Friday, June 13, 2014

Wind works for Buffet

Warren Buffet said Tuesday said he will build another $15 billion of wind energy.   It's the right thing to do he said, plus it's a constant and reliable return on investment, and it can be built and in use in a year or so, while fossil fuel power plants take years to build.
New wind farm contracts are as low as $21 MWh, thats 21 cents a KWh.  This is the lowest cost energy available now.  Those are wholesale prices, compare to about 50 cents for most other forms.   Below are the current southern states use, prices, and what it would be if it was all new wind at wholesale, estimate double retail, or around $40 a month verses $120.  Meanwhile, the Kochs and all the GOP preaches the lie that prices will go up when we have cheaper energy sources.  What economy class did these guys go to?


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