Wednesday, June 18, 2014

F*#k rick perry and his anti EPA ramble.

El Paso Electric Company is getting off coal by mid 2016.  They serve 400,000 homes and businesses.  Natural gas turbine supplies part of their power, and coal the rest, but in 2016 they will connect to a large solar farm in New Mexico.

The company will buy sun power for 5.79 cents a kilowatt-hour, coal now costs more than double that, 12.8 cents KWh.

All you hear out of the coal lobby, and the politicians and news hacks spread the absurd lie that prices will go up when we have cheaper energy sources.  What economy class did these guys go to?.   It ain't so folks.  I'm pretty sure El Paso Electric Company isn't a bunch of hippies with an anti-business agenda.  Pretty sure they ran the numbers.
Oh, and that old coal plant, it will close, the smoke will stop, air quality will improve, and like it or not TX will get credit for moving towards Obama's EPA standards.

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