Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please please pretty please stay, stay Noot, see you at the convention

As long as noot stays in rummey spends money and takes a few chipped teeth.  Stay noot, you can not let a guy who has spent millions on destroying you walk away swishing in his magic panties.  Stay noot!  Good boy.

Climate deniers never saw this coming, broadsided, can't buy him off.

Saudi Oil Minister Al-Naimi tells an energy conference in London yesterday:

“We know that pumping oil out of the ground does not create many jobs. It does not foster an entrepreneurial spirit, nor does it sharpen critical faculties.”
“Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are among humanity’s most pressing concerns. Societal expectations on climate change are real, and our industry is expected to take a leadership role.”
The first quote above dovetails what we learned this week about the XL pipeline claim by the republicans and fossil fuel bullies that it would create 20,000 even 30,000 jobs, now the state department is embarrassed that they even got caught up in these bogus numbers, the estimate is only about 2,500, maybe 10% of the bloated figures.

Oh, a second oil news item of interest, ExxonMobile found out they had to pay a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney, 17.6% on billions, left them with an eensy-weensy $41 billion after taxes,  a sad day for the oligarchs.

former pets eat up Florida swamps

In areas where Pythons are numerous, in 12 years the impact on native wildlife is 99% drop in raccoons, 98% opossums, 87% bobcats, large drop (no figures available) in rabbit and fox, birds of all kinds.

Pythons (there are two or three species of them down there) turned loose in Florida are estimated in the tens of thousands now.   A few fall prey to gators, but many gator babies fall prey to the snake.  A few days ago it was made illegal to import or sell them.  The damn things eat a lot, but, can live for months without eating at all.  A number of efforts and neighborhood watch type programs are in place now to speed the killing of these pests, but I don't give it much hope, rarely have we been able to undo the damage of invasive critters.
I just hope none of you buy exotic pets.  The parrot hunters are stripping the forests of birds, many die in transit, up here what good are they really, snakes and lizards and exotic plants likewise.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Nanomaterials, the new big thing is a little thing

From cosmetics, to all kinds of new space age materials the new big thing is a little thing.  Nano materials are materials made so tiny, 1/10,000th the width of a hair,  they do amazing things.  Including being so small you can breath them in, right through even the militaries common masks for filtering harmful substances, they fly into the lung, right through it into the blood or organs where they might act like tiny grit cutting your parts up, or stick and give off their chemical makeup which is usually poison to us, or gather in some organ or body part they find cozy and let your body try to attack or entomb them, or maybe they just cause cancer or bizarre behavior.  I hate to be a ludite, but not every new thing should be put into use when industry has not shown a history of interest in safety for it's employees or customers.
For sure though, you'll never see it coming.

conservative news rags attacking electric cars safety

Fux and other dim bulbs in the news world are helping big oil's rich investors attack anything that reduces their sales, this time is electric cars with claims of "fire traps", all from one fire which happened some days if not weeks after an accident.

How many gas/diesel cars/trucks catch fire in wrecks?  How many deaths?  How many of those fires were battery fires?  How many were fuel fires?  Did you see the pictures of the multi car crash in Florida yesterday, gas fires burned some of the cars.  I am sure of this, none of those fires started in a battery, which is very rare.

Electric cars may in the most unusual set of events have a battery fire.  I understand that Chevy, and others have come up with some type of disconnect and shield to reduce the chance of this now from the present near zero to an improved near zero.

How many flashlights burst into flames when you drop them?  If  fux news is really interested in our safety they will tell us to dump our flashlights or die, vibrators to.  A vibrator fire is a terrible thing to waste.

Obama's vocabulary is to simple now, before it was to academic.

I listened to Obama's state of the union address, I didn't think he talked like he was talking to kids, or Kentucky drop-outs.  In the past I didn't think he talked like a college professor either.  But there are some who took offense before at his university negroness, and I suspect they are behind taking offense again.
An article in the paper today said his vocabulary choices for this speech was at an 8th grade level, and it informed me I should be very insulted.
Lighten up people.  I have read the vocabulary of Time magazine is written at an 8th grade level as well, and I suspect it's not living off Obama voters for it's survival.   My rabid overthetop reichwinger dentist has Time in his waiting room, he seems OK with that level of vocabulary, I look at it, find some of the articles informative, I'm OK with it.  I work with people that have terrible language skills, and people who have high degrees and are powerful wordsmiths, I don't take offense with either group, I don't feel either speak up or down to me when they work to explain something to me.  It takes a skill to be able to explain complex issues in a way I (or others) can grasp it and use it. I don't see the insult, sorry if I am not outraged.  So what is it with this hunt for the Goldilocks vocabulary, not to hot, not to cold?

Republican businessmen want to hire Mexican illegals

It's pretty hard to understand how the human brain works.  There's no easier way these days to get a room full of blue and white haired republicans up gripping their walkers than for a speaker to bash Mexicans and the democrats that are too chicken-shit to send em south.  The Republican says those wet backs take our jobs, speak funny, and lets see, oh yea they walk through killer deserts to what, eh lets see, they work in bloody slaughterhouses with no health care, clean toilets, shingle steep roofs without safety equipment, pick blackberries, apples, oranges, fix flats, haul garbage, mow yards, sure sounds like people we don't want.

In Kansas, at the same time our AG writes laws for us and other states, he wrote the Airzona Mexican bounty hunter law, at the same time they want to hear if Noot or Mitt will hire the most busses to drive them south what do we have in Kansas?  The Kansas Agriculture thingy in the state house has applied to the federal government for a waiver.  Farm businesses such as farms, slaughterhouses, farm suppliers and service groups want to be able to hire illegals, exempt themselves and the illegal from the anit-illegal laws they want so badly for the public to support.  There's more.  The construction industry is going to ask the state to apply for a waiver for it too.  

Last week it was made public this red state cut off needy children if they live with an illegal, citizen children of illegals cannot get food stamps or any type of support if illegals live in their house, the parents have to move out, leave for the kids to get support, then I guess the state has to put them in foster care or up for adoption, this is so fucked up.  Yet, the business community, which in Kansas is 90% sure to be republican owned, wants illegals to stay, and awaits with glee the next dog whistle campaign add about dirty Mexicans.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Sarge

Sarge over at OneAngryZebra ask me a few days back to let him see what sculptures I am working on.  Right now there are 5 in various stages.  Here will be a robust stylized bull in Tennessee marble,  about  15" long.  It's overall shape is set, I have'nt settled on the size/shape of the horns so I left lots of marble up there for that.  You see I marked up the next cuts already.  The other is a football tackle in limestone, it's big, around 3 feet long.  I don't work on the football piece very often, the bull more often but it's slow work, this piece of marble has been out of the earth a few years, it's pretty damn hard now.  It will be a long time before either are finished.  I have another big marble piece that may be finished, I can't decide, a modernistic limestone piece that I might finish in a week or two, and a slate piece that will take a week but when.....?  I'll get pictures of the others in a week or so.  Put on some blues or rock or classic music, beat rock till sparks come out of it.

Sunscreen, don't forget

Everyone but the republicans owned by the fossil fuel industry want to save energy, save money, get new technology and sure, even have fun.  This lady is demonstrating a valid way to stay cool.  She turned off her home AC and got outside, her carbon footprint wouldn't fill a string bikini at the moment.   We should stop giving moneyto big oil and give her some energy credit, right now I credit her with enough energy to make my heart beat like a baseball bat.

Walk on the wild side, and wonder why.


God spoke to both of these people telling them to run for President.  Why does God hate America?
(Did you notice the strap-on's have been photo-shopped out of both pictures?)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If I can get out of paying tax, it sure as hell won't help you none.

Kansas Republicans are squirming like a jug full of ants.  Falling over one another to pass more tax cuts.  It looks like the state is going to have no income tax, no corporate tax, limit property tax rates (so cities and school districts can't pay for anything either).  Today they are talking about treating business income as a pass through to the owner.  The company makes a million in profit the owner takes it home tax free at the state level.  Gov (Koch) Brownback hired a fossil from the Reagan Whitehouse to come tell us if company owners can avoid taxes they will hire 20,000, maybe a shit load more.

Oh, but, there are going to be new taxes.  Big big hike in sales tax.  This will take millions off the Koch brothers tax burden and reduce the purchasing power of the poor, elderly, middle class, unemployed, but fuck'm they should've got there's.

Plus the oil industry is after the Kansas legislature a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries to put a mileage tax on electric and hybrid cars to raise their operating cost against the oil burners.  Pay by the mile, wasn't that a communist idea the Dems came up with a few years ago for road taxes that Rush boiled in hate and shit for a month.

OK, here's the deal, I own a farm, a share of an oil well, and I sell equipment on contract. I am sort of not really employed but sort of in business. I guess if I incorporated it as a farm/sales company I don't pay state tax and let all the fucking stupid people pay my share, ha, that's funny ain't it.  But, hire 20,000 people, nope, not one swinging dick, and, I got everything I need, I'll save it all, I won't spend any more than I do now.  Who wins?  Not the fucking unemployed!  Not the fucking state!  I won't buy a fucking airplane or another suit, I won't eat more than I do now.  Who the hell does this help?  Sure not you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A month old article at Rolling Stone, check it out


The GOP crackpot agenda.  A good 6 minute read.

Keep in mind these facts, and they are facts.

*In the last year 1.9 million were hired in the US private sector.  *Private sector jobs hired under Obama in 2011 is larger than 7 of the 8 Bush years.  *2.5 million young adults have health insurance through Affordable Care Act.  *2.65 million seniors saved average $569 on prescriptions in 2011 through Affordable Care Act.  *Illegals are being caught and deported at a much higher rate than under Bush.  *Bin Laden was killed as were a number of Al Qaeda leaders.  Bush and the GOP congress wiped out a gigantic surplus and put us in debt and invaded Iraq.  *Bush and the GOP launched two wars on a tax cut, the first time in history we failed to pay for our war(s).  *The 30 major corporations spend more on lobbying than taxes.  *The US fell from #1 in college graduates to #14.  *China spends more on infrastructure than the US.  *400 wealthiest Americans pay 18% tax rate, some pay no tax.  *Romney makes more each day than the middle class do in a year.  *Romney pays 13.8% tax rate, almost no payroll or social security or medicare tax since he (and many wealthy) structure their income to be in the form of dividends, gains, options, often taking no wages from their company.  *Romney paid 3 million in tax and gave 4 million to the mormons, who should be stripped of tax free status since they fund anti-gay legislation in many states.  *Swiss, Luxembourg, Cayman, places where Romney admits having money stashed rather than investing in the US and our people.  (since these are secret accounts, it is hard to believe he does not have more not reported, they certainly won't report him)  *Santorum is the most war monger of the 4 viagra sots running for president, he rambled on and on he is ready to go to war with Iran.

Is our children learning?

Gas prices fall, companies cut back on drilling, launch PR campaign for more drilling

Natural gas prices are falling since Obama came into office and the number of rigs drilling for oil and gas is at the highest count ever.  In order to prevent events benefiting consumers, gas companies like Chesapeake Energy, the nation’s second biggest natural gas producer, announced Monday that it would cut production of gas by about 8% to force prices up.  
Global warming's higher winter temperatures are also driving down demand for natural gas, in some areas it's greatly reduced.  
In spite of this reality, the industry is going ahead with a blitz of adverts crying for increased drilling rights and fewer regulations, pretending we have shortages, pretending we can have clean coal and risk free pipes and refineries.  Even oil is currently in surplus, with production up, imports down and exports last year of oil exceeding all other products.  Exporting a finite resource we have been short of most our history, it boggles the mind, it's capitalism by and for the 1%. 
Our utility ask to increase rates, they actually got socked in the kisser, the state said they should lower rates, but you see what the industry would do if they could.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Red state is not (directly) starving owls

White owls are rare in Kansas.  Every few years a few arctic natives visit.  This year we have lots of them, and most are said to be starving.  Many are found weighing next to nothing and unable to fly.  Wildlife specialist say they have come so far south for food, unable to find it in the northern states.  The reason seems to be the constant reduction of prey animals through factory farming practices/chemical use, combined with drought conditions in some areas, and being illegal immigrants in a red state most are happy they will starve.
A few have been gathered up and fed, caretakers say they are in poor health, the attorney general has said it's OK to feed them if they are mostly white.

Sarah Palin's targeting finally pays off

Gifford after a year of recovery but still a long way to go had to give the win to Palin.  At last a democrat held seat won by a bullet.  The best part for the tea party is that the shooter egged on by whipping up paranoia to a Santorum froth is the shooter was a ding bat.  It doesn't get better than that.  Exactly the kind of outcome the Palinist and Rush's need, the crazies that do the deed can be discounted as not one of us.

A few days before the shooting I had lunch with a tea bag buddie of mine, who ranted they should march all senators and congressmen onto the capital steps, and shoot in the head any who will not adopt the tea bag story line.  So, a couple days after Gifford's shooting I called him and suggested he must be glad.  No I never said things like that.  Well I argued you did and over a burrito I bought for you, Oh yea but I didn't mean like that, not her, that was the wrong one.    Not her!  The wrong one!  We use to eat twice a week, after I called him out on this he has only called me for lunch 2 times in a year.  Oh, did I forget to say he is a regular at one of the local mega-church's with the political statement laden marquee.

Kansas finds a creative way to starve US born children of Mexicans .

1) Reichwing uber Catholic convert Governor Sam Brownback quietly saved me some more tax money a couple months back and it only made news now.  Kansas now refuses food stamps and other support to children who are citizens if any non citizen are at  the same address.  More than 2,000 households are cut off now.  One speaking out is a Mexican women who works by the way and has a green card, but she is not a citizen, she has 3 children, 2 US citizens and one is illegal, they are all cut off of food stamps, she tried to get just the food stamps for the 2 citizen kids, but this will not be permitted.  As I understand it the illegal kid and she will have to move out for the 2 kids to get support, at which point the kids would have to be taken from her for abandoning them.     But, the good news is, I don't pay to feed this family now.  I suppose if she robs someone so they can eat, and is arrested well that will prove she was another dangerous Mexican and we will put her in jail for 10 years to prove Kansas will not support her mixed up multi-citizen family, even if she is working legally.    Strangely, a Catholic service in Kansas City is complaining about the plight of these kids.

2) But why should these kids be treated differently from the many thousands of disabled Kansans who are now cut off from home health care, some living in their own filth now, but that should take care of it's self through Darwinism.

3) The state house having changed the ways judges are appointed, no longer does the BAR have input, the governor now does it, is now moving on to allow the governor to give away hunting licenses to whom ever he wants.  Wow, reads like the adventures of Robin Hood with the mean lords giving away high posts and control of the hunt.  Did not include fishing licenses, maybe because he has closed some state lakes, no doubt he will soon sell them.

4) Some of you may know I own a farm, and I have a rare treasure, a water permit to pump 710 gallon per minute to a yearly limit of 1.3 acre feet, (like 16" of standing water), these permits are hard to get, or so I thought.  Today I learn over 600 new wells are applied for and being approved without fail at a fast pace. Fracking!  It is unlikely any new wells can be drilled for farming purposes in my area, but for fracking no prob.  They are said to be temporary wells.  They will each mine hundreds of thousands of gallons of wonderful cold clean clear wetness, mix it with chemicals and pump it far into the earth where it will never be returned to the surface/atmosphere, it's gone forever.  This so we get some more oil and natural gas this year.  This water is finite, in some areas the water table is falling fast, this is a waste of a resource to bring up a surplus of another resource (we now export much of the new found oil and gas capacity).  Use it up folks, drill baby drill, profit now.  This additional use of water will return some areas to "dry land farming" with far less food production.  When?  One growing season, 50 growing seasons, who cares,  profit now.

Friday, January 20, 2012

this offer to individuals with a net worth of at least 7.15 million who will invest at least 2.86 million

Zero Taxation
A major factor that routinely sets us apart is the absence of any direct taxation. The government does not impose personal or corporation income taxes and there are no taxes on profits and gains from investments. There are no property taxes or controls on foreign ownership of property either.
"This is offered to individuals with a personal net worth of at least CI $ 6 million (approximately US$ 7.15m) who have made, or propose to make, an investment of at least CI $2.4 million (approximately US $2.86m)......"
Sure, out of context, but clipped from the banks in Caymen Island to give you a flavor of what gives  the 1%ers the warm and fuzzies.   You don't need this much really, this was just one particular offer.  Now, Caymen is about 1 mile wide and 17 long, with most the hotels and condo's jammed in a couple of spots.  No guns, even criminals respect this and from around the world tax dodgers and drug dealers come to enjoy the safety of no gun  fun in the sun.  Such a tiny place makes you wonder where they invest the billions, well, no restrictions there about boycott of Cuba or Iran or Burma, so let er rip.  Get yours, the jokes on the rubes who pay taxes and can't meet the entrance fee.

Romney on Noot, I got nothing, lets move to something else.

Mitt never passes up an opportunity to pass an opportunity to condemn the aspiring polygamist Noot.  Ask about Noot's problem, the Cayman Island tax dodger begs lets move to issues that sound less Mormon.  Mitt would be more believable as a Salt Lake based human if he would just admit, "sure what guy hasn't wanted to bring a blonde and a strap-on home so the wife could help bang her", then I could believe his Mormon faith is real, this tactic makes me think he may even be a fake mormon, he wants to act like men of faith can't be the minority in the bedroom, come on Mitt, Noot meets the threshold to join the temple tomorrow, that's why you don't want to talk about it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It takes a crook

The Republican party is all about stamping out voter fraud through a variety of restrictive devices being shoved into law.  Yet, actual voter fraud is near zero, ........ until now, in Iowa, what the fuck?   First Mitt wins by 8, now not so much.  It seems Santorum wins by maybe 24, but, ......, they don't really know since whole blocks of ballots and records cannot be found.  What's the chance some of these got trashed on purpose?   No wonder the GOP is expert on voter fraud, all the way to the supreme court if need be.

OK so yer piss'n yer savings away on fuel but know this

Don't take any crap from people who chant "drill baby drill" and rag on Obama for holding us back on fossil fuels.  Here are the facts.
More drilling rigs are working now on new wells in the US than at any time since wooden derricks went out of style.
Crude oil production is 90,000 barrels a day more now than in 2010, wow.
Natural gas flow is up 7.4% passing the all time record set in 1973.
Oil imports were 57% of our consumption in 2008, now it's 45%.
Conservation and the new mpg standards will reduce use by 2.2 million barrels a day in only a few years.

The fossil fuel industry is not passing any savings from increased supply to the US consumer, instead they are exporting fuel and liquified natural gas now.  We get the unsightly infrastructure, the dirt, the spills, they get the tax breaks and the profits from selling our natural resources.

Good health through a variety of foods, washed down with a Russian Margarita.

Foods and plants are full of things that turn on anti-aging processes and improve our health.  The bigger variety you eat, the more interesting it is, and you can stop choking down all those worthless vitamins and health powders from the pill isle. 
Yesterday, as best I can remember I had:
Tangelo, banana, blueberry, dried fig, dried date, golden raisin, papaya, frozen peach, frozen blackberry, pecan, almond, pumpkin seed, ground flax seed, Kashi Heritage cereal (7 or 8 grains), mixed berry juice, soy milk, coffee, tea, whole grain multi-grain bread, chickpea, peanut butter, strawberry jelly, mushroom, wild rice, white potato, sweet potato, black bean, onion, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, celery, red bell pepper, green cabbage, carrot, yellow split pea, blue corn chip, organic chocolate cookie, yogurt, black strap molasses, bottled picante sauce. Primary dried spices: cinnamon, cayenne, dill, allspice, cumin, chipoltle, cloves, oregano.  A tiny Balalaika – vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, sort of the Russian Margarita.   One B12 tablet, B12 is the only thing you may run short of not eating meat and dairy, multi-vitamins are a waste of money. 

So far this morning:
1/2 Grapefruit, 1/2 banana, golden raisin, cranberry juice, Kashi Heritage cereal, soy milk, walnut, sunflower seed, ground flax (sprinkle on cereal), coffee, dried apricot, cinnamon.

Tonights plan, if it holds up, sauté red bell peppers onions celery in tiny bit of olive oil, a red leaf lettuce salad with oranges and fennel sliced thin.  Still not settled on the rest, maybe a rice and lintel pilaf with carrots and almonds, not sure yet.  Or maybe a cool Hula salad, black eyed peas with pineapple chunks, red onion, green bell peppers and jicama, lemon juice, canola oil.

No animal was directly harmed by this diet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imagine a day without free information, fight SOPA and PIPA

The internet is not the USA's to control and regulate.  Information is evolutionary, evolute or die.

Call the corporations employee from your district in his Washington office and ask the secretary to pretend interest in your call and pray they actually put a check mark down on some tally sheet from the nobodies who are not part of the 1% who run this nation.

one sentence round ups of environmental news, and a math lesson.

*Germans put up more PV solar energy capacity in the last 2 months of the year than the US did all year and installed at 1/2 the price of systems in the US.
*The Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli lost the case charging climate scientist Mann with fraud in his research has spent scarce tax dollars to put it before the state Supreme Court.
*Scientist in China warn Global Warming is reducing food production and extremely grim ecological conditions are on the way.
*51% of German renewable generating capacity owned by homeowners and farmers.
*China capped carbon emissions in 5 large cities and 2 provinces.
*Prominent MIT researcher Kerry Emanuel spoke to a conservative group recently and since is a target of cyberbullying, hate mail, threats on his family, pressure on his employer and associates, and much of it comes from the same people who launched the swift boat smears on Kerry.
*Airlines flying to England must charge a carbon tax according to how much that airplane pollutes, the airlines are furious saying passengers will stop flying, last week Ryan was the first to impose this forbidding new charge, 38 cents per person, the industry says it will cost the public billions.

So what do we have here?  Economy of scale makes solar panels cheap enough that socialist europeans can buy them and become more independent and get low cost energy for 20-30 years.  We also have the most populace nation in the world informing it's people that science has information that needs to be used whilst in the US there is a war on science.  And last, the travel industry who will yank you around for a few dollars, hide charges, lie about delays, charge $7 for a tiny tiny little wee bottle of wine, cancel a flight then close the customer service window is now eager to complete our education by explaining that 38 cents repeated enough times adds up to a billion, wow, is that true of $20 dollar luggage charges too?

Monday, January 16, 2012

I miss John Huntsman already

Did you ever get a good look at his wife?  Did you ever get a good look at his 28 daughters?  Hello trophy wife?  I'd bang her at a picnic while the grandkids scream hysterically and pelt me with dirt clods, and I mean that as the highest compliment and with the greatest respect possible.  I do wish he would get back in the race for a few more photo ops with the wife.

Power plants

Eat a broad variety of fruits nuts vegi's beans and spices to get everything you need in a natural form, without insurance copay, without risk of overdose.  Or, eat fast food, processed food, soft drinks, lots of meats and dairy for the opposite potential.

US made green house gases sources

Sunday, January 15, 2012

weather or not to believe the wheather

My son spent 7 days including New Years Eve in Baniff National Park skiing.  At high altitude conditions were good, in the town there was no snow.  They skied in wind breakers with temp on the slope was above freezing much of the day.  Normal temperatures would have been 15 to 0°f with dips to -20, and they should have had 6 feet of snow in town.

7 nations set all time high temps in 2011, Kuwait 127.9f topped the list and even a French Island near Antarctica at 96.1°.

Here in Kansas today temps are in the 60's for the next few days, not records, but far over the norm.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kansas speaker sends email praying for Obama's death.

ThinkProgress reported last week that Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal (R) was forced to apologize to First Lady Michelle Obama after forwarding an email to fellow lawmakers that called her “Mrs. YoMama” and compared her to the Grinch.
Earlier that same week, the Lawrence Journal-World was sent another email that O’Neal had forwarded to House Republicans that referred to President Obama and a Bible verse that says “Let his days be few” and calls for his children to be without a father and his wife to be widowed.
Let his days be few; and let another take his office
May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.
May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes.
May a creditor seize all he has; may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor.
May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.
O’Neal forwarded the prayer with his own message: “At last — I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our president! Look it up — it is word for word! Let us all bow our heads and pray. Brothers and Sisters, can I get an AMEN? AMEN!!!!!!”
O’Neal’s office refuses to apologize for the email.
This is the shit I put up with in Kansas, where there are only a handfull of democrats in office at every level down to the smallest towns.  It's brutal, without a fish on your car you can get scratched.  The state Republican party and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce announced a few days ago they will fund strong Republicans to run against a couple dozen "moderate" Republicans in various offices around the state.  Moderate Republicans are the ones that go to churches that won't put anti gay and anti democrat statements on their marquee. 
And, did you know the mexicans and russians are sneaking into our state to vote on firehouse bond issues and shit like that in little local elections to such an extent it threatens our way of life, yea all the time, so...... the voter ID law that was to go into practice for the Nov. election is being moved up to this spring to make sure a bunch of Somalians don't vote a public swimming pool bond onto the backs of us freedom lovers.  

Be careful what you wish for republicans, someone might just take up your cause and cut the size of government

So Obama puts forward a plan to shrink government and save billions by combining organizations who might both do the same function.  Sound good?

Guarantee you the Republicans are not going to vote for this.  As a matter of fact, this will close some offices in many congressional districts.  All of a sudden the Greedy Ole Party will not be for small government, but they won't say that, instead they will claim it was'nt big enough cuts it was for show, or that it targeted their district and so is political or that he can't be trusted to cut government in the right way and it should wait on a Reichwinger to do it.

And then the furnace stopped working, and it's cold.

23°f outside, cloudy so no solar gain this morning.  Furnace won't run, tried the breaker, reset, played with the switches, the wall unit thingy, vibrate the electric panel, called it whore, mother, begged it, stared at it.
It's 0845, I heard it run around 0500, that must have been it's time of death. the thing is 14 almost 15 years old and the service guys laugh softly every time they visit, mumbling this shit ain't made no more, one of these days you have to buy a new one.  I can just see those fuckers thinking can we get 8,000 out of this guy or will he go cheap and buy the 3,500 system.
It's not to bad in here yet, 62°.  All the service guys were already scheduled, maybe this afternoon, maybe this evening when 85 an hour becomes 130.  I've got a big wooley sweater, may have that on in a couple of hours, and trade these cotton socks for some wool ones.
This furnace I have at 15 years old, when we bought it we did some research and it was the highest energy miser value at the time, 94.5 is the value they assigned it, today there are none better and few as good, amazing the industry sets on it's ass like that.
OK I need to do some jumping jacks or find that sweater.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The US is cutting down on meat, and most health studies think that's a really good trend.

Beef consumption is back to 1950's level, pork to late 70's, chicken the charts red line has peaked to.  Meatless Mondays and people going for smaller portions is most of it.  Price has driven some to eat less.  Also the number of plant based diet consumers is growing fast, in our extended family we went from none to three and there are a group of others who now eat meat in small amounts, totally different than what they did a couple of years ago.

There are some studies out that point to hormones and testosterone being given to livestock as causes of cancer in humans, obesity, early puberty onset, and other maladies as well.  If you want to see these studies let me know I can hook you up, but if you want to be happy while you eat the medicines and chemicals they put in your meat, believe it won't really hurt you, and would rather have 12 minutes of chin drippin good times at the table than stay out of the hospital then don't let me bum you out.  Shit, we use to raise cattle till my father-in-law was told by the vet to sell his cattle rather than butcher one for his own use because of the hormones, dad said thats it, what the hell are we doing being part of this.

People object to not eating meat on the false rationale they need the protein.  Vegi's and grains and beans and nuts have protein, if you eat a good varitey of this you get enough, look at our ancestors that came out of Europe to settle the US, hell most those people in 1700 and 1800 rarely ever ate meat, as do few in India and China.

Did you know the livestock raised for meat consumes enough grain to feed 8 billion people, more people than we have living at the moment.

expand this to full screen, turn volume up, guaranteed you'll like it


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

European newspaper prints story about Congress US papers ignore.

The legalized corporate corruption around XL pipeline is bewildering to the Europeans and to the US it's barely known as our news agencies cannot print it.  The US news sources are under a interwoven corporate imposed censorship of the news unfavorable to certain industries so severe Putin would be proud.

185 of the 195 members of the House of Representatives who count big oil in their top 20 contributors support the bill directing Obama's immediate approval of the pipeline to carry oil from border to border for the purpose of exporting most of it, all the risk with little gain.  This of course would require the review be stopped before it is complete and rubber stamp big oil's wishes.

At the same time Europe is amused that Canada for the first time has it's fingers in US politics skirting international ethics in so doing, and a bit of gossip worthy interest, the mix of Canadian oil and politicians are bashing celebrities in the US who speak against the pipeline.

Rank of Oil & Gas as a Contributing Interest Group

Name / Vote on HR 1938 [the act to "direct the Ppresident to expedite the consideration and approval of the construction and operation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and for other purposes"] / Total contributions from oil lobby (1 July 1, 2009 – 30 June 30, 2011)
1 – Rep. Steven Pearce [Republican] / AYE / $370,020
2 – Rep. Mike Pompeo [R] / AYE / $333,156
3 – Rep. Bill Flores [R] / AYE / $266,184
4 – Rep. Cory Gardner [R] / AYE / $205,124
5 – Rep. Dan Boren [D] / AYE / $201,800
6 – Rep. John Sullivan [R] / AYE / $179,200
7 – Rep. Jeff Landry [R] / AYE / $176,050
8 – Rep. Tim Griffin [R] / AYE / $164,709
9 – Rep. James Lankford [R] / AYE / $156,760
10 – Rep. Rick Berg [R] / AYE / $151,561
11 – Rep. Michael Conaway [R] / AYE / $136,850
12 – Rep. Tim Murphy [R] / AYE / $133,700
13 – Rep. Dennis Rehberg [R] / AYE / $133,152
14 – Rep. Steve Scalise [R] / AYE / $125,335
15 – Rep. Francisco Canseco [R] / AYE / $121,767
16 – Rep. Pete Olson [R] – AYE – $106,400
17 – Rep. Tom Cole [R] / AYE / $103,400
My man Pompeo, number 2, is owned by Kochs, takes more than anyone from them, they gave him his chief of staff, their former top attorney fighting pollution cases, she was making a ton of money at Koch, they have to be helping with her pay working for Pompeo. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

root'n toot'n noot an nanny

I was speaker of the house, now no one wants to give me credit for that, you remember the contract with America, I did that to but everyone forgot, I have been a champion of conservatism and I took Clinton all the way to impeachment and still no one cares, no one remembers.  But you fuck one goat.........!

three more things

1) Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary could be driven to collapse by our sanctions and pressure on Iran.  These former soviet block countries and some of those near by, rely almost totally on Iran for their oil.  Weak already, collapse of these nations would play into the hands of the Russians who are keen to pick up some cheap property returning a series of forward bases and abuse ready populace.  I am not so sure fucking over Iran is worth southeast Europe returning to Russia's breast.

2) Romney yesterday babbled a myth that fossil fuel is promoting as they fight renewables, he said investors and banks have pulled out of solar panel projects because of the solyndria failure.  Pants on fire pants on fire.  Investments are up, more projects than ever are in the pipeline.  Even Bank of America funded the largest single project ever in the US last year.

3) EPA rules kill jobs, false.  I now found out why we are exporting so much fuel to Europe, last year the largest export of the US was not corn or airlplaes or wheat, it was gasoline and refined oil.  A few years ago the EPA forced refiners to reduce sulfur and some other crap in our fuels.  The sky is falling industry said.  Well, now that we make some of the cleanest fuel on earth, (and it could still be cleaner) Europe has to buy it to dilute the fuels they have in order to meet their changing standards.  Without the EPA, the US would not be exporting fuel, the EPA by forcing these standards created thousands of jobs installing scrubbers to clean fuel and to drill for more oil.  Downside, our gas prices are higher now even with more oil being produced here every day becuase we now compete for refined fuels with the European driver.  Air up your tires, drive smart, coast to the stop light, buy your next car based on mpg.

take 10% of the trees out of Texas and the whole region will warm

10% of the trees in Texas died in 2011.  Drought and fire the primary cause of death.

In some areas, with a little rain, new growth will begin, grass, weeds, maybe trees.  In some of the harshest areas the sun will fall on bare earth and rock and the temperature increase will make it unlikely plants can return.    This is the warming feedback loop. Warm temperatures cause something to happen, which accelerates that very process to become more severe and operate faster.  It gets hot and kills trees, plants die so no longer shades the earth, the soil and rocks are hotter causing even more plants to die from heat.  We see this feedback also in the polar regions with ice melt, we see it in China and in Africa in the quickening growth rate of deserts.

Monday, January 9, 2012

More bad news for Mexicans

Turns out Romneys are Mexicans, grandpa ran up here and got on welfare.  No shit.  If that won't frost the GOP, a fucking wet back mormon for president.  This story is going to be on NBC tonight I think.

Door hits bigot on the way out

Good bye Pat Buchanan.  Sorry the white guy thing is so scary for you.

Well, I bet he's on fux before sundown.

The long hot winter

This is what winter should look like today in the hilly parts of Kansas, and yes there are hills here especially all along the northern and the eastern tiers of counties.  (though my farm land and my brothers are both flat as hell)

So far the end of December and January have been like spring, 50's day time and sometimes a light frost at night.  Many new high temp records set.   The central part of the state had one little snow, two inches maybe, melted within 24 hours.  West near Colorado line they had one hard blow that closed I70 overnight once.  Last winter we had one fierce cold snap for 3 or 4 days, the rest was like this, a long hot winter, it means more bugs to have mild winters, and more disease in animals both wild and farmed.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

650,000 years of evidence on CO2

So, what happens now that we increased the levels of CO2 to values nature has never had to adapt to before?  Without wallowing in the chemistry of the "how", here's the simple result, the ocean absorbs some of the high levels of CO2 and it makes the seas more acidic.   Acid attacks coral, killing it.  Acid attacks and erodes calcium based shells of lobster for example, and crabs, oysters.

I hope you remember my earlier lessons on carbons origin, CO2.  It is constant in the world, the problem is we are digging up and freeing up, and thawing and cutting down billions of tons of it in our wastful use of fossil fuels, forests, bogs, crops.  We are not making more CO2, we are just taking it from it's proper locations in the world, and blowing it right up into our atmosphere, where it reacts with sunlight and other crap we send up to increase the earths heat.

Friday, January 6, 2012

If I only had a brain John McCain endorses President Obama For 2012 much to the shock of Mittens

Mitt, next time you take some old fuck out of the nursing home for a walk-about, try to get one that has a brain, and a sack of depends.

No Maple Syrup by 2100?

If you look at about 1 minute 30 seconds into it you will see some maps of how sugar maple/syrup production has changed with warmer weather of the last few decades. Sugar maple trees need cold weather and cannot tolerate pollution. In only a few years these trees have been eliminated from many areas of the US.

warning solar energy will run out in 2 billion years, what then?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Say no to drugs by saying yes to more plants

Been on a plant based diet for over 4 months.  Feel great, and I can lift a little more at the gym.  I jumped on it because of tremors.  A few of the old relatives have the shakes, at about 60 I started getting it.  I found a study that said meat could be the cause.  I have not had any shaking in the last 2 months or so, meat eaters  have a 20 fold chance of developing tremors in old age, smoking only gives 13 fold increase in chance of cancer.
Last night we had an Indian chili made of black beans, corn, onion, garlic, celery, jalepeno, yellow bell pepper, tomato, and lots of Indian spices, it was hot.  With that we had an avocado, spinich salad, whole grain toast with cilantro pesto, a bottle of ale, for desert a bowl of blueberries and yogurt and after I washed the pots and pans, some hazelnuts.  And, a B12.
Take B12 if you go off meat, and vit. D if your off dairy and not getting much sun, otherwise you got everything you need as long as you eat a varitey, we eat everything but coconuts and parsnips, a hugh varitey of all kinds of beans and exotic grains, fruit, vegi's.

Cleans the blood up, reduces weight, stops gout, diabetes, slows aging, and people on plant based diet do not get constipated so reduces hemorrhoids, skin trouble, allergies, the list drags on and on.  So, do the meatless monday thing, then add another day, and another.

Romney Beats Santorum By Just 0.000002667% of U.S. Population

Romney spent $113 per vote, Ricky spent 1.65 per vote, Rick Perry spent $817 a piece.  No idea what Corporations and the 1% spent, but I did hear it was about 15 million in the last few days on TV and radio, I think most all of that was on Mittens.
(most of this info I got from Wonkette.com)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gated community? Maybe not all of it.

When middle class jobs dry up, when rural towns cave in till the only jobs are driving dump trucks for the county, and the politicians promote a gun culture or when being smart and well educated is no longer cool, then like Indiana, your going to get meth labs and gangs, dog fights, and violence the small town cops were never trained to handle.  This book is a kick in the guts, it's bleak.

clean coal a problem of logic

There are those who claim the earth is not growing warmer, ice packs melting, nor the oceans more acidic, nor that coal or fuel burning is polluting the earth, and by those I mean the GOP and the fossil fuel industry.   They dismiss it all, the data, the storms.  As are the new technologies - all fake, a burden, a joke.
Yet, most all the current GOP hopefuls want to spend, yes spend tax money, on "clean coal" and "carbon capture", Rick Perry is the champ on this saying he will spend the most.  Why?  If pollution is no problem, if CO2 is no problem, if the earth will not warm, why?  
Two reasons.  1) They know down deep the science is right.  Science is responsible for almost everything we have today, without it we would be wearing woven grass hats and butchering possums with sharp rocks.  2) The fossil fuel industry is hosing these guys into moving money from new conservation and energy technologies into their rat hole that coal can burn without pollution or all the shit it puts off can be captured.  Well, Jan. 2nd fossil fuel won a court delay of the new law requiring them to scrub a little more mercury and lead from utility smoke stacks in the next few years.  Why?  Why would they want to collect it all later, but not part of it now?  Why?

Political Science 101, how to gain the Religious Right vote

"I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them other people's money."  Rick Santorum, Jan 2nd.  (applause)
Later when ask about this he did not retract it, instead baffled everyone by saying he doesn't know what the context of the quote was or for that matter the exact wording.  This of course means to cross waving racist, and secular racist, that he stands by it and will not back down.  Now, in Iowa 8 to 9% of the welfare roll is black, the rest is white.  He doesn't mind the whites take it?
He went on to say his message is catching on.  Yes, and the sale of white sheets for outer wear is booming.
Fuck you Rick Santorum, shame on you.  You are a racist, clear and simple and you use it deliberately for your own gain.  75 years ago you would have been at the castration and hanging, I have no doubt what so ever of this.
Oh I know it sweetie, your dad is a monster, just be glad like I am he won't gain high office where he could exceed Rick Perry's record of institutional killings of blacks and mexicans.  Do you think Mittens would put him on the Supreme court, shit I hope not.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey, is this what democracy looks like?

In some countries they snatch people up for indefinite detention, no lawyers, no communication with family, torture maybe, held in a military facility maybe. Syria, Russia, China, some African and Asian nations, maybe some South American countries, and as of Jan 1, the USA.
Well, I for one am sure no political group, corporate or wealthy connected person, nor any corrupt police or military unit would ever abuse this.  It can't happen here.  Right? It can't happen here?

What are you looking at asshole?

Well, for this asshole it sure ain't Michelle Bachmann, nor the rest of the GOP's finest thinkers wadded into Iowa.  Except for the number of wives or millions some have had their fingers in there all the same, they all want to throw out the same program, copy Bush's foreign war policy, give the rich and corporations the same gifts, put the same types on the supreme court.  Hell, Pavlov's bell kennel offered more choices.  jingle slobber jingle slobber

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012, lets start it up

Fuck Rick Perry, Fuck Noot, Fuck that thumper guys whos name is like ass foam, and fuck Mittens and fuck that old geezer too, and the minnesot'n battle axe.

How to make $150 in a few minutes, guaranteed pay off.

Curious that the congress spent time this year preventing the enforcement of the tungsten filament bulb, calling it the freedom fries bill or some such tea bag pablum.  The bulb makers, having planned this George Bush move for low these sickening years last year closed the last old bulb shop in the US, in the last year most industrial and nations legislated the end to these energy hogs, last month China followed Brazil as the latest large economies to do it.  My red neck brother was all excited about this law getting passed, that was a real fuck over Obama moment for him.  I told him it was from Bush, "oh" he said, a month ago he fell off a ladder dislocating his arm/shoulder, I told him these new bulbs last for years, he won't have to get on the chair or ladder for years if he used them, "wow, staying off ladders would be worth it", says he.  I think he came over a little bit on that issue.

Oil and natural gas!!!  WTF?  Yesterday the paper says exports of oil and refined fuel was the largest export of the year, exceeding wheat, or corn, or airplanes.   So we maintain the worlds largest navy and air force to fight wars to import the shit out of arab oil, plus extreme dirty oil from canada and mexican too, AND..........we FUCKING export.  It seems we can buy the shit cheaper than we can produce it, so we buy it, and with government subsidies and export credits we can export our own oil at a profit.  Is it just me?  Do you think the oil companies are fucking ole shep and selling the pups?

Drill baby drill?  The rig count, you can find it on line, the GOP whines Obama is holding us back from drilling.  The number of drilling rigs punching holes in America is the highest ever, never been so many drilling at once.  Yet the results of more oil is the highest fuel prices ever.  WTF?

Winter chill finally arrived to most of North America, which means your tires deflated.  Better huff'm up, a few pounds below 32psi costs you around 5% more fuel.  Car owning Americans spent $2,500 to $4,500 last year on fuel.  Air your tires up often during cold weather and those few minutes with an air hose will return you about $150.  Even if you have to put coins in the pump or pay someone to do it, your return on investment will rank with wall streets most jaded traders.