Thursday, June 26, 2014

I had my hands all over this women, lots of times.

16.5" tall, clay, even though it's hollowed out and been in the kiln, it's quite heavy.
I was going to start another this summer, instead I have been replacing faucets, drains, painting, calking, it never ends.  Maybe this fall.

I have always carved from stone, first time working with clay.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Like margarita glasses at a Baptist picnic.

News says Pennsylvania may have thousands of fracked wells leaking methane.  MAY?  Look, there are two kinds of fossil fuel wells, ones that leaks, and ones that will leak even more the older they get.  Plugs, seals, cement, valves, pipes, none of them improve with age.  If one hydrocarbon is down there with a half ounce of pressure behind it, it's coming out, out from where mother nature safely stored it from harming the atmosphere.  What about the other states?  Ya think only wells in big "P" leak?
More wells?  Is this what we need?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Now Nebraska's consumers wish comes true.

Omaha power company will shut 3 coal fired power plants, by mid 2016.  Two more will be converted to natural gas in 5 to 10 years.  The company says this is because the customers want it this way.
Wow, imagine that, a utility doing what its customers want, there is hope.

Power companies can close these old smokers because electric use is declining a bit.  It's the new energy stingy bulbs, appliances, and people are just more careful about waste.  I bought a new 42" TV a few days ago, at 5 hours a day it uses only $7 of energy a year, that is so amazing, the ancient artifact I replaced used nearly that much a month.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

F*#k rick perry and his anti EPA ramble.

El Paso Electric Company is getting off coal by mid 2016.  They serve 400,000 homes and businesses.  Natural gas turbine supplies part of their power, and coal the rest, but in 2016 they will connect to a large solar farm in New Mexico.

The company will buy sun power for 5.79 cents a kilowatt-hour, coal now costs more than double that, 12.8 cents KWh.

All you hear out of the coal lobby, and the politicians and news hacks spread the absurd lie that prices will go up when we have cheaper energy sources.  What economy class did these guys go to?.   It ain't so folks.  I'm pretty sure El Paso Electric Company isn't a bunch of hippies with an anti-business agenda.  Pretty sure they ran the numbers.
Oh, and that old coal plant, it will close, the smoke will stop, air quality will improve, and like it or not TX will get credit for moving towards Obama's EPA standards.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drought and heat for 3 years, Kansas wheat in bad shape.

NO dwezels, but your on the right track, the drought isn't the punishment for people choosing to like who ever they want.  It's the punishment for not putting a stop to you and the industries that corrupted you, who will pump smoke and poison water, just to make a fast buck. Who exploit the earth and sea without remorse.   If this be punishment it's what Thor or God or the Great Spirit visited on us because of ourselves, for not organizing, protesting and chasing industry shills out of power and for our consumerism gone mad.  For this, punishment will continue until we make some changes.

Take a poop, do it for clean power.

Just read an article by a women who runs/owns the hydro-electric power plant in Lawrence Kansas.  They make power for 1,500 homes off a pass through system with a tiny little dam.  If you saw it you wouldn't think there was enough drop to make it work.  The plant is over 100 yrs. old and with new generation turbines/generators they crank out a lot of power from the slow lazy Kansas River.
Now this lady is saying why the heck don't city sewer plants generate electricity?  Most plants let treated water glide down a slope into a river or stream.  She says any time there is water falling, we are wasting cheap energy.  There are now small water turbines for intermittent and small applications that could be in the outflow stream, claiming a bit of energy and reusing it for the many pumps, paddles and control system.  Cities water treatment outflow are rivers, and could generate much and in some cases more than needed to run the operation.
Next time you speak at a city forum, suggest they take a look at this, or next time you face a water price increase tell them about this, it could save money, and make clean energy out of poo.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wind works for Buffet

Warren Buffet said Tuesday said he will build another $15 billion of wind energy.   It's the right thing to do he said, plus it's a constant and reliable return on investment, and it can be built and in use in a year or so, while fossil fuel power plants take years to build.
New wind farm contracts are as low as $21 MWh, thats 21 cents a KWh.  This is the lowest cost energy available now.  Those are wholesale prices, compare to about 50 cents for most other forms.   Below are the current southern states use, prices, and what it would be if it was all new wind at wholesale, estimate double retail, or around $40 a month verses $120.  Meanwhile, the Kochs and all the GOP preaches the lie that prices will go up when we have cheaper energy sources.  What economy class did these guys go to?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hey Inhoff, Global Frying is here.

In the last few days:
India, Deli, 118°f, new record, power failures, riots.
Paris suburbs, 100°
Northern Germany, 90's
South France, 100+
Central Russia, 100+

Records set in many cities in Europe and India, and most of these records were less than 5 years old.

Last night I went to hear a Republican Congressional candidate ramble.  He said if elected he will get rid of the pollution standards on cars, and industry, and then we can finally enjoy life.  Oh and the lady from McCains campaign town hall meeting was there to tell us Obama is a Muslim, unlike McCain, he didn't straighten her out, she got a round of applause.  He is trying to unseat a fellow Repub funded by Koch, it's dirt bag against dirt bag.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Monday, June 9, 2014

To hell with the Washington Post, and Fuck George Will

Here is the thinking of the ruling class old white guys; scared shitless of science, voter registration drives, wind and solar power, blacks, hispanics, women.  Retire George and please change your diet exclusively to fish living (or floating) near Duke energy plants.

Fuck you George, and all the boys you worry about that "might" have raped.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This Pope is marvelous, really marvelous.

I am not catholic, but I would go see this Pope if he comes around here.  The photo is cutting off the final letter, it says Unexpected Help.

Monday, June 2, 2014

EPA CO2 rule cost the same as sexy undies.

Yearly Revenue:
Wal-Mart,  $447 billion.
Bed Bath and Beyond, $11.5 billion.
Dairy Queen, $32.4 billion.
McDonalds, $27.5 billion.
Victoria's Secret, $6.6 billion.

Cost estimate from general accounting office to comply with the EPA rules; $6 to $8 billion a year until 2030, about the same as frilly panties.