Friday, July 29, 2011

Limbaugh proves global warming

Here’s the data (from NOAA) on the number of U.S. records broken or tied in the month of July so far:
  • All-Time Highest Maximum Temperature: 70
  • All-Time Highest Minimum Temperature: 175
  • Monthly Highest Maximum Temperature: 125
  • Monthly Highest Minimum Temperature: 330
  • Daily Highest Maximum Temperature: 2,125
  • Daily Highest Minimum Temperature: 4,787

The inability of the earth to shed day time highs at night is very bad news, a sure sign we are on a trend more dire than as Limbaugh intended in his dismissive snark, "oh it does that every year".   Look at the High Minimums, in other words the low temperature set a new record for how high it was, confusing maybe but these numbers say as cool as it got was a new record high compared to as cool as it got historically. So, Limbaugh is right though he doesn't understand it and if he did would retract it, in fact the last many years, it does that every year. 

Cantor may profit from financial pain of investors

Semi-fascist Cantor is selling America short, betting on a calamity.  According to news reports he has his broker selling short.  He is positioned to profit if the markets fall, he will lose money if the markets rise.  Another article out of a Washington paper notes the big money players are elbowing their way to the railing with their pockets full of cash, when the markets fall to a low point they will pick at the bones.

This is a part, perhaps small, but a part of why there only soft pressure from wall street and big business for the GOP to raise the debt ceiling for a couple of years in one fell swoop.  These guys intend to profit on the loss of America's wealth and a rise in interest rates.

If you don't know what selling short is,  I borrow a stock from someone, I promise to return it later.  The action is treated as if I sold it first, and I am buying it later, you can see the only way to profit is if I buy it later at a lower price than I sell it for now, so the the market must fall if I am to profit, it it does not fall, I have to pay extra to fix the bet, I lose.  Another way to say this, if the company and the country do well, I will lose, but the worse the company or the nation's fortune the more I can make off the downslide.  Selling short is not yelling fire in a theatre, it's putting your money on the altar and praying for fire in the theatre.  Members of government should not be allowed to sell short.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

netflix raised my price, I'm done, screw em, market in action

Netflix jumped my rate from about $9 per month for 1 DVD at a time and unlimited on line watching, to about $18, or I could stay at the 9 and have either the DVD or the on line, but not both.  So, I chose NOT BOTH.  I have to cancel in the next few days.  I saw on the internet they are losing a lot of customers, but they don't care, the ones that stay are paying double, so it's better for them, keep most your customers and double the price.  I do not believe they are losing many customers, most people will not give up anything, even when the price is a gouge, they want what they want.  So be it if thats your choice.  I live a comfortable life, and I walk away from jacked up prices all the time.  If more people did that, they couldn't double the price like that.  Me, I'll find other things to do.

Nothing creeps me out like finding a dead clown in the woods.

I called my GOP tea bagger congressman, and threw
 a curve, I told him he must vote against John Bohner's
bill, it comes to a vote in the next few hours.
These guys are burning daylight on a bill they know won't pass Senate or a Veto.

Siberia, snow that burns, or so it appears.


Remember the pictures of the guy lighting his fracked well water on fire at his kitchen tap?  Here a man sets the snow on fire in Siberia.  Methane. Methane trapped in the permafrost tundra and peat is being released due to warm summers and milder winters.  The second picture is a peat/tundra fire in Alaska.
 Methane has far more impact on the rate of global warming than CO2.  The rate of warming will be accelerated steeply by methane release.  The feedback cycle is hard to shut down, burning tundra leaves a black landscape, drawing greater solar gain, thawing more tundra, setting more fires, releasing more methane, making the atmosphere hotter, on and on and on.
Fuck Exxon. Fuck Koch Industries.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why the hell did the orange puppet do the talking?

Why did this guy speak for the Republicans, they don't support him they use him, he's their bitch.  Why the hell didn't the Party of No bring in the true CEO's the Koch brothers, or Grover Norquist, they own the GOP and makes the call, I figure they put Johnney in the box last night for the speech and said "don't start bawling orange boy or your finished."

I know it honey, he's bumming me out too

Google "Santorum", click on the first choice.  Do it.
Well, honey just stay off the internet if your dad is in politics, and be thankful he was not in a war.  The attacks would be worse and the GOP would be in it all the way (oops).   The GOP claims to love the military but you'd never know it the way Bush and Rove pulled nasty tricks on McCain during the southern primaries, and lets not forget the swiftboater lies about Kerry, or the attacks against Max Cleland a double amputee from Viet Nam portrayed as a coward.

Monday, July 25, 2011

In 5 years, the Rocky Mountains will just be a pile of rocks

Dead pine trees as far as you can see.
Pine bark beetle has a temperature range that trapped him in certain parts of the nation.  Temperature increases of a only a few degrees set loose an infestation sweeping out of the southern tip of the range, in only a few years it is past Yellowstone and closing in on the Canadian border.  It is killing most species of pines.   My last few trips into the mountains are not vistas of green pines, but dead brown ones for miles.  Vertical gasoline.  There is a spray, but it is impossible to spray the western US, both physically and the volume of chemicals is impossible to accumulate.  

Global warming has expanded the range of the beetle to damn near the whole West.  When the pines are dead, chip monks, porcupines, bears, flocks and flocks of birds all die, millions of square miles of lost habitat and food sources.  When the trees fall, burn, or are cut, other things will try to grow,  but it won't be just aspen as many think, aspen occupy specific sides of a mountain or valley, they may increase a little but thats all.  More likely it will be prickly pear cactus and sage.  The lush mountains we know will change a lot in the next few years, becoming more rugged and harsh.  Without pines erosion will set in, faster run off means less water, fewer springs and brooks, dirty lake water, hot summers in the mountains due to less shade and cooling evaporation through trees.   Many hiking guides for the Rockies now warn, watch for falling trees, and camp where you can get away from fires fast.

Do you think no one can see global warming?  Drive to the Rockies and check out the standing ghost forests.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thinking of the sorrow of the mothers of Norway, and all who lost their babies to killers

Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki, Symphony no. 3. (the prayer below is part of the vocals, though not part of this video.
Where has he gone
My dearest son?
Perhaps during the uprising
The cruel enemy killed him

Ah, you bad people
In the name of God, the most Holy,
Tell me, why did you kill
My son?

Never again
Will I have his support
Even if I cry
My old eyes out

Were my bitter tears
To create another River Oder
They would not resotre to life
My son

He lies in his grave
And I know not where
Through I keep asking people

Perhaps the poor child
Lies in a rough ditch
And instead he could have been
Lying in his warm bed

Oh, sing for him
God’s little song-birds
Since his mother
Cannot find him

And you, God’s little flowers
May you blossom all around
So that my son
May sleep happily.

This prayer was inscribed on wall 3 of cell 3 in the basement of “Palace,” the Gestapo’s headquarters in Zakopane Poland: signed by Helena Wanda Blazuakowna, and the words “18 years old, imprisoned since 26 September 1944.”

Global warming and fish kills

This a photo of fish in a Kansas lake Saturday killed by warm water, lack of oxygen, and algae flares.  108°F here, over 100° statewide. Some small lakes are estimated to have a near total die off.   Like humans with a fever, it takes only a few degrees outside "normal" to kill plants and animals.   Quail and Pheasant are being wiped out in some districts, deer have a disease picked up from stagnant water predicted to kill half of them by fall.  And today in the local news, oil men claiming rumors of GW is a plot by scientist to destroy America.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The GOP shut down has begun, FAA closing some airports today

At the end of Friday, the FAA no longer had authorization or funds to operate.  The GOP refused to release the funds or vote the authorization for agency providing air traffic control, navagiational aids and communications for air travel.  They would not authorize it unless Dems agree they can throw out all unions representing the the various professions within the FAA.  This also means the $20 fee on each ticket to pay for FAA services when you fly commercial can no longer be collected today by the airline, further starving the agency.  At least now the public flying by air carrier gets the same deal as a private jet owner, they do not pay the $20 when filing a flight plan, congress guaranteed this a few years ago.  Millionaire's said if they could not afford it, Cessna and other private jet makers said it would kill the industry to charge the super rich such a penalty.

Today the FAA has decided to start incremental shut down of airport services.  Control towers at the smallest airports will go unmanned in the coming hours as 4,000 FAA employees are sent home.  I say close Dulles, let the GOP drive back to DC to fix this.  This is unrelated to the debt ceiling rodeo the tea party is running, but may give you a taste of things to come.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Oath of Office, the Pledge of Allegiance, and that’s all.

 The Sicilian Olive Exporters Coop and Shooting Club would envy the plethora of oaths and pledges signed in political blood by the Republicans.   The public's wishes in current polls can’t crack this gang’s shell of ignorant determination to kill every safety net and project of common good on the books.

One example, Kansas.  Not only the all Reichwing US Senators and Congressmen, but it is reported today, many in the state house also have signed Grover Norquist’s no Tax Pledge obligating them to oppose any and all tax increases.  Most of this bunch also signed the Club for Growth pledge, to work to repeal the 2010 health care act and to delay and starve it at every level.  They also owe allegiance to Americans for Prosperity  “No Climate Tax Pledge” vowing to oppose legislation relating to climate change and taxes on fossil fuel industry, and to oppose all alternative energies and conservation. (thus Gov. Brownback’s move to put the eastern 1/3 of the state off limit to wind energy saying we need to support the oilmen)  We haven’t even gotten to the abortion pledges, the anti-gay pledges, the oaths to teach creationism over science, to divert education funds to churchs.  There are at least a dozen other oaths out there many Republicans have signed, even at municipal levels.  The sad thing is, they are adhering to these pledges, acting against citizens wishes, oaths to special interest are undemocratic and frustrate the public, if unchecked where will it lead?

Democrats, pretty much have none of this Mafia secret oath business.  Herding cats?   Maybe, but they work for locals and local issues, most only take the oath of office and say the pledge of allegiance.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post eye surgery, second day.

Glaucoma surgery, knife not laser, to lower eye internal pressure.  Yesterday, I had the eye patch and spent a sleepy day with the cyclops fantasy - eating sheep in a cave, throwing rocks at wooden ships, ah life on an Aegean Island drinking grape juice ignorant and without benefit of depth perception.

This morning back to the Doc's.  Eye patch off, everything checked out, internal eye pressure 13 which is excellent.  Vision in the lacerated orb is a little less than before the procedure, they say that's normal and should come back to where it was in a few days.

Appearance, well that's another matter.  Around the eye the skin is a grotty brown/purple from the wash they did, the eye it's self is a bloody mottled spotted mess like scrambled eggs with beets.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What the?

Tuesday night, everyone is crowing about the "gang of 6" plan from the Senate, so far there isn't enough to go on raises taxes, while lowering the highest tax rate.  Hmmmmmmm?  Not to excited so far.

Eye surgery in the morning.   Let you know if I need a see'n eye dog.

Look, up in the sky, It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's... welfare for the feudal elite.

During the early days of Obama's term, he commented on corporate jets hauling CEO's to meetings discussing bailouts while the pink slips blotted out the sun like the global warming dust storms in Phoenix.  Most the business jets are made in GOP fortress Wichita Kansas.  The states all GOP elected body in DC howled like a dog under a gate.  Sales of jets fell when the Wall Street sparked mortgage default swap pyramid sank like a corpse in an Tijuana acid bath.  The city was in an uproar, Obama had said the rich shouldn't fly in private jets, and they stopped, he ruined the market.  I know a couple of guys that own their own jets.  I can tell you for certain, they don't listen to little black sambo president telling them not to play with their toys, if they want to go to Grand Cayman for the weekend to count money, they go.

Well they piled on the abuse, each one nastier than what came before it.  No "named" official or business man in the state has avoided his responsiblity to wish the President, and his family, a disaster, political and personal.  

Throughout this, the GOP has wanted to increase, (already it's a special write off) the write off's for private owned aircraft.  Now Obama has named these little 3 to 25 million dollar toys as a product owned by people so rich they could chip in a few bucks to help us out of a jam.  Oh, shit, no they cry.  We need those write offs and deductions or we just can't do it, it hangs by a thread for people with the millions and billions to buy one.  Let me tell you one thing for sure.  These poodle toten skin flints are not going to sell the jet and stand with you to be patted down, or share the shit house in terminal C with you, nope, ain't happening, a bluff sure as shoot'n.  

So, now the whole bunch that trashed him is begging Obama, come to Wichita, see all the people making planes, see why we can't slow the write off for the mansion owner buying the jet.  Obama don't answer.  Why in hell would he come here?  This bunch have said so many hateful things, now they want help.  Obama's mother was born near here, lived near here, his grandparents worked in the aircraft plants here.  The mayor of ElDorado (maybe it was county commissioner??) said a while back when someone wanted to put up a marker to point out to tourist his mother was born here, he said if they do he will direct it to be torn down.  I think in spite of the spite, he would come here if we could get rid of the Electoral College.  He can never win Kansas, no democrat voting here makes a difference or any value with the electoral votes.  If we had a popular vote, like the rest of the world, he would come, if he could raise the 30% dem vote to 35%, it might mean something to the campaign.  Otherwise, I support him on this, insult and threaten me for 2 years in a red state, hey, he's got lots to do, so work on some other problem, a problem where people don't wish you harm then demand your help.  

By the way, about 5 years ago the FAA wanted to charge to file a flight plan, $20 I think it was for IFR, meaning radar would track you and give you directions and advice.  The jet owners said they couldn't afford it.  So, Mr and Mrs we don't own a plane pays for it, not the people who use it, they get a service most of you have never heard of, they get it for free, as it should be for the feudal elite.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Slacker report.

Jews say screw coal and big oil, mench, I thought they were on our side

Today, the Israel government drove a knife (well a tiny dagger for sure) into the backs  of Koch, the American Petroleum Institute, the Coal producers/sellers in the US, Germany and Australia, the Oil Lobby, and the Arabs.  Israel wants off coal and oil pronto.  They looked around and said, crap!, we are dependent on pipelines through arab neighbors and delivery by ship, both vulnerable if stuff hits the fan.   They voted 5 billion $ asap to shade thousands of Hebrews roofs with electron generating PV solar panels &  mini wind mills.  Out in the desert big wind turbines and giant solar thermal plants to  run at night.

Wow, some must be reeling at the Jews showing a Kosher pair.  I bet Koch wishes he never loaned New York City all his Moore sculptures, or underwrote re-furbing part of the Kennedy Center, all that to impress  the Jews and this is how they repay it.   If the most highly educated minority in the world decides to go renewable for security shouldn't we be looking at this as urgent too?  Doesn't this say something about believing in science, about proactive risk mitigation?  Does it turn you on when I use all those buzz words?  Proactive! Sorry if I'm abusing it now.

I want to give the world a Koch. Actually, take two.

Kansas Gov. Brownback, extremist catholic, his church, Our Sorrowful Lady of Perpetual Denial.  Nary a week shall pass without school librarians cut, or school nurses, reduce restaurant inspections, parks closed.  He abolished the state arts council, we are the only state without one, and had to give back almost $700K to the feds for cutting off theatre and art projects at Universities and in rural towns.

A few weeks ago he grabbed the authority (as he did to appoint judges, it had been a combination of legislature and the BAR) to put 1/3 of the eastern part of the state off limit to wind energy, his reason, "we have oil and gas men who need our support".  Farmers and Ranchers are furious, some had leases arranged.   Last week Mars Candy announced their first new plant in years, in Topeka Kansas to make M&M's, it will employ 1,000 to build and start up, settling at around 400 eventually.  But, Mars says they will not build if M&M's cannot be made with wind energy.  The Gov. is squirming like a jug full of ants.  I don't know but  I suspect he may let the deal fall through, he is joined at the hip pocket, as are all Kansas Repubs to the Koch's, who give lavishly to them and oppose all wind and solar projects, and energy standards.  Last week it was announced they are funding a number of fake "grassroot" sounding groups to fight wind energy along the easter seaboard.  The two Koch brothers tied most years for 11th richest person in the world own refineries, pipelines, oil and gas wells, coal transporting companies and firms that service the coal industry.  They do not like alternative energy or fuel savings devices.  They backed raising the speed limit here from 70 to 75 when oil sales faltered, the state rammed it through in a few days start to finish, it increases consumption on the highway.

PS, they also make and own the brand and material Polyester, Georgia Pacific lumber, a butt load of cattle and ranch operations in Kansas - Wyoming - Montana, Stainmaster, 1/4 of the plastic throw away beverage and water bottles you toss, 1/4 of the fertilizer sold in the US, Brawny, Dixi cup, Quilted Northern, Angle Soft, Vanity Fair, Sparkle, the US Congress, states of Wisconsin - Minnesota - Kansas, Cato Institute, Tea Party, the list goes on.....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Phoenix rises again from the fire, as a a crow, Jim Crow

Kansas has reduced the number of days for advance voting. They moved voting out of schools and fire stations and courthouses and into churches. Voter ID is now required, some elderly minorities do not have this. My son is a political science statistics guru, he says this reduces the turnout by 1%, and if the issue is school or police/fire bonds, it reduces the vote for them by 2% by taking the voter into a church, plus the state pays the church a few bucks, the old polling places cost us nothing.
This attack on democratic process is the only way the GOP can win in some districts. Suppress the vote, pay the church.

Friday, July 15, 2011

beat me up, beat me down

General Motors is building two electric cars, Volt for the US, and Beat.  Beat is lower priced than the Volt and GM says its for the rest of the world, they will not offer it in the US.  Taking a lesson from drug companies who sell us the highest priced drugs, holding the others off market, "for our own good".  At the same time they laud their advances in helping the environment, their lobbyist in Washington are fighting MPG and emission standards proposed by Obama and EPA.

News about flying machines

1) John McCain is at it again on the tanker.  I don't like the guy, but a stupid focused watchdog I do like.  Boeing won the tanker bid, with low bid naturally.  But the Pentagon and Boeing have decide what to do if, god forbid, it turns out building 767's for the air force is more expensive than building them for the airlines, in other words a preemptive cost overrun agreement. By the way they made a few of these already for Japan and Italy, they damn well know what they cost.   Should, when, the cost exceeds the winning bid, the public will be on the hook for 60% of it.  Under the terms of the 4.9 billion $ fixed price contract, we have a potential infinite cost.  No, 60% you say, well, 60% of what?  And, if the economy takes another shot to the front of the pants, Boeing dives into the black, marches to the Pentagon and says, oh, shit, we can't afford that 40%, it's you and me brother, we pay it!  I hope John crams this down Boeings crooked throat.  Happy Anniversary today Boeing, I hope you choke on Johns bile as far as this contract goes.  Further, lets modify this contract and buy fewer tankers.  The farther reach we have with so many tankers, the more some future shit head prezident will launch another George Bush adventure somewhere we ought to stay out of.  When was the last time you heard Switzerland was in a quagmire?  Fuck'n ole watchdogs, sometimes they earn their keep.

2) AVIC, a Chinese aircraft company is romancing Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft for an agreement to develop, train, and produce a business jet in China.  These two American brands are falling all over one another to give away their future, it's the Keystone Cops of industry instead of crime.  Here's how this works, they make a few dollars being the 40% owner for a few years.  Then the former partner cashes them out and brings a dirt cheap competitor in and destroys their market.  Alternative, a spin off company or a sudden new company emerges overnight with a carbon copy and hammers the market.  Was it Kruschev said something like capitalist will sell us the rope to hang them with?  These guys can't wait to give it away.  Boeing did this in Japan, now they too do it in China, Japan now has all the know how to make a large wing, the hardest part of the aircraft to engineer and build, they make it for the 787.  China now makes the tails for 737, it's just a matter of time.

3)  China companies just purchased Cirrus Corp., a new (yet to be delivered) low price business jet made in Minnesota, and Teledyne Continental Motors, a piston aircraft engine maker.  Well, if you don't like it, stop buying Chinese made products, you are the source of their wealth, pay a few more cents or dollars for something made here, or at least not made in China, (Pakistan neither).

Rupert and scum, where will it end?

Rupert Murdock's media empire includes Fox news, and the Wallstreet Journal.  In England his power was all the way to the top, both parties kowtowed to him.  The dirty tricks they used to get stories, and keep stories going has been reported for 6 years by The Guardain, the high journalistic standards and totally independent newspaper in London.  For 6 years, but the British public didn't much care that Murdocks papers were scum, it was fun to listen to the gossip,  lies and rants.  Sound familiar?  Finally the shit hit the fan, goggles weren't enough when they messed with the kidnapped and murdered girl.   In a flash he shut down his largest asset in England, the oldest and widest read (rag) paper, withdrew a bid to expand into TV news.

To do all this, cut off his right arm in Europe, tells me we are not to the bottom of this, there is more to come and it's huge.  From early reports, people involved have indicated the Murdock assets in the US may have done the same dirty things with 911 victims families.  The FBI is investigating.  I really dislike Fox news, they did here what Murdocks assets did in England, directly manipulate the political events of the nation.  The WJ has for years been a GOP shill, but at least report general business news, so it's only partially bent, but bent it is too.

If FOX did these things here, wow, how will it play, like the past 6 years in England?  Or have we had our 6 years of titillation?  Like I said, I think there is a lot to come yet on this story in England, and perhaps here as well.  It is bad enough we have inept press at many levels, the local news fire truck chasers I no longer watch, no local news, it's like watching the try-out for cheerleader.  But a press that is corrupt or working in collusion with a political party, this is a clear and present danger to democracy, and must be corrected, if they did it here also, if it takes putting Fox news corp in jail, let it be.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Didn't Republicans take Econ 101, and why do they hate the military?

If you lower taxes, the rich will invest, business will build factories and hire people.  What a stinking pile of dog shit this logic is, Economics 101 says nothing of the sort, the theology baggers are sucking around for an "F" on the test.
A) Markets work like this; Firms build and supply when there is sufficient demand, prices are set by this supply vs. demand ratio.
B) Markets work like this; When the super rich and corporations enjoy tax immunity they might build factories and supply stuff because only then can demand for their shit exist.

The Pentagon sided with the President, and formally against Congress.  Obama via directive gave the military the goal to get off oil, cut the dangerous man and material expensive supply lines, and go alternative energy on base and in fighting units whenever possible.  The Congress a couple days ago passed a law forbidding the military to follow this directive and forbidding money spent on alternative energies.  This, benefits oil companies and foreign oil suppliers, it kills troops, sets up convoys for ambush, theft, destruction, making delvivered fuel to remote outposts in Afghanistan $400 even 800 per gallon.  The  pentagon is furious.  It also sets the pentagon in a postion to violate an order from the President, or Congress.  Their first reaction is to side with Obama.  We have a Congress who will harm this nation to protect their doners and owners.   Please let people know about this.  The pentagons reaction is below, very unusual for the Pentagon to take a swing at Congress, a GOP Congress.

“This exemption could further increase America’s reliance on non-renewable fuels.  Our dependence on those types of fuels degrades our national security, negatively impacts our economy, and harms our planet.  This exemption would also send a negative signal to America’s advanced biofuel industry and could result in adverse impacts to U.S. job creation, rural development efforts, and the export of world leading technology”.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Congressman, should I write it on the bathroom wall, will you know I wrote it?

Today I decided, in a hurry, to whip up a brief email to my congressman, a first term (R).  Well I spent 5 minutes on it, not a masterpiece of writing, but I think it says mostly what I intended.   So, I type in his email and it bounces, I go to the web site and they want me to post it on twitter or facebook, I guess so the masses can ridicule it.  I call the office and ask for his email address, lots of beating around the bush but they don't want to give it, instead I should follow his web sites instructions.  I insisted to get it, no, they would give me one but not his.  Who's is it, it's the staff, they read it and tell him of the important ones.  I ask if I was from Koch Industries, his biggest owner, could I have his email, failing that I ask does the staff read Koch's emails and report if it seems important, well it went down hill from there, he wouldn't have paid attention to it any how, so I am sending his email here, to this electronic equal to the bathroom wall, the impact will be the same, Pompeo will never know a thing about it.  
Congressman Mike Pompeo,

I believe you are making a mistake opposing a compromise on the dept ceiling which includes closing loopholes on the rich and oil industry, returning them part way to what they were during the Reagan era, when the middle class and small business prospered and rose from an economic slowdown.  It appears you have no ability to compromise, even when you have the advantage.  It reminds me of a friend of mine who was in the Israel Air Force and fought Syria said about then Yassar Arafat who was given opportunities but walked away, "he never passes up a chance to pass up a chance".   You, and Mr. Cantors misguided friends, by pushing this game near the deadline are risking running up the interest rates for every borrower in the nation, both government and private.  It appears you would damage the nation to make your point.  I guess you will stand your ground protecting the top 5% income earners and let the vets retirement checks lay in the printers office.  

Since when did Republicans stop supporting people who fight dictators, since when did we stop giving back door and covert succor to freedom fighters?  Your votes on Libya are 180° from what Reagan would have done.  

Your losing me Mike, I had regrets when you won the primary knowing you had filled your first machine shop with foreign built machinery over US made, and in your second shop farmed most the work to China.  With your latest actions I feel even greater remorse at being in your district.

Monday, July 11, 2011

why a train wreck may be in the future of Repubs.

538 made these charts.  It shows extremism in the GOP is splitting their voters more and more, Bachmann and the TX gov. will widen the gap, driving out more liberal and moderate voters.  The dems are gaining converts.  This is very important.  The GOP has almost no new converts.  Without gerrymandering, fear mongering, voter caging and elimination, they will fare poorly next election, these counter democracy practices are the tools they use, without them, we see by the charts, they can win little.  As Nate of 538 says, the Dems are a bigger more open and inclusive group, but this makes it harder to get them to the polls, guarantee they will have their vote counted, and it makes it more difficult for them to govern, it's messy.
But, I pray for the reichwing to pull up those jack boots and scowel, their hatred can motivate the dems.  As Roosevelt said of the bankers and the rich, "I welcome your hate."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

hot hot

Yesterday Wichita was officially 108°F.  Today I drove to the northwest  burbs from an event in the old downtown, and American Indian Dance Festival, it was beautiful and indoors, love the drums.   I don't know what they will peg it officially, but on the car system it said 117 downtown, 112 on the Kroger store half way out, north of the airport where I live it said 108, under my deck in a heavily shaded grassy yard it says 105, that's hot.

A couple of days ago the water well for the yard blew some fueses, so I had some red neck friends over and they helped chase down the problem and replace a relay and some wires, now it works.  But, I had to hear their shit, which I egg them on to tell me the latest from their side of the reality divide.  They want the Repubs to block everything to do with the debt, they want the nation to default.  They believe the only way to get rid of the dems once and for all and have an all american one party system is to crash the economy and then finally everyone will understand it is all the democrats fault.  One of them also said he would condone shooting any republican that works the dems on this problem or votes to raise the ceiling.  They also said they know corporations and the super rich have so much money to invest, and they will not hire or invest until Obama is gone, that wasn't news, I knew that, but what I have a hard time with is that people who are filthy rich will not help move the country forward even it it means they don't make as much.
I fucking hate Kansas, 70+% GOP votes in most every election.  I went in to vote at the primary and they guy told me I was the 13th dem, they had already had over 300 gop's.

Friday, July 8, 2011

GOP: Guns, Oil, Pollution

I truly believe the GOP is not only the whore of industry and the super rich, I now believe they are so far out of touch with America they are harming it.  Just 3 examples:
1) Florida's new gun law includes making it a crime for a doctor or medical staff to say anything negative about guns, or to discuss the dangers of guns in any way or circumstance.  Wow.  Who's your daddy?
2) Yesterday the House voted to block funding for section 526 of the Department of Defense bill.  This section deals with buying alternative sources of energy.  The Pentagon is trying to move to energy self dependent bases and fighting units.  Elimination of the supply line is all important.  Lengthy, expensive and vulnerable supply lines are the achilles heel of any army, just read a little military history.  The GOP is not doing this for the men and women and assets in the fight, the GOP is doing this for Oil.
3) TX GOP Joe Barton, the dork who appologized to BP for the way people expected them to clean up the gulf oil spill, poor baby.  Now Joe who claims mercury from coal fired power plants is not a health problem has a new bill coming forward, this bill is against CFL's, because they have mercury in them and that causes health problems.  Manufacturers are improving these lights all the time, they currently have so little mercury in them if you broke it, stood in it for 6 hours you absorb less than eating one fucking can of tuna.  This bill's purpose is to make it illegal for states or local governments to set any efficiency standards for light bulbs.  Wow, that is important to this nation.  No 40W to 100W incandescent bulbs are made in the US any longer, GE closed it's last plant a year ago.  What the hell is he doing, trying to help foreign old style bulb makers, and of course I know what he is trying to do, he is trying, like all the GOP he is trying to keep our energy use high, which means you will pay more for the same light, keep that coal and oil burning, his pimps demand it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another billion in debt added by GOP, that was plenty.

Pawlenty, former WTF GOP Minnesota governor, entered the esteemed office facing a $4 billion debt, and left it with $5 billion owed, book keeping acrobatics and no tax raises left it growing for the Democrat Gov to face.  Ah, the good life in Minnesota.
 President Bush did something like this, only better, three whole orders of magnitude better, and most the GOP revere him.

This won't hurt Timmy with the base, it may help.

He can do a trabeculectomy or a lobotomy, steady hand please

For many years I have had glaucoma in one eye.  Treated with drops, it has not progressed until suddenly the last few months I am aware of declining sight in that eye, and the eye is bloody red, the drops now are as much an irritant as a benefit.  The body pumps fresh liquids into the eye, then it drains out.  Glaucoma is an increase in pressure within the eye caused by reduced outflow capacity.  The increased pressure kills off a few light gathering cells now and then, mostly in the peripheral vision area, eventually leaving you with tunnel vision, like looking through a pipe.

My loss up to now is a little different, the amount of light I see in that eye is diminished, things are a bit soft looking, there are a few little areas on the peripheral that I miss, but most I see, just a little smokey.  I am not looking through a paper towel tube yet.  

Happily, there is a surgery that can stop the progression of glaucoma, usually its benefit lasts a number of years, sometimes for a very long time.  Being only 10,000 years or less (only 500 or 600 grandfathers) from the hunter gatherer lifestyle, letting someone mess with my feet or eyes seems the worst risk, the ultimate stupidity we could commit.  The doctor I will use has over 1,000 of these surgeries since 1984, only 1 every 3 to 5 yeas ends in disaster, loss of vision or eye.  Without the surgery, I will be looking through a pin hole soon, a few months, maybe a few years.  I am not worried, I'll go for it.  It's scheduled for about 2 weeks.

Trabeculectomy is: lift the eyelid, cut into the eye, make a pinhole in it, put some crud in it to keep it from healing shut, stitch around it to keep it from spreading, eye patch, meds, 4 weeks do no exercise or strain, (prune juice cocktails).  The goal is end up with a new artificail drain to let the pressure stay low, but not to low, thus a second reason for the stitch, it can be tightened to reduce the size of the hole, after a few weeks it is suppose to be set at the right size.  Of course if I heal it shut then, or years from now, it has to be re done.  Thank goodness for insurance, if I lose my job and insurance or the GOP kills the new health care, I will not be able to get insurance to cover any adjustments to this over the coming years.  In that case I hope you aren't of rotund proportions, I would'nt be able to see all of your fat ass as I peep through my pin hole.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1 million (green?) jobs just left the US, and you didn't know.

Paris air show, 2 weeks ago.  Airbus kicks Boeings grotty butt.  Sales at the show; about 740 Airbus sold to 130 Boeings.   Direct and indirect downstream jobs, 1 million, sales value between 10 and 20 billion $.   If you are in sales, and your competitor hits a streak like airbus did,  it means they took so many customers out of the market that you are surely screwed for the near future, there's not going to be any low hanging fruit for a while.  It's going to be tough.
The Airbus A320neo was the hot item.  This plane competes with the Boeing 737.  The "neo" or some call it "neon" is an improved "green" A320.  With new engines and aerodynamic and weight changes, it uses 15% less fuel than the 737, and has other environmental attributes.  Boeing keeps delaying changing or replacing the 737.  They gambled that airlines would not be interested in giving up the old workhorse, they instead are spending resources  fighting the EU's new fuel pollution tax based on how much you burn in EU airspace.  Boeing is not out of step with US industry's current trend, spend less on research and development, spend more lobbying against regulations and unions and taxes.
How's that working for  us?  We can say these jobs for the A320neo are green jobs (OK greenish), certainly not like a windmill, but compared to the 737, industry bought green (OK greenish).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dead zone, from the Gulf all the way to our back door.

The dead zone they call it, an area along the mouth of the Mississippi in the Gulf, hundreds of square miles of open sea and coastal waters, where chemicals are so heavy as to kill almost all fish, shrimp, shell fish.  Farm and yard fertilizers and pesticides kill directly as well as through starving the water of oxygen.  The only thing that normally lives through this, and often flourishes into a chocking mat, is algae, it thrives to the excess that helps kill other fauna in the water.

Today I noticed under the bridge over a man-made lake connecting to a near by creek in my neighborhood, the water chocking in algae, turtles and fish dead in the water.  These dead zone extend for thousands of twisting miles of water ways from the Gulf, to Kansas, and for sure all the way to the Canada border.  This water is not poisoned by farm run off, this is right off the yards surrounding me, me, I went organic on my yard this year.   We need to rethink our lifestyle, we are killing the fish that can feed us.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lightning, showered the back yard with lumber

Yesterday afternoon a thunderstorm moved in, I was looking out the window when we got a few million volts through a 100ft. cottonwood about 75 ft. from the house.  Bang, lumber flying all over.  The energy boils the sap into steam in a microsecond.  Pieces like 2 x4's, 2 x 12's all around, it was an amazing thing to see.  After the storm the wood was white, this morning some of it is red.  Why has some of it turned red?

Wood turned red the day after the strike
Wood was white after lightning strike
Same wood was red the next morning

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oklahoma adds heat record to it's divorce capital of the nation claim

The numbers on the county indicate the June 2011 month long average above normal temperature.  The red is +12°F.  Oklahoma had 30 consecutive days over 90, a record, 11 days over 100, a record, 34 consecutive days above normal.  Exceptional drought more severe than the dust bowl days, fires throughout the state, crop and livestock losses will not be known for many months.

Senator Inhoff the denier in chief did not show at a Washington Science deniers convention bought and paid for by Koch Industry and Exxon.  Inhoff was to be the key note speaker.  The list of speakers, of the thousands of scientist who the global warming deniers claim as on their side, well only a couple of PhD's showed up, most speakers are TV weathermen, economist and bloggers, their experts are bloggers!  Inhoff says he's "under the weather", thats a good one, maybe he is out looking at the red sand where hay meadows once bloomed, Oooooooooh-kla-hoooomma!

What Congress is doing is unconstitutional.

14th Amendment, Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. 

Congress already voted in law after law to buy and spend and give money for this that and the other.  What they have done is set spending at one level, and set taxing at a lower level. (untenable) The current debate over debt limit is a false event, it is routinely done every year or so and has never before been an issue, as it should not, done to cover what has been spent.  It is as if they are saying we can enjoy all this stuff, but we are not going to pay for it.  Belief if our spending as good or evil has nothing to do with it, it must be paid for so says the constitution, and the President should declare that what the Congress is doing is unconstitutional.  

Power, influence, respect within the world arena is hard to define all the events that build it, but the appearance projected these last couple of years to the world that we have a congress and senate that can no longer work to solve the richest nation on earths problems clearly does erode our position.  

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, ...... shall not be questioned.