Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mrs. Mitt's dire warning

Mrs Mitt said in an interview that if her significant doofus gets elected she will be worried for his mental well being.  Well me to honey!  I'm worried about having a crazy guy in charge who thinks his underwear is  magic and wants to roll down the windows in airplanes.  Secret service will have their hands full with this duck.  Thankfully it looks like we have half a chance she won't get to see president Williard being tazered off the White House fence by his own secret service detail.
Talk, write, call, donate, talk to the neighbors, vote, and maybe we can save Mrs. Mitt.

Friday, September 28, 2012

1968, Romney in France, a not so rich American in Viet Nam

He was for the war in Viet Nam, he went to rallies for it, but never had the patriotic vigor or balls to join up.  So while boys form middle income and poor families did his job for him he spent 1968 in France.    One more chicken hawk, now he has a hard on for war with Iran.

I remember a poor kid from highschool, parked his car beside the garage and went to Viet Nam, killed there by friendly fire.  His dad wouldn't sell the car.  It set there till the tires went flat, one day after a few years I drove past and saw it was gone.  I still hate that I drove over there, I should never have gone.
Fuck all the chicken hawks.

Harvesting the Romney effect, bumper crop of unpatriotic business practices.

Mother Jones seems to be the new Woodward and Bernstein.  Wow.  The mother came up with another doozy.
Rmoney telling potential investors how they will buy companies, manage them a while, then harvest the profits.   This'em, borrow against their assets, pay yourself hugh fees, loot the retirement fund if they have one, cut the workforce, stop all improvement or R&D programs, send products offshore, sell assets, let what's left go bankrupt.
Whats missing?  Job creation, quality, new products, new markets, competitive drive, long term planning, concern for the community, concern for families, loyalty, concern for the nation.  This is what Obama is hitting at when he started yesterday this new theme of a patriotic economy.

To borrow an idea from from a movie (Pretty Women), these guys work like car thieves, they steal a car, sell the tires, the radio, the engine, leave the rest for some neighborhood to clean up.  They aren't making anything of value, it's theft of our futures.
When a farmer harvests corn or wheat we take the best part, but what we appear to abandon, the stalks, have a part to play,  they protect the land from erosion and they break down to feed the soil.  And not to sound religious, but our harvest is the story of death and rebirth.  We take the best, but we sew some of that seed again and it is reborn, it lives again, the assets endure so we and later others have a fair chance.  

Rmoney's use of harvest is a perversion of our use of harvest.  Harvesting only comes after a period of work, growth, and at maturity.  Mining is what Bain was doing.  You tear everything out by force and crush it and that's the end, the resource is gone.

This new video underscores the fund raising video, he is comfortable only when he talks to rich people about transactional politics.  Give me money, I will steal for you and make you rich and tax free.

Sarah Silverman | Let My People Vote 2012 - Get Nana A Gun

Just licked the stamp and smushed it onto my vote by mail application.  If I didn't have a driverslicense I could have attached a photo of a passport or a gun permit, a gun permit from any state!  From Tennessee, Oklahoma?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson video tells voters to ‘wake the f*ck up’ in rhyme | The Raw Story

Samuel L. Jackson video tells voters to ‘wake the f*ck up’ in rhyme | The Raw Story

go on, click it, the fucking link above.  jeeze just do it.

Do you have an offshore bank account?

Incompetent campaigner sure, tax evader you bet, would sell the wheelchairs at the hospital if he could, but becoming more and more evident is the guy can't tell the truth.  (except when he is in front of his own kind, the 1%, then he is comfortable and openly)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Verily verily I say unto thee Romney, thee are toast, 2016 begins

Guess what three wise men have been traveling alone in Iowa the last few days?
Bobby Jendal, Marc Rubio, Jabba the Hut Christie.
And pray tell why?  Meeting with precinct organizers, shmoozing ahead.

Did you know that vultures can smell a cadaver over the horizon?  It's a gift.

Another Romney success story, investing in China not the US

In 1998, Brookside Inc., a subsidiary of Bain Capital, invested in Global-Tech Appliances days after it sent investors a document detailing the low wages it paid its workers and the low tax liability it faced, the Boston Globe reports:
It used “inexpensive labor,” Global-Tech Appliances wrote in a prospectus meant to attract investors on April 8, 1998. Its location in China meant “an overall effective tax rate that may be less than that of US corporations.” It said its current operations would not be subject to “material US taxes because it should not be considered to have significant income effectively connected with a trade or business in the US.” [...]
Nine days after the document was released – on April 17, 1998 — an affiliate of Bain Capital called Brookside Capital Partners Fund acquired about 6 percent of Global Tech, according to Securities and Exchange Commission documents that were first reported by Mother Jones magazine.

From Think Progess, all credit to them, for info only, will remove it on request.

This ought to about do it for Romney, he buys up companies here, fleeces the assets and retirement accounts, lays off, sends the work and the money to foreign sources, gets others to also invest in foreign shops rather than the US.
This is what the GOP is now, stripping assets and the future out of America, all the time screaming Obama is trying to harm us.

“only some rapes are legitimate.”

Missouri's top rape and vagina magic expert stayed on the ballot, it's final.  Akin, with pumped up millions of donations along with the three amigos Gingrich Huckabee and Rush can expect to learn today what is hitting the fan.  McCaskill has held off attacking him until the final exit closed.  The shit storm is here.  Last night the adds began, simply playing Akin's own words about women, and rape.  Many more are in the que from McCaskill and other interested parties.  Also there is a set ready to go on his plans to kill or privatize social security.
It's still a tight race (red state brain) though Akin has now fallen behind and the GOP and Rove says they will not help him.  They will.  They will rush back soon, after all he didn't say anything they don't agree with.

As a man I cannot imagine what it must be like to listen to men explain rapes in good and bad terms, that there are some gifts to be had from a rape, some rewards not available any other way.  I can't imagine not wanting to see him fall down the fucking stairs into a room full of daddy rapers.

And veep Ryan wannabe said "Smart people will never vote for us".

Psychological Study Reveals Why Misinformation Is So Effective

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An intriguing new study released last week inPsychological Science in the Public Interest reveals why people are more apt to believe false information being fed to them by the media and politicians.

According to the team of psychological scientistsworking on the study, led by Stephan Lewandowsky of the University of Western Australia, the main reason that people are more likely to believe false information (for example, that climate change is a hoax) is because it actually takes less brain power to believe a statement is false than to accept it as truth. Finding the truth takes time and effort that people often don’t care enough to spend on particular issues that aren’t of immediate concern.

OK, this is ripped from, all credit to them, for info only, go there to read the whole article if interested, but I think you get it, weighing information and critical thinking takes more energy, it's harder, and Fox news and the GOP know it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stealing the election, one cutie pie at a time.

Video at a Safeway in Colorado.

'Silent Spring' at 50, a cocktail of poison and reason

“Why should we tolerate a diet of weak poisons, a home in insipid surroundings, a circle of acquaintances who are not quite our enemies, the noise of motors with just enough relief to prevent insanity? Who would want to live in a world which is just not quite fatal?” 
 Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

“The 'control of nature' is a phrase conceived in arrogance, born of the Neanderthal age of biology and philosophy, when it was supposed that nature exists for the convenience of man.”
― Rachel Carson

“A Who's Who of pesticides is therefore of concern to us all. If we are going to live so intimately with these chemicals eating and drinking them, taking them into the very marrow of our bones - we had better know something about their nature and their power.” 
― Rachel Carson

Get to the library, get to the store, this is a must read.  Rachel Carson launched our modern awareness of the environment, 50 years ago with a book that feels like it was written last week.  For her efforts she was attacked by the usual suspects, rumors were spread, threats made, even as she died of cancer industry and developers continued the lies.  Thanks to her, DDT was banned, but many other chemicals remain  needing regulated marketing & use, and some deserve banning, business will not do it.
  Until you read this book you have not gotten your moneys worth of this life.  Your missing a perspective and logic instantly recognizable as a primal truth you were born with but needs her narrative to free.

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Ethics were invented by poor people

to control the rich.  It'ss not working."   Dilbert

Oh I'm not with them, I'm here to amend your 2011 tax for after the election.

borrowed from OneAngryZebra
"let my people vote"  Sarah Silverman

UK bans Donald Trumph's add against wind energy.

Imagine that, the government will not let advertisements contain bald faced lies.  The comb over king  bought a piece of land on Scotland's coast, and as a rich man doesn't want to see a Wind turbine miles out in the water, so he makes up lies and buys advertising to rally the locals.  Piss off said the UK standards in advertising board, your making shit up.  Rich people hate government, I guarantee it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

hackers domestic of foreign can't turn off this light if it's not on the grid

Wind turbine+solar panel+LED+battery+pole = an off the grid street light.  Put it up and forget it.  Thousands of these in Japan & China, in the US almost none.
The US is falling behind in new cheap and clean energy at a pace that could only happen if it was sabotage, deliberate, done purposely by a force trying to cripple our future or protect an old technology.

Last year patents for new forms of energy and energy conservation products granted by the patent office were mostly from foreign entrepreneurs.  Our R&D in this realm is shrinking.

In the last few days, thousands of layoffs in the clean energy business have been announced in the US.  It has grown to a hugh sector of the economy and the GOP is killing it at the direction of their owners, the fossil fuel industry.

In the mean time.  China made the 4th doubling of it's planned solar panel generation goals for the next 4 years.  40GW, gigawatts, 40, just one GW can power 200,000 US homes, in China 2 to 5 times that many.  At a trade show two weeks ago a Chinese manufacturer told me the cost is falling, it is cleaning up the air, and in a few years they won't worry about pirates stopping their coal and oil shipments.  After the initial investment they will have free energy for 30 years, no one can compete with them when they run on free energy, unless you have it too, which we may not if we don't get off fossil fuel.

If you are in a position at work or on a school board meeting or neighborhood committee, bring up conservation ideas, new generation sources, white paint on the roofs, etc.  Somewhere, somehow you can plant a seed and things change little by little.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mexican Mitt

This stupid guy gets a spray on tan now every time he shows up at a Latino event or a south Florida event.

What a doofus.  Apparently he think he can win their vote with some makeup?  See the post below.

Romney appearance on Univision faked Latino support

Can you believe it.  It's true.  Romney refused to go on stage when introduced.  He and his people demanded they retape/restart the show because they didn't like the intro.  In the hours before the taping they told Univision they would back out if they did not get to bring in a hand picked audience.  Tickets that had been handed out at random the days before were denied entrance.  Univision was in a jam and rather than stand up they caved.  Cowards.

When I watched his appearance on the Spanish language Univision, I was struck by how boisterous the crowd was for him.  I did not at the time believe it was a random picked crowd, but I forgot about it until today.  I was right!  Shame on Univison, I hope they catch hell on this.  It was a stunt and they became part of it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Romney, Ryan, the lead Obama has now, you built that.

Two faced Janus, the model for Romney.

Not only is Rmoney and his tea party VP sliding in the polls, now so are most gop senators and today even Boehner in the congress sounded the alarm about many house members.
We don't know yet how the hundreds of millions that will be used to advertise for the GOP in the last 2 or 3 weeks will change the election.  Advertising works, and it could still be a gop win.  But Mittens faces a couple new problems, potentially.  When it felt like the gop would win most of their races he raised money easily.  Now, the full congress and senate are in panic and out there squeezing their owners for cash to give to one anothers race to protect the parties position, this means Mitt is competing against them for cash, and they don't really like him so much, I think they will dry up some of his funds.  Also, corporate giants normally give more to repubs but they don't want to end up with a house of democrats they didn't give at least something to.  I predict corps will slow the gifts to the deadender gop and start throwing a little to the democrats for insurance.  A real bad sign for repubs.  Actually I hate to see that.  I would rather they win without corporate succor.

How chicken poo and cotton put arsenic in rice?

Simple as this.  Cotton grown mostly in the southern states was treated with arsenic to kill pests.  The shit and fly farms that chickens are crammed into don't die as often if they are fed arsenic, some of it is excreted.  Chicken poo is hauled to fields and used for fertilizer.  All perfectly legal in the US.

Rice absorbs arsenic from soil and water better than most any other plant.  Rice from the Confederate states is high in arsenic, no more than 2 servings a week is suggested, and infants should not have it.  Rice from California tests very low, much safer.  Foreign rice, not sure about yet.  You can reduce arsenic content 30% by  washing the rice in a sieve, and cooking it far too much water, pouring off the excess the last few minutes of cooking.
We were aware of this about a year ago through a nutrition web site that has seen earlier studies that show the same result.  Finally one got noticed by the media.  We by california rice in bulk.
What about that chicken though?  If your chicken has a slight pink color, that's arsenic, go for the ghostly white chicken.  (see the post below for more bird trouble)

Do you remember all those adds and even in our schools telling us chemicals are our friends?

Rush Limbaugh puts out his small penis story

It doesn't even matter what he said, ranting about studies finding penis size in the US is 10% smaller than a few years ago.  He thinks it's because of feminazi's.  Women, just by wanting fair pay and legal rights make our (nations) dicks little.

I thank Rush for bringing this up.  The story is true, but not for the reason he thinks.  Chemicals in   common lawn and garden and farm use for pests weeds fungus and even some fertilizers have been shown to cause sexual confusion both mentally (sexual preference) and physically (size) in test animals.  Then there is chicken.  The more chicken pregnant women eat, and young boys eat, the penis size is impacted, as Rush said, average decline 10%.  I don't recall the whole study but chicken has a naturally occurring hormone or something in it that does this.  Add that to the cocktail of chemicals in our house, and environment, and besides tiny little peckers we have alzheimer's, all kinds of cancers, prostate problems, far higher than poor nations and nations with strick control of chemical exposure.

Denmark stands tallest current in the phallic olympics, then Norway Sweden and Holland.  It's so unfair to Rush, the nations with the best health care, most vacation days, strict environmental standards, leaves to have babies, fair pay for women, free education, mass transit, green energy booms, they get the benefit, it's those socialist feminazi's in the north countries who enjoy the biggest dicks on the planet.

no man is an island, but corporations might be

Shell is having a ship built in Korea, 5 times the size of the biggest aircraft carriers.  The biggest ship ever.  I think it will launch in 2 years.  As soon as it was announced, other industries saw the advantage, and already more are in the planning.
This ship is not for transporting anything.  It is a factory.  It will be anchored at sea, pay no taxes, be under no nations pollution or labor laws or ethics codes.  The plan calls for it to be anchored just out of Australian waters, it will be a refinery of petroleum products, visited by ships feeding it carbon.
Industrial pirates, no laws apply, anything goes.  Good luck great barrier reef.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bud Johnson, Austin TX, proud of his racism and his GOP

Yes, this chair represents lynching Obama, and if you don't like it he says he doesn't give a damn you can go to hell with Obama.

These chair lynchings have sprouted up elsewhere in the last few days. Romney will have to come out in support of them, or the free speech they represent, then his handlers will deny it, fox will have them on to say the opposite and claim the dems are playing victim again.

viva la white boys, get yer rope, we got us an upity one.

lets pull some more CO2 out of the ground and spray it into the air

I have a distant family member who is a NASA scientist gathering data on global warming.  For this his reward is he has to work in a guarded office, with full time armed guards, the sign on the building was removed so as not to draw the attention of the casual crazy, the serious crazies still find it though.  Deniers want to gain access to destroy and steal data, harass and threaten scientist.

An unsettled science the deniers say, you bet your ass it is, the rate of change perpetuates new events that change the rate of change.  In fact the models that said a summer ice free Arctic in 50 or 100 years now is being considered wrong, it could be in 10 years, some models now say 4. 

Republicans kill veterans' jobs bill

A must see video if you think the GOP is the party of No, and like the republican convention, they have lost their traditional support of the military, except if it's for contractors, but if it's for the soldiers or the vets, fuck those guys, the GOP does not care.  They defeated it by filibuster.  Party of NO.
The video is 9 minutes, if you are short of time start at 3 minutes, or at the worst start at 5 minutes, but watch this.  Patrick Murphy teaches at West Point.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

chicken seller sees the 47% as a market they want

Chick-fil-a has reached an agreement with an organization representing people everywhere who were repelled by the companies open funding to groups promoting discrimination based on sexual directions.   Inspite of the church busses running shuttles to the restaurant (at least here) to show their solidarity with hate, the corporation has decided in a change of direction.  They are suppose to cease funding hate, and memos to employees direct tolerance.  If this report stands up for a few days, I will reward them with a visit.  It must be a sad day for the GOP and the pious gay haters to have eaten their guts full of chicken the last 2 months and still see the company change just to make more money, it must seem like a queer bird indeed.

lets air our differences, no need to hide anything

Ding Dong.  Two Jahova Witness ladies on the porch.  I throw the door open and first thing I hear is, "Do you every think of what Gods plan for women is?"   "Yes, I worry about it a lot" I said "And if you do also you should vote Democrat"  Whereupon they backed off the porch laughing politely and wishing me a good day.  I really didn't intend to shoo them away so quickly but, se la vie.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ya otter not a done it

I love learning about links in nature.  If anyone wants a repeat of how overfishing kills lions let me know, glad to tell it.  Here a story about otters and much more.

After WWII, whaling almost destroyed the baleen whale population. Killer whales lived off this species, so they had to find a new food.  In succession they turned to eating, and soon decimated, harbor seals, next fur seals, then to Steller sea lions, finally, now, they are going after the little sea otter as well.  Along the west coast of North America the otter has been eaten down from several hundred thousand to a few thousand.  Oh, that's sad.  But so what?

Sea Otters eat sea urchins.  Sea Urchins eat kelp.  Without otters some areas are losing the kelp forests, the urchins are eating them clear.  Kelp, like trees do to the air, it absorbs CO2 from the water, storing it for years and some small amounts get put into the sea bed.  Overhunting of the baleen whale caused a cascade that is ending in loss of CO2 absorption in the ocean when we really need it, and loss of habitat for all kinds of fish which you might need to eat.  It's not the killer whale's fault.  Hopefully the whale population will rebound, there are actually groups out there trying to restart kelp fields and move otters in to guard them.  It's really a long shot.  How can people deny we humans are changing the planet, climate, fauna?  It's right there to see.  Recycle something damn it, walk somewhere.

live porn, Sun Capital, and the smirkmister, palling around with horn dogs

Rmoney's verbal smirkfest to big doners was at the mansion of Mr. Leder, a friend of the smirker in chief.  This is the house and fund raising dinner where Smirkmitt announced he would not worry about "those" people  (homeless vets or kids of the poor ((blacks))) Mr. Leder's Sun Capital is a Bain clone, and like Bain has bankrupt more American companies than you can swing a dead cat at.

Mr. Leder responds well to visual stimulants. He likes to watch.  I mean....he likes to watch...!  He is known for wild parties, with live sex acts.  Below is part of the story running in a number of papers, verified by a number of sources of Romney's buddie and benefactor.

"It was as if the Playboy Mansion met the East End at a wild party at private-equity titan Marc Leder’s Bridgehampton estate, where guests cavorted nude in the pool and performed sex acts, scantily dressed Russians danced on platforms and men twirled lit torches to a booming techno beat.
The divorced Sun Capital Partners honcho rented a sprawling beachfront mansion on Surf Side Road for $500,000 for the month of July. Leder’s weekly Friday and Saturday night parties have become the talk of the Hamptons — and he ended them in style last weekend with his wildest bash yet…. the revelry hit a frenzied point [on July 30] before midnight when a male guest described as a “chubby white meathead” and a “tanned” female guest stripped and hopped into the pool naked…. Multiple witnesses say the naked pair continued their show outside the pool and performed sex acts on a chair in front of astonished guests."
Will the GOP worry they picked up money from people like this?  Nope, anything to win. Hey Mitt,  your courting the family values vote?   

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mitt Romney hates moochers and those with lower taxes than him.

Interesting that he knows they don't pay tax, but we don't know if he pays taxes either, or what foreign currency or bank or factory his money is in.  Something stinks.

Oklahoma goes DC in an AC world. What next?

Last week Oklahoma approved a hugh green energy project, completely unique.  They approved power line construction from south Kansas and the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma into the Oklahoma City area.

So what you ask?  DC!  The power lines are all to connect new planned wind farms.  BUT, more important, they are DC transmission lines.  Shipping electricity via copper cables has a cost, resistance, the farther you send it the more you lose.  AC transmission can sap 20% of the generated wattage over many hundreds of miles, but with DC only a couple percent.  The fastest way to get more energy is conserve, DC (direct current) does that.  Ship it DC, convert it to AC near point of use.

Germany, England, Norway and Denmark are laying DC cables from the wind farms in the North Sea to move more of what they make to the user.   Thanks to Thomas Edison defeating Tesla and others in the early days of electricity it has taken us over 100 years to see that he was wrong, DC transmission is the better method.

(Edison bought circus elephants to kill, he electrocuted them in public shows around the country to scare the public from DC. All his inventions were based on AC and he protected it by suggesting DC was so dangerous it could kill the largest land animal, it was impossible to control safely.  It was appalling, the man was disgusting.)

Take Obama off the ballot in Kansas, please

This morning Kansas state government officials will meet to decide if Obama will be removed from the ballot, all Republican on this board and at this meeting.  A complaint was made by an employee of the Kansas State University.  The state is considering the absurd idea that there needs to be additional information provided beyond the birth certificate to prove his birth in the US.  They are not questioning the birth certificate, but promoting new and unspecified doubt, doubt even they cannot identify.
Kansas is now by most methods of accounting either the most, or the second most red state.  State wide there are only a few Democrats holding any office, and this years primary was all about chasing out moderate Republicans, and they did it in almost every race.  Rmoney will win the vote here by 70 or 80%, all electoral votes will go to him.  Opinion pieces in the paper regularly suggest that moderate repubs should leave the state with the Mexicans and the welfare moms (blacks).

For this reason I hope the state will pull Obama from the ballot.  We should know in the next few hours.  The nation needs to understand what this state has become.

A female doctor lost her license to work for referring a 10 year old girl for an abortion, her crime was she failed to also refer her for mental evaluation, not to do it, or to make sure it was done, but refer her for it.  She is suing to get her license back, the state said last week they will take a minimum of 2 years to review the case.
Abortion clinics, of which now there is only one or two in the state now that one was killed and others were burned, are subject to unlimited number of safety inspections, the new rules state all lights must be on at all times.  Even the broom closet must have a light on 24 hours a day.  100% compliance.  If one light is found to be off or burned out, the clinic is closed for safety violation and the return inspection is at the convienence of the state, the follow up inspection to reopen could take months.
Brownback laid off nearly the entire state EPA staff.  There are so many suits going he had to hire a "third" lawyer.  Who did he hire.  A top member of the oil industry's strike back staff specializing in suits against the EPA and citizen groups. This is Kansas.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oil kills

Kansas is raising speed limits as quick as the last 2 guys working for the state under the Brownback cuts can hang them.  There was no public cry for this, oil companies lobbied for it.  If you jump from 55 to 75, cost you about 15% more gas.  One divided wreck prone stretch jumped 55 to 70, it is not a limited access and lots of traffic, It is scary now with people darting across, I don't like that road now. Hey, kill a few, but sell more gas.

Texas is raising theirs too, one stretch of I35 goes to 85, that's gonna burn some crude.

This last 3 years the number of miles driven in the US is down.  The average mpg of all our cars together has improved, so we burn fewer gallons to go each mile, and we go fewer miles.  The last 3 years has been a drillers boom, the GOP acts like Obama is not letting them drill, hell the drilling rig count (in operation) has never been higher, we are moving more carbon from where it belongs to where it doesn't than any time in history, if you don't believe me just look at Greenland.  Yet, gas prices are near record highs right now.

Do these scuffles over a video (and lets be realistic, these are scuffles, they do not threaten our shores, these are mobs, and by the way Bush had more of this kind of crap than has Obama, 10 fold at least)  make you more interested in saving fuel, higher mileage vehicles, bicycles, trains, electric vehicles charged by wind and solar?  The best thing we could do for the environment, for world peace, and for our military, would be to pack up, leave, and never buy another gallon from them.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fear fighters, the baby boomer's new burden.

Northeast Missouri west of Hannibal about an hour is Macon.  Macon has a McDonalds, I hate those places, but I ended up there for lunch yesterday on a dash back to Kansas.   While I'm chocking down some white bread sandwich the late 50ish guy at the next table gets a call and it goes like this:
"Hi dad, I'm at lunch"............What?....Why?......Dad there won't be a revolution if Obama wins.........No.......Dad dad, slow down, can you get a drink of water....................................No I'm not going to do that, I voted McCain last time and I'm not going to go that way again.....No.....Well a few months ago you were not going to vote a god damn Mormon, remember that....yes you did......No there wont be a revolution because you can't have a revolution if he compromises on things....have you had your lunch, you need to eat something......yes I'll be over tomorrow.  
He stand up to looks at me and a couple tables nearest and says, "I wish I could buy him a radio that wouldn't get talk shows".

A few weeks ago we visited some older friends, the ladies mother is in her 90"s, lives alone, and she drives over and takes her to mass every single day.  A couple weeks ago she went to pick her up and the old girl was upset, "Obama hates America and is trying to destroy it".  Our friend told her that was not true, and ask "do you really believe he would do that and leave his daughters to live in such a place?"  Her mother would not speak to her for a week, to mass and back without a word.  Fox, our friend told us, she has Fox on TV almost every time I go to pick her up, Fox is scaring her silly.

Before my mother died at 92 she was seeing coyotes, in the yard, in the house, sometimes they laughed at her she said.  She didn't watch TV at all her last 10 years.  I wouldn't trade places with anyone having to dispel Rush and Fox from scaring your parents out of their wits, I had it pretty easy with the coyotes.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

road trip update

Business trip, seeing a few Obama stickers in IL., had to wrestle at the hotel breakfast to get the TV off Fox, got the clicker from a slow fat chick eating a donut, jumped to local car wreck news, something a little more upbeat.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Israel's Net-in-yahoo worked with Romney in Boston

I didn't know this, but these two knew each other years ago, friends from their investment advisor days.  Both in business in Boston.
Is it any wonder that the head of the Jewish state is working to get rid of a Democrat, a foreign state messing in our politics.  The Jewish newspaper in TelAviv this morning had the headline asking net-in-yahoo "which regime are you trying to change first, Iran, or the US?"

Sarge (oneangryzebra) has said we will have an october surprise from Isreal that will blow the election sky high.  It's clear, today the head of the ruling party made the rounds on us tv pleading for war.
What about it America, you want more GI's in the grave, more debt?   First the muslims gave us the excuse to kill, and be killed, now the jews want in on the fun.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Romney and Bain "Fire and Rain" Parody Jimmy Fallon

I saw this great video over at Farnsworth's One Pissed Off Vet, A good blog, I wish he would turn his comments on.  This video will cheer you up if your down.

Now, go to the address below and watch "The Burden" a 5 minute military documentary about the burden of long supply lines, oil dependency, and the GOP's fight against the Pentagon's plan to move combat units to solar and wind energy, shame on the Repulbicans, their love of oil kills US soldiers every day.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

How do my republican neighbors square Sunday's flip flops?

WTF?  The list just from yesterday and today is amazing, the contortions the GOP has to go through to explain all this must be disturbing for many of them, we do, we don't, we use to, we never, it's a tax, repeal it, keep it, tie me up, tie me down:
*Ryan claims he didn't vote with the GOP on the sequestration, he voted on something else, shit folks it's the same thing the same stinking bill there was only one, he's saying I don't eat pork I eat pigs.
*Mrs. Rmoney flip flops now on the hard time story she's been slathering on her audiences, now she tells a crowd they didn't struggle eating pasta on a folding table, why the hell would she straighten this out, nobody cares about her lies, in fact it's expected, it's her stchict, it's the act they pay for, why is she cheating her crowd?
*Rmoney says his tax cut for the rich won't cut the tax for the rich.  This must be pretty fucking upsetting for the rich to learn this.
*Rmoney now will keep much of Obama care, which he invented, then hated, was going to kill the first day, now he will keep parts of it, including the rule that insurance companies have to take anyone with preexisting conditions.  That won't work, if everyone isn't going to have to go into it, then I don't buy insurance until I find out I have cancer or heart trouble.  The insurance companies will hate that more than they hate Obama care.  Plus, recall he latched onto that tax thing, so now he supports some of the Obama care tax......gimme a break, we don't know what this guy will do, he's got more changes in him than a bag of depends.
*He's going to keep "in god we trust" on the money if he's elected.  Well whop! This puke is grabbing at straws and non events to rile up his base, but the base will vote for him if it's found he has a harem like his grandmother was part of, anything goes, anything.
*Ryan it turns out has already dipped into Obama care, shit I can't even remember how but he did, like Clinton says, it takes some brass.
*Mrs. Rmoney went out for an interview then when ask about birth control she ignored it 2wice saying the only thing the writhing mass of poor people on the other side of their walled community care about is economy and jobs, which her husband reduced when he was CEO smuggling the money to Cayman.
*Some of Rmoneys advisers cautioned him about running so many negative adds, but will do it anyhow, I guarantee it.
*Faux snot, I mean news, had the head of Rasmussen on giving them some very bad news.  Before the conventions the Democrats in this nation were all asleep, all the vigor was with the Reichwing, since the conventions the multi-headed scattershot running wild collection of odds and ends knows as Democrats are awake now and fired up equal to the lock-step old whites and biggots party.  Ouch.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Did you see the Democrats snatch

the support for the troops and the military trophy right out from under the Republicans. Like a table cloth from under a set of dishes, no one saw it coming, sha-zam.
But doofus Romney and Ryan ignored the vets and troops in Tampa.  Their support is only for military contractors with billions in gift spending that the Generals have not asked for and indicate they don't want, frankly it would be hard to manage such growth.  Truth is democrats always supported the troops, they just didn't gush it all the time,  and in many cases they opposed the wars we have been in lately, Nam and Iraq were wars of choice, and Afghanistan was beat in 90 days and we should have left then.  Unlike CheneyBush the dems don't see the army as an arm of the oil industry.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

if the democrats don't get a bump

out of this convention, running against twiddle dee and tweedle dum's negative downbeat hate fest in Tampa, then the Gods are all dead, Olympus is vacant.
Jumped on the Obama site and gave $50 as soon as the speech was over, what the hell do I need 50 bucks for if Rmoney wins?  It won't make a dent in the cost of my health care when they turn it over to the Insurance companies and Wall Street.

good econ news for Obama

The stock market rocketed up today, to a 4 year high, corporations are setting on billions in cash with record profits and the requirements to pay well and take care of employees is getting less all the time, this is good times for most who are invested in the market.   This rally was fueled on unexpected good jobs news, over 200k private sector jobs last month and this weeks unemployment roll is down by at lease one accounting agency.  Add to that the European debt situation is firming up and stock markets around the globe climbed.  UPDATE: Fri. morning.  The official numbers are out by the gov. 96k new jobs, my number above is wrong, not sure where I saw that, it's 96k which is an improvement though small, and it lowers the rate to 8.1%, another positive improvement.

Many had expected these numbers to be bad news and it would take the luster off the last night at the  convention.  Models forecasting the outcome of the election were to take as much as 4% off the Obama reelection chance had the news been as many predicted.  Tomorrow the government releases another measure of jobs, I hope they will be in line with these.

The worlds richest people made more money today than most of us could in 200 years of labor, this is the 2nd biggest wave of wealth landing in their Cayman and Swiss accounts they have ever seen, and they will spend some of it to defeat Obama and anyone who looks like they will tax it, or try to find it.

environmental scat

*Near Berlin the Germans installed a 200 acres solar panels farm on an unused cold war era airport.  Construction start until power on was 2 months, it will supply 9,300 homes.  2 months, think of what's possible if the US had the will, we could go clean energy in a decade.
*GE has a new wind turbine that can operate in high(er) wind conditions.
*Scotland announced the worlds largest wind farm, it's at sea, it will power 40% of the homes in Scotland, nearly a million.  Plans are in the works already to grow it. Now that's how you screw the fossil fuel industry and clean up your air.
*One of the few new coal fired power generators going on line in the US is in Illinois.  Towns that contracted for energy are getting a nasty surprise.  Batavia for example learns now the average home will see around $15 a month increase due to cost overruns.  Neighboring towns who instead contracted with the new wind mill farms near by will be getting their power at the same price as before, for a few it will even be less.
*The US now pumps more oil out of the ground than ever before, drill baby drill has been the dirty secret of Obama and the GOP who pretend it's not happening.  More oil than ever, and it has not lowered gas prices.
*The gas lobby now says fracking doesn't cause gases to get into peoples water supply and into their homes, it's from gas creeping up along the pipe that goes into the earth.  Got that logic, its not the fracking, its the pipe we use to frack thats the problem.  So, solution, better cementing around the pipe at various levels.  Any expert on cement will tell you that cement has a life, after many years it softens or cracks.  So, how long are they going to protect us, 10 years, 30 years.  The industry admits most all wells are leaking a little now, hey, this won't get better, it will get more severe with time.

a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Last nights best moments at the DNC:
*The undocumented girl, one of the "dreamers" brought here as infants or children, she was inspiring, if these kids have no convictions, are in or have completed school or will join the military, let them stay in the only country they know, where they can contribute, Obama has given them a way to stay now.
*Nuns on the Bus lady was so happy and so informative, I think she may reach a few religious women.
*The group of speakers fired by Romney as he looted companies, in one case he pocketed 12.5 million,   a fired worker would have worked for 240 years or more to have made that much, and they would have paid tax on it and kept it out of the Cayman Islands.
*Sandra Fluke, excellent, which world do you want for women, do they wake up Nov. 7th and find out they are property of a right wing state?
*Clinton.  Wow, the guy can speak and connect, but most importantly he can distill and teach and explain complicated issues in understandable ways.

My wife said Elisibeth Warren, trailing her Mass. senate race by 5 points could win it if she had a make over, she is nice looking, but looks like an old librarian.  She needs help with makeup, reshaped hair, and some current looking eye glasses.  What do you think, I didn't catch that, but do you think that would help, after all she is running against a guy that posed for a girlie/gay magazine, he is beautiful, and if your in a fashion contest well you better get in there and compete.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ice is good, lots of ice is better

Take two glasses of chilled water from the fridge, into the sun on a hot day, beginning water temperature in both is 40°F or less.  One with a few ice cubes in it, one without.  That one with ice floating in it is going to appeal to you for the longest time.

The ice packs of the world hold 65 to 70 meters of ocean depth if melted.  Thats over 200 feet, bye bye to much of the coastal cities of the world, maybe all of Florida and the current gulf coast.  The rate of ice melt is quickening, Glacier Park is almost out of ice, the Arctic was crossed this summer for the first time by a small sail boat, Greenland the last 2 years developed many rivers as big as the Missouri and Rhine as water gushed through canyons carved through blue million year old ice.

We should be doing more to stem the rate of greenhouse gas caused ice melt.   Plants and animals and whole eco-systems depend on ice, on cool water, with ice floating in it.

Kennedy Destroys Romney In 1994 Debate

1 minute video

Patrick and Castro wow, powerful speakers

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick was one of the best speakers I have heard in a long long time, telling the democrats to stand up, grow some backbone.  Answering the lie that Obama has done nothing he ran through a partial list saying we can't let him be bullied from office.  
Now before Patrick, Lilly Ledbetter had the crowd in a froth over her womens wage battle and the Supreme Court, and before her a mother with a daughter who needs heart surgery next year had them in tears that Romney will repeal Obama care, they can't afford the surgery so it would never happen under the GOP, the girl may die untreated.
So after all that along comes San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, (top picture) beautiful black hair combed down, shiny blue tie, neat as a pin, his appearance couldn't have been more appealing to hispanics, blacks, at the same time so respectable it would appeal to any but the most racist white person.  Castro can kill with the english language, he can send it into battle which he did attacking Romney as a guy so successful, so rich, he is totally out of touch with the American peoples needs and conditons.  And if you saw his daughter watching next to her mother and grandmother and didn't think she was the most beautiful human in the world for those few minutes, then you are either off your meds or eating to many of them.
Then Michelle Obama's speech was a work of soft sell genius.  She may be the best speech making female of our era.  If you study rhetoric and language, it doesn't get much better than that unless you go back to Churchill or Lincoln, and the delivery and pace, the little pauses, well the President has a high fence to jump to match his wife, and her dress was beautiful and powerful.  To wear a sleeveless dress and look good in it (you know about armpit age and wobbly upper arms) well it says youth, strength and health, it was one more nonverbal message in a night that was one of the best fast pace powerful political conventions I ever saw. And did you notice the audience, it looked like America, not the GOP's white only club.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

organics are better for you than stupid media stories

News today being trumpeted as if a great evil was slain.  Organics are no more nutritious for you than conventional foods.    This is true, but I don't know why this is a surprise.

Organics are better for you, organic foods are healthier.  This is a true statement.
Organic cherries or beef does not have more minerals or vitamins or anti-oxidents in them than conventional produces.  This also is a true statement.
Maybe you heard healthier and believed more nutritious, sorry but they are two different things.
But, the big benefit, the reason to eat organic, and wash your hair and face and use makeup with organic products is to avoid pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, many of which are known or suspected to cause cancer, sexual problems, intelligence issues, neurological and behavior problems, especially in kids.  Avoiding these dangerous compounds is good for you, your kids, the farm workers, birds, the earth.  So, this changed nothing, organics are still good for you and will always be good for you, very good for you, and not always more expensive if you watch the prices, sometimes the difference is a few cents to avoid poison.  Got kids?

Even NPR has fucked this story up, overlooked the issue, and acted as if this finding is the end of the organics myth.  Bullshit, maybe this story was written for them by Bayer and Monsanto and Con-Agra.    Another study last week found that PCB's damage DNA for 2 generations, almost a biblical punishment, 7 generations would be worse.

high and dry


Meat and Weight Gain video

More farm land, more water and more chemicals are required to provide a pound of meat than for a pound of vegi's, fruit, cereal, nuts, and beans, grapes, and hops.  Cut down on meat and you will drop some weight and with it a hell of a lot of other health problems.

Monday, September 3, 2012

21 lbs of bull

Tennessee marble, 16" long, 7.5" tall.  99% finished, I will just touch up a couple things and accent (scrape a fine white line) to better define the head from the neck.  Hand polished for days with diamond pads, final pad 1,200 grit, balls and all.  Start tonight planning the next sculpture, something without balls.

hunger, it's not a game

Global warming is the weather on steroids. We know a good biker wins a few races.  On steroids he may even over achieves, and some of his events are extreme examples.
Trapped and growing heat in the atmosphere  causes weather patterns to perform in extreme ways too.  All over the world the temperatures are setting high records 10 to 1 over lows.  Storms, and droughts are more severe, doing more damage, killing more food crops.  In the last month the UN reports food prices around the globe jumped on average 10%.

In the US most grain farmers have crop insurance, this years failures will bring 10 to 12 billion $ in payments, only 4 billion of that are the responsibility of insurance companies, the US taxpayers (not millionaires) will pay the rest.  Crop insurance is one of those deals corporations love, they handle it, take the profit, but someone else takes most the risk.

Conserve a little fuel, energy or water.  You'll have more money in your pocket at the end of the month.