your sage advice be "go to your boss and plead for a lower pay"?  Is that it, pay off your bills by having less income?  Who would do this?  Why does half the nation believe this lie that less money in means more things paid for?

The religious right is perfectly happy letting states approve casino's in, cut taxes and open a casino.  The mafi that manages gambling hands the state and county a few percent, the church and the GOP don't bitch about this, sin is OK as a tax on the poor and stupid.

Next time your local gov. comes up with this smart ass idea, suggest a wind energy farm or solar panel fields.  They also generate thousands to local governments in taxes and fees, thousands for local land owners.  Maybe not as much as a casino, though in some cases more.  Remember, drunken drivers and lost paychecks rarely are products of the wind farm.  Pimps and pickpockets don't spend the evening amongst the solar panels.  One more thing, green energy puts money into the local economy the opposite of casino's mining money out of the community to the offshore banks and GOP superpacs.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

When will the Mitt hit the fan?

If Mitt wins, will Grover Norquist let Romney raise taxes to pay for the war in Iran?  17 of his 24 foreign policy advisers are Bush people, neo-cons.  They owe it to the defense industry, perpetual conflict, perpetual fear.
If the GOP had the White House right now, they would be bragging non stop about catching this guy ready to bomb the federal bank in NYC, and they would be preaching fear, fear that more are on the way and only they can catch them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

$15.3 million = Romney's profit from auto bail-out

Let it go bankrupt guy made more in one deal than you will in your whole life.  He did it by investing a few bucks in Delfi when it was crashing as subcontractor to the big 3.   He might have made far more if the industry did go bankrupt by buying the pieces of the wreck at scrap prices.  On the otherhand there may not have been enough buyers to have made selling the hides and bones profitable, but Mitt was willing to take that chance.

hybrid vehicles, another good thing about'm.

I have an 08 Toyota hybrid.  In case you don't know how it works, it has a gas engine and an electric motor and some batteries.  When I drive sometimes the gas engine pushes me along, sometimes the electric (which uses no gas), and sometimes both are running (which uses just a little gas).  When I coast, or brake the gas engine stops and the electric motor runs backwards and it recharges the batteries so I can go further with out the gas engine.  The car is rated 36mpg, I almost always get better, usually 38, sometimes 40, and thats on the whole tank.  So $4 even $5 a gallon is not as painfull for me as most drivers.  When I bought the car it was $800 higher for the hybrid, that has paid for its self long ago in fuel savings.

But 36, or 40mpg doesn't tell the story.  When I set at a light the gas engine goes off, normal cars burn 1/4 to 1/2 gallon an hour at idle.  This saving in heavy city driving does not show up on cars mpg display.  In a conventional drive vehicle, at the end of the tank spent in city traffic, you lost several dollars setting at lights or drive up windows.  Another reason to look at hybrids next time you buy.

Another group of Texans, mostly land owners arrested

Texans arrested on what was their land, given to corporations by the courts, not for a school or bridge, but for profit in oil.  Rmoney wants to build the pipeline.  Well Obama already approved part of it, and lands rights advocates and environmentalist are protesting together.

This pipeline from Canada to the Gulf is not for America, it is for multinationals profit and export of the oil.  Valero already has contracts for it, read their quarterly report.

They are not waiting for the pipeline, already it is arriving by rail tanker car.  225,000 barrels a day today, rail cars are being leased to bring it to 700,000 barrels by next years end.

Just a word of caution, more leasing of land, more drilling, more refined product in the US will not make oil cheaper, we have too little to impact the price of oil which is set and traded on world markets subject to international jitters and speculators, and our input is only a few percent of the world total.  The only relief for each of is to use less and less, keep your tires aired up, engine tuned up, drive as little as possible, and if you buy new, go for the highest mpg you can get.  I am not in the market but if I was I would get the new Prius with solar panel roof that runs the airconditioner, even when the car is turned off, and it gets 50 or more mpg, and by todays prices it's a mid price car.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The rich and the upper middle class abandoned America

Romney is just the tip of the iceberg.  The top wage earners in this country, and the copycats wannabe Republican voters have turned their back on this country.
Their kids no longer attend public schools, fight in our wars, go to public pools, community colleges, or want to pay for the public good, and yes, they want support for these things cut, all of them.

Binders full of women, Mitts excellent adventure at breaking rules

The most tweeted phrase in the 2 hours following the debate was binders full of women.  A question by a young women about fair pay in the jobs market, how are you going to correct the 70% pay for women doing mens jobs, the president pointed out the Lillie Ledbetter law, his first law signed.  Rmoney never answered the question, no idea I guess, but instead rattled off scary depressing numbers that may or may not be true that by now maybe his mouthpieces have corrected.  What the Mittens did do was launch into a story about how as gov. he had binders full of women to hire from.  Well the young folks that watched this debate jumped on that phrase as a funny summary of the rich guy excesses and out of touch guy he is, they had a ball with it.

20 minutes into the debate, Rmoney ask the President a question, and Obama smacked him with a good answer.  Rule #5 of the debate, negoiated by the two camps states: Candidates may not ask one another questions.   This is a perfect example of the privileged class, the rules are for everyone else, they sent their underlings to make rules but ignore them whenever it is to their advantage, and this is how this doofus will govern, like the rich guy who drives his SUV into the grass to the sideline of the kids soccer game, the guy who has to be told over and over to turn off his cell phone on a plane.  In Mass. as gov. Mitts made one of the elevators in the state house his private vehicle, on the floor in his office were little squares of tape, staff were to stand on that tape, no closer, outside the office velvet rope like a que for a hot disco.

Binders full of women, is he describing mormon harems?  Google binders full of women, you'll be amazed at the results.

Does anyone else think he walks funny, like someone that ought to come out of the closet?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sportsmen for Obama

From the Republicans we hear the cry that the government needs to give up ownership of public lands.  They want it sold.  Who has the money to buy Yosemite, or Cheyenne Bottoms Wetlands?  The rich do.  The corporations do.  Fence it off, charge admission maybe, or just mine it, cut the trees, push the mountain tops into the creeks.

I'm voting for Obama, for public land where I can walk into the hills and never see a wallmart, a fence,  or a mcdonals cup on the ground, where Squatlo can take pictures of the deer and the fox.
You want to see some good nature photos, check out  or click that little logo on the left of the little guy leaning on a car bumper then choose the rant option.

Eat your greens and shut up, prevent cancer

 Green stuff = spinach, kale (I have some great ways to do kale), fresh parsley, basil, cilantro and all leafy green herbs, beet greens, romano and other lettuce (iceberg is worthless in every way) swiss chard, cabbage, cabbage, bell peppers, green beans, peas, but mostly go for leaves, dark green leaves.  Just stop with the canned crap and pizza and fries and every day eat some green things.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Economic Growth - Obama for America TV Ad

Who are the medicare death panels members? Look to the GOP

Death panels, oh me oh my.  Ryan and the Republicans want to talk about death panels.  Well, who is on that death panel?  Look at the GOP and Bush 43 who passed the medicare part D prescription drug doughnut hole.  There they are, the party of Lincoln, all honorable men, willing to spend billions on wars but if grandma needs more pills they take the oft repeated myth of the European health care system and bring it right into law, no care after a certain point, isn't this what they rail against, arbitrary no exception control of your health by government?
At some point in the year if your disease requires enough meds to hit your limit of coverage in part D you have to spend (in most current cases) $4,550 on your own on drugs to get to the other side, can't do that then lay in the hole.  Do you have that set aside, every year as long as you live?  The death panel is the republican body who put that program in place, there is your death panel, and they defend it, so the current set of GOP is also the death panel.

Romney can't imagine, doesn't believe, that anyone could be so poor they would die from lack of insurance.  Shit fire man, there are people right now dying of high blood pressure, cancer, heart troubles, disease, because in the doughnut hole they don't have insurance, or at least not an active life saving insurance.  And so they endure, maybe they make it through the year and start again marching to the end of their med supply, but some see treatable issues bloom into multiple maladies, some die, die because of the real death panel, the panel of hard ass republican right wingers on the take from health care industry and propped up by willful misuse of the Christian faith for purposes of power and the suppression of races and classes.  And Mitt can't see it, he never will.

Obama care already has made the doughnut hole less painful by picking up a small portion of each prescription drug they buy while in that hole.   And each year for the next few the co-pay in the hole gets smaller, less deadly, until the death panels trap is filled in.   Vote for Romney if you want the Bush era's death panel to come back, to ream out the hole again, to cut off some more grandpa's.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another hellish day of solar waste and wind spills, oil and coal wants something done.

yellow = sunshine for most of the day, it's free too.

bold lines = strongest winds, all free.
No estimate of the damage, how many dead ducks or oysters made poison, the oil industry should force the EPA to account for this.

good friday can wait, this is good thursday

More good news on the jobs market today, 30k fewer applied for unemployment last week.
Foreclosures are down again, around 20% under last years.
Remodeling supplies are booming, Home Depot types report a virtual run on these items.
Quarterly statements are arriving for 401K's IRA's Investments, Funds, Roth's,  almost all are up up up in value, up.
Stock market hit new highs a couple weeks ago, and remains near it, highest in 4 or 5 years.
Credit card and other forms of personal debt is down, people have been more careful.
Corporate profits are up, and they are setting on billions in cash (maybe that's not all good news).
Romney stuck a foot in his mouth again, "people don't die from not having insurance", tell that to the parents that can't afford chemo and drugs for a kid with cancer, what a raging fucking idiot, and half the voters are going to vote for this cock sucker, shit!!!!

And the best news:  First.....Biden is going to hammer the rich guys veep geek, the geek will fight back hard, but Biden is going to bitch slap him.  Second.....consumers are getting ready to spend again, confidence is up and stores are predicting a bigger than usual Christmas sales and hiring.

Romney knows this.  He said as much in his 47% speech, he said the economy will get better even if he does nothing if elected.

High unemployment is going to stay even if the economy roars.  I sell factory machines that do the work of dozens, bigger faster tractors mean fewer farm labor, look at self check out lines, on line banking etc, no matter who wins, the economy will pick up a bit, but a lot of folks will never find long term full time work, it's the machines stupid, and I don't know how we cure that except by making it expensive to import products or have call centers and accountants in India.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

15 months and what'a ya get, another day older and ya ain't dead yet

Paleolithic period, from 2.4 million years ago until 10,000 years ago.  Modern human date from 45,000 years ago, at that point we shared the  the same brain, language skills,  and body, DNA, 1,800 generations of it.  Protohumans go back almost 100,000 generations.

Early in the Neolithic a few people had access to domesticated grains and animals.  Over the next 10,000 years and 400 generations we made it all the way to the modern diet.  Now the common vision of our paleolithic past is a guy eating barbecue in a fur robe and pumping his spear at the sky.  Wrong.  We know now that fishing with nets made of vines and chasing antelope on foot with a spear kill range of 100 feet means that the main diet was plants.  Berry, root, nut, leaf, grass seeds, fruit.  And the world was thick with them.  Sure, the well planned hunt, the lucky throw, a chase over a cliff, the crippled elk, the dead find, all these too, but not very often.  We know this by campsite remains of that period.  Near the very end of that period, a few developed throwing sticks that extended the range of the spear, a few tribes had bow and arrow, and we see an increase in bones at campsites.

Look at the chart, our ancestors diet was higher in nutrients by hugh factors compared to what most of us eat now, it's pathetic how we are sewing the seed of our own illnesses with the modern diet.
My wife and I have been on a plant based diet for 15 months.  Feel great.  Correction, a near plant based diet.  We have fish and chicken one meal each week, and I have beef about once a month, no milk products except yogurt, and once a week we have a couple of eggs, the rest is a Paleolithic diet.  We weigh the same, the wife just had a blood test, her cholesterols LDLs HDLs triglicerides were all at the perfect number, none were in the wrong zone, and her ulcerated colitis has been formant for longer than any time in 5 years.

Hump day in fringe's america.

*74% of Americans say they believe global warming is responsible for increasingly harsh and destructive weather.
*Zero, the number of Republican senators who believe in global warming.
*17%, local TV weathermen who responded to poll that they believe in global warming.
*3%, local TV weathermen who say they ever indicated on air their belief.
*1 in 10, number of stand alone homes in Australia equipped with solar panels.
*$300k, max malpractice allowed in Kansas, do not get quack treatment in KS.
*269 ea., electoral tie possible, lame duck congress chooses President.
*-50%, Americans claiming religious affiliations or beliefs.
*14%, UN estimate of world food price increases after 2 year of global crop disasters.
*21%, ground moisture compared to ideal in Kansas wheat fields as wheat planting begins.
*Egypt, Libya, Bangledesh, Pakistan, Mexico, food riot hot spots if prices rise 14%.
*Forest fire budget depleted congress said take money from underbrush clearing, increasing future fuel.
*329, number of consecutive months world temp averages above the last 100 years.
*43%, number of Romneys Bain Capital investments that went bankrupt or produced no income.
*25%, future reduction of fish size in low oxygen water, warm water carries less O2.
*95%, my guess of GOP who are racist.
*99%, my guess of GOP worried about Rmoneys constant flips but OK with it to win.
*2 & 2, number of wars and supreme court justices Rmoney would start the first term.
*Zero, Mormons empathy or tolerance for people of other religions, ever stopped in a small town in Utah?

Attention Vets: Killing the Kids That Don't Need to Die

Bill Moyers: Killing the Kids That Don't Need to Die
Everyone needs to look at this article or watch the short video.
I wrote a piece that got a little 3 sentence print in our paper when Bush was building up for the Iraq war, I said if you have kids in junior high they may very well die in Iraq or Afghanistan.  The snarky replies claimed that was impossible and I was a sick freak for saying it.  But, sadly I was right.
Elect Romney and these wars will continue, new ones will be started, and he will prove me wrong, it was the kids in diapers at the time that Bush's wars will kill to enrich Lockheed, Halliburton and Colt.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tax dodgers hired mouth gets it, he really gets it

Paul Ryan said the Democrats' campaign strategy through the election is to “call us liars for a month”.

Imagine that, consequences of dishonesty, is being called a fucking liar! 

dirty mens rooms, dirty men

I read that hand washing after using the toilet is down in America.  I blame that on Fox too.  Stupid buggers, I'm in a red state for sure.  Only about 75% of the women now wash their hands after, but men.......jeeze, it's in the 40% range.  I don't offer to shake hands as much as I use to.  We went to the theatre last weekend, men were flying in and out and as I washed my hands I counted 7 out of 11 passed up the soap and water.
So, you say well don't shake hands with them, I don't but I have to open the doors and touch the railings and so on.

As bad as that is, the worst thing about mens rooms is the floors around the urinals.  First off, urinals are the worst designed mass produced product in the world.   They are a total failure at preventing splash back and drip.  No user of one with a functioning brain will get close enough to one to cut down on the floor puddle drip issue.  So there we are standing in filth, and tracking it out spreading disease, or the food products for disease everywhere we walk.  Surly the carpet of your house has a cocktail of piss borne germs from timbuktoo on it.  Then there's fast food restaurants advertising to kids and the urnals are so high Timmy can't use it, or you find him holding onto it or leaning into it in the process.

Those damn socialist commie contries in north europe have already solved it.  Go to Germany or Sweden in the heavy traffic facilities something like the photo.  Note the grate to stand on.  It's not perfect, but it's a step above the little slice of barnyard in McDonalds.

Monday, October 8, 2012

picking winners and losers, who's best Romney or mean ole governemt

Out of 77 companies in which Bain Capital invested other people’s money, 33 either failed or produced no earnings. That, my friends, is a 43% failure rate.
Out of 77 companies in which Romney invested, only 10 were really good investments. 70% of Bain’s earnings came from these 10 companies. And that, my friends, is only a 13% success rate.
Of course Romney/Bain made money from the failed companies as well. They stripped money out of those companies, money that should have gone to the people who actually put up the money. But that’s how vultures operate, by grabbing parts of rotting caucus.
Would the Romney administration do better than the Obama administration in advancing American industry, creating jobs, and investing in long-term winners? I think not.

Clean Technica 
for info only, borrowed from
check out their site

Keystone cops show Eleanor Fairchild big oil's power

78 year old Eleanor Fairchild was arrested on her own property last week in Texas.  The Keystone/TransCanada/tar sands pipeline is going through her farm, end of story.  She did not sell to the oil industry, or sign up for this.  She says she would have if they would have met her simple demands, she understood that construction would destroy some of the woods and some of the hay meadow, so she said if they would replant some of the trees taken out, and replant the grass in the meadow, she was going to agree.  Nope, screw you lady, we are big oil, we own congress and most the states the pipe will pass through, and we're not hiring a tractor and drill to plant $500 of grass seed for no one.

Elanor was grabbed by local cops and security details working for TransCanada when she stood in front of a earth moving machine.  A violent act, plus tresspassing.  See, TransCanada went to court to take the land of all who refused to sell.  Additionally, she may not cross the strip where the pipe is buried, isolating 80 acres of her land from access, no roads connect this section, it's lost land.  So much for property rights.  Earlier in the week a young man and woman who chained themselves to a backhoe were beaten, tazered, and maced off and on for several hours by security details and local cops.  Why?  The TransCanada guys claimed the couple had the keys hid near by and beat the shit out of them trying to get them to say where the key was.  Finally the chains were cut, they face a big fine.   

This is corporate America, this is capitalism unchecked, with the law in it's pocket.  This is for a foreign government and multi-national corporations to profit.  I am OK with imminent domain when it's for the common good, a bridge, library, fire station, but not for corporations and if corporations are people they can I impose imminent domain on the house next door?  This is fossil fuel running the world, right over a 78 year old grandmother.

Friday, October 5, 2012

good news pisses off GOP

Republicans are pissed at the improving job numbers.  All about jobs my ass.  They thirst for bad economic reports.  So, they now say Obama and the department of labor statistics are crooked.  They claim not to believe it.  Shit, they believe it.  Romney said in that secret tape at one point, that if he gets in he won't have to do anything and the economy will improve, he is in that business of watching business trends, he knew things are on the mend.  It's just getting here a month earlier than the GOP wanted.  It's only 0.3 of a percent change, and the sky is falling the sky is falling.

Spain invites Romney to SHUT-UP!

Spain joins Greece, France, China, Russia and the UK, and at least a few in Israel inviting the millionaire to STFU.  Boy are we making friends or what?
You gotta love this green-o-meter I found at the Guardian, a UK news paper.  They use this in articles about the government and politicians actions or claims that impact the environment.

You gotta love it that the UK named the lowest score possible "worse than Bush".   I read a lot of foreign news sites, they continue to be flabbergasted at the US's lack of understanding and action on the full spectrum of environmental issues, from global warming, through chemicals, and clean energy to run-away consumerism as a waste producing life style.  Well, me too really.

47% still holding, still planning to vote against Republicans

Polling experts, including my son, say it's too early to see if the debate changed anything.  However, the first polls collected spanning a couple days before the debate to the day after.  A small number of those asked had seen it, so it did play a small part.  Those polls did not change.  Obama still leading by the same small margin.  As Rmoney said, we 47% will never vote for him.

It feels good to not matter to Rmoney, his job is not to worry about me.

Another quirk about the 5%, some say 10%, undecided.  They are overwhelmingly in favor of wind and solar energy replacing fossil fuels, they overwhelmingly believe the science on global warming is correct, and finally, undecided who have voted in the past more often than not settle on voting the same pattern again.  These things doesn't bode well for the smirker in chief.  He still has an overwhelming amount of money being spent on him, he still has voter suppression, he still has his debate ass kicking of Obama, but it's still an uphill battle for him.

job numbers improve, Rmoney's people admit changing positions for votes

Some good news for Obama, 7.8% unemployment, ducked under the dreaded 8%, this is the lowest since early 2009.
Second bit of good news, one of Rmoney's hired mouthpieces said on TV this morning he changes his positions on topics to meet the current audience or polls in order to get votes.    This is big.  Although the gop core will march with him no matter where he goes, and winning at any cost is fine with them, it has to set uneasy on them, .....what does he believe, maybe he is playing the tea party and reichwing like he is playing the undecided and Reagan democrats?  What if he gets elected and decides his Romney care and Obama care are close enough and since he started it why should he reject his own heritage?  What if the country drifts hard left, will he go with them to the center or further to get a second term?  What if his damn prickly Mormon faith leads him to be a Mormon President, not southern baptist, catholics, jews, pentecostals, kkk, not a one of them sleep easy wondering if that could happen.  So, today it was confirmed what we evil 47%ers knew was the case, same hooker, different dress.

a near perfect bumper sticker

stolen from:

Oh, and voters rights too.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living on Earth: New Study Links Genetically Modified Corn to Cancer

This is devastating, at 4 months cancer and tumors begin, all of Monsanto and Roundup's tests show no cancer, their tests are all stopped at 3 months.  3 months, who ever ate corn products for only 3 months?   Here's the link:
   Living on Earth: New Study Links Genetically Modified Corn to Cancer

The modification mostly has to do with the plants ability to not be killed by Roundup, so spraying will kill the weeds but not the GM plants.  Well, it turns out weeds can change completely in only a few years.  Some weeds are no longer being killed by roundup, so what's the point?
Update:  The European Food Safety Authority is saying the study above may be flawed due to the type of rat used in the test.  This rat is highly prone to cancer by age 2 years.  They are requesting to know if there was a "control" for this.  OK, I'm not stupid, this needs to be known, I am not automatically against these products, but, they do need to be proven to be safe and I have some concerns the study may be on to something, so, more tests are needed.

little by little the look of the country changes because of the men we admire

Hud video......just that, you don't give a damn.  Best moral advice in any movie, ever.

Romney to fire big bird, and give NPR to Scalia

Romney says he will cut PBS.  Earlier I have heard Ryan say NPR will be shut down too.
NPR is the number one drive time radio station network in the nation.
I think they will cut off PBS, sorry if you have a kid watching TV without sugar or toy commercials, but that will now be identified as "god hating democrats socialism" in the new home schoolers text books.  But, I don't think they will cut off NPR, that is a tool they will co-opt into a Fox on the radio.  Look for Nina Totenburg and the other voices you know to be fired.   Scalia's son, the former FCC dork that gave media the right to form monopolys and destroy the diversity of small markets, look for Scalia to be the new head of NPR.

the central states aren't pretty, but they blow

Thursday's 8am cst wind energy map

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the Good earth news

Barry Commoner died, an environmentalist who proved atomic fallout was depositing radioactive materials in babies teeth.  This led to the nuclear test ban treaty, convincing all the nuclear powers to sign.  Science before the GOP went brain dead was much easier.  

Monday the Supreme Court decided not to hear a case brought by Wyoming to vacate the roadless rule in national forests.  The lower courts decision to uphold the law now stands.  Sorry industry, walk in or stay out.
North America hit by a shit load of valuable sunlight, again today.  Solar power is a no brainer. If you look at this map you see free energy is raining on us all day, especially the Southwest.  Consider that Germany now gets half of it's weekend day time power from this source, foggy Germany, which receives sunlight about like north Michigan.  It is possible, and it will happen, some time soon the will will prevail and we will step over the fossil fuel supporters on the way to a clean cheaper future. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the richest companies - fossil fuel guys, what do you think they want to protect?

making electricity in the North Sea
Last year the cost of global warming was calculated at 1/3 of 1% of the world GDP.  Within most of our lifetimes it will be 5%, and continue to climb.
Scientist and industrialist now say we could get 95% of our energy from renewables by 2050 using current technology.  Just do it.  But what about the costs.  2% of world GDP per year can buy it, the cost is upfront, later the cost of power will be less and the political troubles and wars for energy will be a thing of the past.  In the long term having renewable energy sources, located as local sources, will be a money maker with more  security from man made or natural disasters.
To make this work we also need to conserve, I don't mean sitting in a cold room, I mean better appliances, insulation, high mpg transport, a more pedestrian and bike friendly nation.

Monday, October 1, 2012