Friday, August 31, 2012

Okie's and the meth jet

   In our extended family is a NASA Physicist researching global warming, specifically ice pack melts.  The GoP set a goal to fire him and all his associates to halt this endless growth in knowledge and data gathering.  All we really need to know about earth is what the honorable Senators from Oklahoma proclaim.
   Methane is a greenhouse gas 20 times better at trapping heat than CO2.  When released it traps and increases earths heat for up to 20 years.   In the last few years the permafrost in Russia, Canada, Norway, Alaska, Finland, Greenland started melting, releasing methane stuck there for eons when biomass rots below the ice.  As the ice packs melt away in Greenland and other areas, even ice afloat for thousands of years over shallow seas, methane gets out.  Over the last couple of decades it accounted for 14% of the greenhouse warming, now it will account for much more, a continuous curve, increasing till it folds back on itself, a tipping point. So far NASA does but the Okie's don't have an inconvenient account of the jet stream of methane gushing form the arctic.  Most all of us are going to live long enough to see the increased frequency of crop killing  summers, dead lawns, higher water bills, more poison ivy, fire ants, africanized bees, west nile virus and pythons in the city park.
   Don't worry, when oil companies stop paying senators and governors they will help fix the problem. They will even ask NASA scientist for advice.  But when, any projections?  Ask the senators from Oklahoma, we all know they are honorable men.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Raging Grannies

I found this video over at Kulkuri on Blogger, I loved it so much I just had to put it here.  And Fuck the GOP platform, fuck Mint Rmoney, fuck P Ryan, and fuck rick Perry.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

in 15 years we will save a billion $ in gas, GOP says NO

The new fuel economy standards have been approved by Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo, who together control 90% of the United States’ auto sales market.
Clean Technica (

The GOP says they will repeal Obama's and the auto industry's new 54.7mpg standards.  This agreement does not make their fossil fuel owners happy.  What a bunch of morons.  Romney says Americans don't want cars like this.  Well, that's not true, many do and the rest of the world does and thats where the big market is for cars, billions of them.  Piss this agreement away, encourage the domestic builders to ignore it and watch the Asian car makers kick our ass around the globe.

Well it will make cars more expensive, maybe, maybe not, the offset in fuel cost will be hugh, I saw those savings with my Camry hybrid.  Sure governments make cars more expensive, but they also cause them to be better.  Cars are better and safer than ever before.  When I was a kid you had to know how to work on a car, something was always needed.  Now you just drive and drive, they always start.  You can just put gas and oil in a Honda civic and it will run for years.  My brother was a car salesman when they came out with the third (center) brake light, you would have thought the government was taking over his life, oh shit this is horrible, and the expense, $80 rise in list price.  Same when the air bags came out.  Cars are so much safer because of gov. requirements.  And this will save us money and clean up the air and fuck over the oil men.  Oil and coal and NG needs to become a backup power source, alternatives, thats the ticket.

That Cuban congressman on Daily Show

Marco Rubio was on the Daily Show last night.  I was really surprised at how weak he responded to one of Jon's first questions (not exact quotes)  "What won you over to support Romney?"  short pause, Jon says "Or not".  Rubio looks kind of sheepish and says "He is a good father, husband and a grandfather".

Well OK, that does it for me, those are the only qualifications needed then if your Republican.  But he can't think of any thing stronger than this, he has relatives, so thats it.  Marco wants him to lose so he can run in 4 years.

Later on Marco said the nation needed certainty of policy for business, that was it, that would cure it.  Jon said, well then you have to stop future elections, because every time one party replaces the other, everything is changed so you cannot have this certainty with elections.  Rubio seemed stunned and laughed it off.

Fox news finds a rat on their panel, you know, one of "those" rats.

Juan Williams on Mrs. Rmoney's speech........“The stories she told about struggles, it’s hard for me to believe,” he explained. “I mean, she’s a very rich woman, and I know that, and America knows that.”
“Wow, OK,” panel host Brett Baier replied.
“What does that mean, corporate wife?” Megyn Kelly pressed.
“It looks like a woman whose husband takes care of her and she’s been very lucky and blessed in this life,” Williams observed. “She’s not speaking, I think, for the tremendous number of single women in this country or married women or separated — she did not convince me that, ‘You know what? I understand the struggles of American women in general.”

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Republican David Brooks tears Romney a new one

May I point out, Brooks was the first talking head to point out 4 years ago that Palin was an idiot of epic proportions.  This is the best article of this election cycle.  A GOP defender takes a swing at another republican disappointment.

how to qualify for Rmoney's rape exemption on abortion

I don't know, how would you qualify?

The platform for the real republicans says no abortion, no matter what, none!  But the flip flop tag team of Ryan and Rmoney claim to reporters that they support exceptions for incest, rape, or health of mother.  If you listen to the next sentence they mutter is usually that the Supreme Court will decide, and that they are proud of their years of positions wanting your daughter to bear the raper's child.  Hear that dog whistle?  That just told the base they plan to stack the court with judges that will stop all abortion, let women die, god will sort it out.

Ignoring all that, how would you qualify?  I think your going to have a conviction of rape, unlikely in less than 9 months in todays court system.
If Rmoney gets in, Ryan has a good shot at taking over, 16 years of Burka laws.

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

The number 2 or 3 youtube video the last few weeks.

rape, incest, tax evasion, layoffs, kill healthcare, hurricane

Other than the republican clown car stalled in the storm, what else:

*Formula E racing, the Formula One race organization announced in 2014 they will begin a series of races on the famous European tracks for Electric powered cars.  This will be very exciting, top speeds will be about the same, but acceleration torque of electric motors is greater.  And replace the smell gas/alcohol with clean air and the roar with a whir and a swoosh.  What if NASCAR did this, radically change their customer base, you might actually meet women at the race that have never had a black eye.

*The Austrailians are joining the EU in carbon trading market in 2018 or sooner if possible.  Switzerland, and Korea are preparing to join as well, and China indicates it will too.  Carbon trading if you don't know gives clean companies an asset to sell, dirty companies have to buy, it creates another profit center, clean up your product and operation will increase profit.

*Germany swore to shut down all nuclear plants over the next few years.  The nuke industry is shrieking like they're showering in the Bates Motel.  Germany says they will not go to more coal or even gas fired plants, but succeed with solar and wind and other innovations, and use the existing fossil fuel plants less and less, for back up.  Fossil fuel for back up, now that is one use I can honestly support.

*Lots of news about the arctic ice shelf being the smallest ever.  But you have to go to out of mainstream sources to find out that it's worse than that.  The ice that remains is the thinnest ever.  Recently it was learned the Navy has mapped the arctic ice thickness for years to know where a sub could break through the ice and issue a well deserved nuclear hell on the vodka soaked Soviets.  A review of these records show the ice is half to a quarter as thick as it was on average the last 50 years, easier to break through, but not so easy to hide in the freezer now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

medicare counselor is in the house

My wife is now through all her training to be a medicare counselor.  If you are near the age to be eligible for medicare you better visit these state trained counselors.   Congress funded and set up training for this service, use it.  They help you understand the different choices and rules and cost comparisons, they don't sign you up or tell you what to do.   It's called SHICK (senior health insurance counselor for Kansas), in other states it has other names, SHIC and SHIP is often used.  Google it to find them in your state.

Getting started on Medicare is complicated, listen to your crazy government hate'n uncle if you want, but if you do it wrong you will pay a higher rate (penalty) to get it straight, and in some cases you are without insurance for a long time, a waiting period and a period exempting pre-existing condions.  The one thing that is clear, Medicare Advantage (a Bush program) is what you should avoid if at all possible.  This is the GOP gift to the insurance company, the gateway drug to privatizing Medicare, it's the lowest price system, but it pays very little, very fucking little, get sick without many thousands in the bank, and your not getting treated, other than put a depend on you at the ER you can set at home and rot, buy most your own meds, pay most your own bills, forget a choice on doctors, they tell you who will be your doctor, end of story.  But, it's simple, and Wallmart and others lets insurance companies come in and set up a table next to their sign about $2 prescriptions and tell people, oh the system is so complicated with part a and b and c and d  how can you understand it, just sign up for Advantage with our company and thats it, simple, cheap.  (oh, and your fucked)
Now I understand this may be what some can afford, OK, but if you can swing it, you have to, some of these policies are almost worthless in what they will cover.  Go SHIP it before you sign, you can't get out of Adantage if you start it, it's forever.

Bonus comment from the Fringe.  Now lets say Rmoney and Ryan get in and privatize the whole program with vouchers.  Your 85 year old mom may be unable to conduct her own business, what the hell, you have to take off work and run around trying to learn this shit and sign her up for a program, with a stinking voucher, insurance companies won't cover as much as the government will, she will get less coverage.  Just like Advantage.  It's a crock of poo that business will do it cheaper, she gets less care, if she still has any assets kiss those good by, your not inheriting them, sell them to buy her meds.  Thank the GOP.

The irony of the Ryan/GOP plan to cut food stamps

The red states would suffer the most by cutting food stamps, citizens and grocers alike would feel the pinch.  Likewise it takes billions from farmers, dairy especially has been in favor of food stamps.  Children and the elderly make up the largest beneficiaries of the program, this Republican simple minded "get a job you dead beat" is not a solution for them even in the best of economies.   Prez Johnson had his "war on poverty", democrats tried to eliminate it, now the republicans are trying to increase it.
We had a friend, moved now, to fucking Texas, a catholic women who would go into fits about the school lunch and breakfast plans for minorities (which by the way whites make up the largest group).  Her take, let them go hungry and their slut mothers would finally start feeding them.  Such a humanitarian she was, an exemplary christian.

I will not watch any of the gooberpublicans convention.  Instead I will google hundreds of times during it for info on the storm, on Obama, Biden, environmental and science issues.  I will get my news of Tampax slaughter by Wonkette, daily show, Colbert, and the like.

Lay offs, oh sure, but I thought you ask about LearJets

"Stupidity without fear is quite pleasant". Satchel (Get Fuzzy)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My annual halloween story moved to GOP convention eve

A bed time story.

One day a self-edifying group of subniveal conservative lemmings rushing through the forest came upon a magnificent bull stuck in the mud.  After some discussions with the bull it was decided if they could profit they would help the bull free himself.  At first it was great chaos as the lemmings bragged and argued amongst themselves and to the bull that they were each the true center of conservative strength.   The neo-cons begged for assination of foreign heads of state as policy, the paleo-cons cried for a return to Nietzche ideals, constitutionalists demanded repeal of the Amendments, veiled racist denounced emigrants, business swore against consumer rights, traders called for social security to be privatized for their firms to manage, the religious right prayed for control over women and war in the middle east, the union haters scorned living wages and the health care act, the birthers blathered, fossil fuel supporters blustered at science and solar energy, others were content to just cry no no no.  

Eventually just enough conservatives pulled to free the bull, where upon chaos resumed as each boasted his political view was the conservative power that had accomplished the task.
A few days later the magnificent bull happened upon a rocky pit, looking down he saw all the lemmings were in it, helpless as a group to get out.  Seeing the bull they demanded he repay his debt at once.  The bull straddled the pit lowering his immense penis and testicles into the stony crease.  The conservative lemmings scampered up the bulls’ member to safety and ran off to persecute the doves cooing nearby.

Moral of the story: It’s better to have a big dick than a wilderness of conservatives. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tenacious D - Low Hangin Fruit - Music Video

What?  It was this or Aerosmythe's "Pink".   Crank it up, weekend's near.

corporations are people, not really, they are Gods

Gods.  The pipeline company transcanada just won in court, awarded the right of emiment domain over ranchers and farmers, over any land owner.

I support eminent domain for the public good, a bridge, highway, the city water treatment plant and so on, even a utility such as a power line serving a community.  But this pipeline does not serve everyone in the communities it passes through, or even at it's terminus.  It serves big oil and refiners, and foreign oil users.  Much of the oil to be moved through this pipe will be refined near the gulf coast in "free trade zones" (we get no tax money on it) and shipped to Europe.  Valero one of the two end of pipe refiners has most of this oil sold already to Europe.   I say make the oil companies buy it, anyone will sell if the price is high enough, if not buy an elbow fitting and go around it.  Wake up Texas, that wonderful myth of what's good for oil is good for Texas is a bit sour among farmers.  Sure, a few wanted to sell, begged to sell, but not every guy in a pickup likes having his land yanked from under him.
If you suspected that Bush and Halliburton plotted for the oil in Iraq, you need to read this.  Those pricks set policy for the army, they did their best to wreck the oil industry from well head to port and in between.  The goal was to let the worlds oil companies come in after it was destroyed and all talent had been fired and run off.  England was in on it to, working with the US to tear it up to take it over.  This is an excellent story.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bain files released, Romney invested in China

Get to this before it's taken down.  It's part of what we thought, he is investing in everyone but us, even in Communist countries.

Job creator update

Bow down bow down.  The job creator speaks.

Kansas give away to the rich continues;
Funny thing is in their zeal they swept me up with the millionaires.  Starting next year most businesses, and farmers, no longer will pay income tax, cause if we can make more money we hire people to hold the tissue when we clear our nostrils.  Ready, don't get any on ya!   I am a one man sales company and I have a little drought stricken piece of farm ground scalded by the sun, which means the rest of you (if you live in KS) can pay for me, ha, ya should have been born rich, short sited on your part huh.
Kansas had a few months ago a 2 billion surplus, oh thats no good, so by cutting income tax on the job creators it is expected in 5 years to be 2 billion in debt.  Never gonna happen the GOP says, cause job creators are going to hire 100,000 people with their savings, and these rubes will pay our tax.  Shit, I won't hire one, not one, and neither will many others.  In a state of less than 3 million people, with 1 million workers (counting part timers and kids 1 month at the dairy queen job) 100,000 is impossible in an agricultural state with little industry and zero tourist trade.  Plus, to make up the loss to the state the 100k new jobs all have to be high paying jobs, that ain't happening, at best were going to get some more call centers and pay day loan sharks taking over the old gas station on the corner.  Look, I love smooth roads, new bridges, lots of firemen, cops near by, help for the old women down the street getting a bath, well paid teachers.  Instead, the state is cutting the shit out of it, 6,000 layed off the last year or so in this little state, and yesterday Brownback said 10% more statewide.

Monday the city (Wichita) decided to give prime downtown riverfront property to a developer (DeVore) for $1 a year, for 5 years.  After that who knows, the paper didn't say.  This was worth tons of money.  You know DeVore, sure you do.  He has launched 5 or 6 hotel chains.  Residence Inn, Candlewood Suites are the best known.  He sells them as soon as he gets a couple hundred built and the rooms filled.  I think he may still own Candlewood, the others are all sold.  This fuck could afford a couple million for this land, but he gets it for 5 bucks, oh, he's also a job creator, next year he won't pay a penny to the state, but his hotel hires mexicans to clean your room, and they pay tax.  But the Koch brothers won't pay on their billions, (headquartered in Wichita).  The wife keeps saying we have to move when we retire, to a state that will still have ambulance service and a courthouse instead of a church.

The states prosecutors have found that the GOP gov Brownback and most the GOP state legislators have violated the open meetings laws many times the last year.  But no charges will be brought since it was determined they did not understand the law.  The law is brand new, they voted it in a year ago,  again they, they voted it in and brownback signed it.  What's the old saw, ignorance of the law is an excellent excuse.

Congressman Yoder swam nude with a bunch of other congressnerds and staffers in the holy waters of Isreal.  No sweat, it barely made the papers here.  You can't sell newspapers here and cover that.  Articles on the same page were bigger than that ranting about Obama being immoral for worrying about child rape victims.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Virtual online community, death, inheritance

In this world wide community on the internet, a virtual community, virtual family, so what about death?

Virtual community law is out there, struggling to figure out who really owns or belongs or has claim to the either, to the babble.   Could we be in virtual adultery by writing comments to often to someone?  Can we put up a virtual will?  Leave your blog to the cat?  A charity web site?  Will it be fought over by your virtual family?

When I die, does Sarge of One Angry Zebra inherit my space?  I've known him longer than any in my  virtual community, he broke my internet cherry after all, you never forget your first time.      Where's the obit column, the online wake organizer, how does it work?  Is no one out there to notify all the sometime back yard neighbors that say high over the comment fence even if you only get that greeting twice a year it's still part of the community.  Will the creeps that flame you hoot god hates fags at your passing?  One day the site just sets there, never an update, no one knows, was it self immolation with printer ink or another face lift gone septic.   Will anyone know?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OK Akin, here's your coat, leave the hanger, thanks, we got it from here.

Todd Akin: Climate change is good

Yes what a dumb idea.  If politicians were in charge of weather they might decide they could profit by selling their vote to oil and coal to oppose EPA controlling greenhouse gasses, which will change the weather.  (video)

Rape, Ryan, Akin, Romney, GOP platform

Ryan can't imagine a rape that wouldn't end in a bless-ed event.  In between voting for benefits to his father-in-laws oil leasing business, or his lobbyist wife's drug companies interest, he finds time to work with Missouri rape expert Akin.

Akin grew up in Missouri farm country, where rambunctious farm boys practice safe sex, they paint a red dot on sheep that kick.  

Akin and Ryan have worked on a personhood bill together, this would make it murder for anyone involved in an abortion no matter the circumstance or danger to the mother.  They also went after Planned Parenthood, even voting to cut off breast exam's.

The GOP platform has for about 20 years had as it's foundation the outlaw of all abortion without exception.  Romney and Ryan yesterday both mumbled softly they would not oppose abortion for rape and incest, but this is not what they have said many times before, it's not the platform they run on and is in writing for every Reichwinger to uphold who runs for office.

So are they lying to the public, or to the Republican faithful?  What is it with Republicans and their need to control a women vagina, breasts, health, pay, legal rights.

You can give, any amount, $3 if you want, to Clarie McCaskill to help her step on a rat.  Google her re-election site, or search her at "act blue", by name, by state, lots of ways to find her there as well as all democrats running everywhere.  I give a few races each time $20 or so, what the hell good is $20 to me if the GOP takes control.  Use this site because it's easier than finding the individual sites.  Look for really close races with a good Dem running, and open your wallet, you got a better way to spend a few dollars that might help the whole country?  Tell us?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bump, we ran over a rat, or that's all Ryan has

1%.  Rmoney's post Ryan pick polls varied by states, 1% loss here, up to 4% gain one place.  Overall the veep bump was around 2% averaged and now is on the downside of the bell curve (bump), currently back to an averaged 1% gain.  The lowest of any veep impact in the last 60 or so years.
Shortly they head into the rich peoples convention, another bump normally, followed in a few days by the Dem's which should energize their folks and even out the millionaire's show bump.

Palin and Quail at least were picks for the youth vote, add Palin was also the first trailer trash glamour choice. But Ryan adds nothing to the ticket except if he can sell seniors on the idea that the right thing to do for this nation is to let them keep something the nation cannot afford but make the tough choice and cut off their kids and grandkids from it so they won't suffers a socialism retirement of small but reliable monthly stipends and a minimum level of health care.

For the record, the largest increase ever from a veep pick, Clinton's Gore, it averaged 6% at peak and settled a little over 4%.

RomneyRyan will speed christian madrassa growth

Ripped from who ripped it from Mother Jones.  An article about text books in American schools.  Well, not public schools, but religious schools and homeschooling.  You know, the ones the GOP and most red states want to start giving vouchers to, further draining public schools of money.
WITH YOUR TAX MONEY if they get away with it, Louisiana has a pilot program set up ready to hand tax dollars to the holy.  Sample below, and you should read the math notes, it seems that much of higher math is just devil stuff.

“[The Ku Klux] Klan in some areas of the country tried to be a means of reform, fighting the decline in morality and using the symbol of the cross. Klan targets were bootleggers, wife-beaters, and immoral movies. In some communities it achieved a certain respectability as it worked with politicians.” — United States History for Christian Schools, 3rd ed., Bob Jones University Press, 2001
Or this revisionist view of the Great Depression:
“Perhaps the best known work of propaganda to come from the Depression was John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath…Other forms of propaganda included rumors of mortgage foreclosures, mass evictions, and hunger riots and exaggerated statistics representing the number of unemployed and homeless people in America.” — United States History: Heritage of Freedom, 2nd ed., A Beka Book, 1996

Saturday, August 18, 2012

13,275.20, it's enough to make the Republicans panic

Six weeks in a row the Dow Jones ran up, not down, not sideways, up.   13,275.20 is just a few points off the high before the financial crisis hit midway into the final year of the last Republican white house.

The higher the market gets the more Rmoney and the millionaires sell how bad things are.  Struggling not to gloat in public, they are riding the second biggest wave of new wealth of their lifetimes.  And with this new wealth comes panic.  Panic these new millions of $'s falling in their laps will cost them another 2 percent in taxes if the GOP can't lie and scare their way into power.  They have no intention in paying the same tax rates of restaurant managers, nurses, or construction workers, there is a special tax rate for these demi-gods, and one for the rest of us.

Since Ryan joined the ticket to shore up the biggot and female control freak vote for the reichwing, Rmoney has gained in the polls, some areas a couple percent, some he lost a percent, a few polls show big swings, but on average the bump has been less than 2%.  The smallest bump of any recent veep pick.  Traditionally they get a bump during and after the convention.  Bump, that means it is not sustainable.  We can expect it will settle back part way, leaving Obama in a tiny little lead overall.  The Las Vegas bookies raised Rmoneys odds of winning from 31% a week ago to 41% now.  Still not a good bet if you ask me.  Time will tell what happens when the hundreds of millions in GOP adds hit the market, or some world shaking event could also swing things sharply either way.

Friday, August 17, 2012

happiness is energy independence

A city (unknown) in Japan.   More than half of these homes have PV solar and/or solar water heaters on roof.  This is security from power failure and weather events.  It's all about will and priorities.  
Last month when India's hundreds of millions plunged into darkness, a few millions in rural villages had communal and private solar and wind systems, they went right on with their lives unaware at first the nation had collapsed around them.  

what oil and coal companies fear

I do a lot of reading on energy, pollution, global warming, fossil fuel, crops and forests, new products and information in these fields.  

We all know that the fossil fuel industry has hired the same law firms and PR firms that the tobacco industry used 30 years ago, and they are getting much the same results.  The ability to stall legislation, confuse the public on facts, and drag out massive profits for their dirty products one more decade after another.

In my reading I found what oil, gas and coal fear most.  First they don't fear much, for reasons gleaned by those PR firms coupled with buying the GOP's partnership for the protection of the industry.   Second they have the infrastructure on their side, gas stations everywhere, and the suburbs ill equipped for walking, biking, bussing, and near by shopping and working.  And every time it looks like the alternative energies will take hold, they find a way to lower their own prices just in time to slow those new sources.  As now, wind and solar face opposition funded by old energy sources, at the same time drilling has brought a glut of oil and gas to market.  So what do they fear?

Batteries!  A break through in energy storage could cut them off in a decade or so.  Higher mpg cars and hybrids are beginning to reduce oil use, but more cars on the market, more plastics, more polyester pants, more asphalt roads, their market is not falling, in some nations it is still growing and will drive prices higher.  Better buildings and lighting, likewise reducing use but population growth may keep the overall flat or still drive demand up.  Wind and solar are hurting fossil fuel some, but so far growth is at a level that is not yet harmful to their profits.  But batteries, of all kinds and charged from all kinds of sources, that could fuck them over.  There are a lot of new technologies for batteries for cars and homes, solar and wind mill farms.  The estimated prices, life, and capacity of these are improving, if the rare earths and manufacturing capacity are available, in a few years we could see a massive jump forward on the market, not just in the lab.  This is what fossil fuel worries about, solar panels and wind mills charging batteries or powering fly-wheels that give off lots of power.  Worse yet, (for oil corps) if we have fleets of trucks, cars, and neighborhoods of batteries, we gain another energy source, one already in limited use in Denmark.  You get home and plug you car in for recharge, set your departure time on the charger.  The grid looks at your battery, 40% still in it, your departure time is 8 hours, during that time the grid alternately gives or takes energy from your battery but ensures it's charged on time.  All the cars out there become part of the local power grid, the savings in energy burned at the generator plant is enormous.  Double whammy for fossil fuel they lose and they lose again.  
* Avoid bad karma, recycle batteries for cars where you get your new one, and those little ones at Radio shack, some battery stores, some recycle centers, I toss ours in a bag in the garage till I have a few.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canada 2%, US 16%, Republican's holding office 80%

Global warming.  Do you believe, or suspect it is happening, that the planet is warming rapidly.  Regardless if you think we do or do not contribute to it, does the data and science indicate a trend?

In Canada only 2% say no.  In Europe overall it is much like Canada.  In the US 16% say no.  Republicans in general are in the 30's, while GOP elected officials are about at 80% deniers all the way up to the Presidential wannabees.  

Of the 16%, I think the bulk are in my neighborhood, or are my business associates.  By the way, the US now ranks in the mid 20's on testing students in science, may have something to do with this.  

Last night I saw a show about new energy forms.  In the end it focused on the brick wall idea that we cannot afford to change from our current fossil fuel system.  They made a case about the filth and death in highly populated European cities of 200 and 300 years ago where besides all the horse shit in the streets at night all the chamber pots were tossed out the window, the cities were septic and every dress tail drug through it.  Someone came up with a plan for toilets to empty inside buildings into underground sewage network, later clean water systems were added.  The cost, about 1% of GDP, and today, our water and sewage grid is still about 1% of GDP.  This is infact not a cost but a savings of hugh proportions as cities are not periodically wiped out by typhus or any number of diseases.

What would it cost to walk away from coal fired plants, halt the fracking, and build distributed solar panel and wind systems with other new forms of power and smart meters and more efficient transformers, machinery, lights, appliances, batteries and power lines and transport?  About 1% of GDP, the same as turd control.  The savings would be hugh, security improved from storms and foreign sources, less pollution, lower cost for everyone, yes in the longrun a lower cost.

China is expanding every new energy source as fast as it can, as is Germany, Denmark, and many other European nations.  In a few years their energy costs and secondary costs will be far below ours.  The US, while thankfully adding many new wind mills and solar panels, we are losing ground fussing about crooked scientist and bowing to the monied class who will deliver us a warmer dryer continent, for a profit. 
One more thing about global warming demonstrated through this summers drought and heat wave.  Some of the corn silage is poison now.  Nitrogen fertilizer take up by the plant which then was stunted by the weather never got converted, some of it is still nitrogen.  When farmers saw the corn would not produce ears full of kernals, some cut it and chopped the whole plant for cattle food, mixing it with other plant material and molasses and hormones.  This silage, a cattle feed, is suspect now in some areas.  The actual corn that you may encounter in your processed food or diabetic causing soft drink is not a problem, so drink all the high fructose corn syrup shit you can afford, I have a whole field of it to get sold and I don't care if they amputate your feet or not, I just want to profit from your ignorant attaction to hollow calories, its a free country.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The first time I seduced her

The first time I seduced her she spread out before me  like a python on a leash.

Planning for cool weather, some evenings I like a couple of tablespoons of the good stuff after the sun goes down.

When it became routine, our being like that, I knew we were the same race.

Current Stocks:
Knob Creek, 1/4 bottle, as is Fox Vodka.  Rain Organic Vodka 3/4 bottle.  Of Rum I have but two, Rum Flor de Caña Nicaragua 1/2 bottle and Cruxan St.Crox no more than 4 or 5 shots.  Laird's Applejack the same.  el Jimador Tequila Blanc maybe 3 shots, Ouzo Metaxa the same.  Grand Marnier and Tia Maria a tablespoon or two each.

Once her brother came over and beat her while I was in the kitchen.

Oh I have WL Weller Special Reserve, I don't count it, I hate it, wheat shit, 1/2 bottle, can't stand it, do you want it?

The taste on my tongue, my finger, her perfume in my nose my hair.

Gone, all my Cognac, the Glenlevit 12 year, Clontarf Irish Whisky, the Drambuie.  I have to think things through, be clear, careful planning for the fall and winter.  Clontarf maybe.

An Irish cobra with flared hood of caramel, celtic temper on a beaded leash. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day -1968

I'm laying in wet grass after spending the night in a forest overlooking a spectular wide twisting river a thousand feet below.  Lightening struck near us twice during the storm.  The two people with me are silent as we watch the water move.  Someone makes a reference to Herman Hesse's Siddhartha.  Cookoo and dove call all around us in giant oak and straight pine.  We walk through waist high ferns past fields of dandelions painting the hills butter yellow, to a farm house surrounded by fruit trees.  An old women greets us and begs us sit at the tables there, it's almost 6am.  The family operates a restaurant and soon we have cheeses, strawberries, hard dark bread, strong coffee and an omlette of potato, chive, onion, variety of mushroom, and coarse lean bacon.  It's a beautiful day.  4 kilometers down through the woods to the apartment on the Mosel, we take the trail through the cemetary past the 400 year old grave, no one can read the name.  Our boots are muddy, they grit on the cobblestone sidewalk past the fish market, brown eyed smoked eels in the window watch us go.

wet dream battery

This is a battery.  A pumped storage plant in Germany.  Any time the grid has an excess of energy the pump kicks on and drives water into a small lake above the river,  any time the grid wants more energy a gate opens and water falls back down through pipes loaded with turbines.  The system is very dynamic, it can switch on or off in a couple minutes, sending water up or down as needed.  This system is providing Germany on-demand low price electricity.  It scavenges energy that would have been lost, for later use at a very low price.

Ireland has just identified 13 sites and are building copies of this system adjacent to wind mills to store power for low wind days.  Germany also has another 13 sites identified for this.  One of the Atlantic Islands, Canary perhaps installed more windmills than needs so they could bank water atop a mountain for days the wind won't blow.

As a German official said about the many alternative green energy projects in Germany, "we can do what the US cannot because we don't have the Koch brothers".

Utility company uses GOP tax plan for pricing natural gas

Morning paper carried a sour note.  The gas utility here is applying for a new pricing scheme.  Based on the Republican tax bill, this new system rewards waste and mcMansions, punishes small users and conservation.  Looks like it was written by Paul Ryan.

It works approximately like this:  Raise the monthly fee for being connected - a lot.  Lower the volume of use rates.

An apartment dweller, or small home owner, or a mom and pop business will see a monthly 8% increase for natural gas.
A person with a hugh house or a medium size business will see a 5% decrease.
Large business owners will see a 8% decrease.

Only yesterday I saw an article about conservation pricing.  A very very low monthly fee that will include a small amount of gas, to keep people in hot water and their home livable is the first tier, then the price ramps up increasing steeply at intervals of use to the point the mcMansion owner may stop heating the porch and the 5 car garage.  I would make an exception for large businesses, they should get a break otherwise it would put them under, but I said a break, but not a free ride on the back of apartment dwellers.

This GOP pricing system is a result of global warming.  We haven't had a winter here in the last 5 or 6 years, natural gas sales are down at the same time fracking is bringing more product to market.  And a few people like me keep adding calking, insulation, and low water use dishwashers, wearing sweaters in the house, we're screwing those fossil fuel guys good now but this will fuck us over.  The ones with the most money make the rules.

Monday, August 13, 2012

oil welfare map, and more maybe

This map's red dots could also represent proportionally with little change: dumbest fucking kids by test scores, corruption, disparity of wealth, proportion of populace without access to healthcare, ethnic and religious intolerance.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Romney gets down on the farm to connect to real rural people

Romneyhood (take from the poor and give to the rich) ran to Iowa to show his solidarity and connection to the struggling family farmer.  He visited Lemar Koethe and bemoaned how tough it is, this dry weather and all.
Koethe owns 54 farms.  Average Iowa farm is 331 acre.  We can guess he has over half of his (estimated) 17,874 acres in corn like most Iowa farms, and at over a quarter of it in soybeans.  The estimated yield this year by the Iowa ag group is 123 bushel per acre for corn, and 54 bushel per acre for soybeans.  Lets estimate that out at December futures as of today, corn $8.23 a bushel, soybeans $16.55 a bushel.

Koethe should gross at least 1,099,251 bushel worth $9,046,835 on corn. Soybean around 241,299 bushel for another $3,993,498.  Romneyhood went to the right place, the guy is looking at least at $13 million, probably more, as I would guess his 54 farms are going to be above average size.  Lemar also gets 130k a year conservation payments, and we don't know what his crop insurance subsidy is, but that would be like saying he gets welfare and we can't say that about the guy, who by the way is an absentee farmer for all but a few acres he lives near.  The other thing you should know, he is not really a farmer, his real job, what he makes most his money off is real estate developments.

Way to connect mittens, did you see the guys house, it looks like the Seattle space needle, really, I shit you not.   Good Iowa farm ground is now selling for 10k per acre, do the math what this guy is worth just in dirt.

In case you don't know.  One mile long by one mile wide (on flat ground) equals 640 acres. This guy must have at least 28 square mile.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romney financed Bain start up with Central American money

Death squads, oligarchs, drug connections, dictators, gave him 40% of the start up cash, later they continued to add money and over the years they and Romney made millions, perhaps billions together.

Source, including a list of names of the scum bags and a run down of their cirmes: Los Angles Times, Boston Globe, and Harry Strachan a Bain exec who inadvertently bragged it up in his recent book patting himself and Mittens on the back.  As far back as 1994 the Salt Lake City paper wrote about this and named the scoundrels Bain was laundering money for.
It is estimated that one of the families they counted as partners had their personal death squads kill  35,000 civilians in ElSalvador.  Including the archbishop of ElSalvador Oscar Romero.  Other Bain partners were into drug business, land theft, bullying peasants, basically stealing anything they want in Latin America.  As late as 07 Rummy returned to Miami for fundraising among the latin american community there, tapping the relatives of the oligarchs involved with Bain.

Huff post also has the story.  This is really depressing, I really didn't like Rummy, I thought he was a lying politician of the first order, and a tax cheat, a callous business man who would sell any one or anything down the river.  But this news makes you wonder why in hell anyone will vote for him, (and they still will) why this kind of thing isn't illegal.

Google "bain link elsalvador" and you will get lots of articles, including the Catholic news site with articles about this.  So far the mainstream won't touch it, as has been the case with some major events, mainstream is the last onboard.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The bookies have set the odds, place your bets.

All 15 of the largest betting sites that bet on the Presidential race currently show their various odds of Obama winning at from 57% up to 71%.  Las Vegas has never missed picking the winner of the White House.  They seem to have a use better pollsters than Faux and limpbaugh do.  So if you are a gambler, I know where you can take some teabaggers money.

Rafalca fails to win olympic metal for Romney

$77k tax deduction Rafalca just couldn't get it up and over the jump in style, our tax dollars were wasted.  (We have to make up the difference when rich job creators take a write off for their hobbies, something not available to ordinary humans)

Now it's to the airport to catch the horse airlines home, I suspect that's a 150k ticket at least.

Did Fafalca have a flag or USA brand on it's rump?  I hope the Rummies heard what Faux said about the little black girl that won gymnastic gold, not patriotic enough.  But, this was no black girl without a logo, it was a horse owned by a white rich guy, that alone makes it patriotic.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Paul Horn - Inside the Taj Mahal prologue

Click full screen, turn it up.  It gets especially interesting at 1 minute.  First time I ever heard this was in Germany 1969 I think, in a room designed for great music, painted beautifully, with a glowing ball on a large round table in front of the low couch that circled half the great room.  Paul Horn recorded this in the Taj Mahal, other pieces on the record were even better.

Citizen Bain using his mouth in all the wrong palaces

Foreign Policy magazine, a GOP leaning product was none to happy about Rummy's Europe adventure, finding fault with most every event and statement, came home with more baggage than he left with, he is not up to the task and his foreign policy wonks need fired they muse.
As for raising money, he is kicking Obama's ass.  Second month where they were multiples of millions ahead.  Obama is hammering him with adds that are working but this will soon have to be cut back, halted in some states.  If you Obama supporters don't start kicking in a few dollars soon, his adds will stop and one thing is for sure, advertising works, if he can't keep this up Rummey and the aristocrats win.

friends with solar dreams and frozen peaches

Recent vacation included stays with friends in Idaho and a sometimes foggy Washington state area.  To my surprise both are considering solar panel purchases.

Both plan a small unit able to carry part of their daytime load.  One has it all planned out to wire into the kitchen circuits and to the water heater, if the power goes out they said we still have warm showers & frozen peaches.
The Washington friends are within sight of several homes with solar panels.  A study indicates solar installations form in clusters, when your neighbors get it and trumpet their savings and lowered concern for outages then everyone runs the numbers.  Another plus, homes with solar PV's sell for more than those without, and much faster.

Would love to get in on it, but where I live the architecture committee will not allow it.  Maybe it will change in a few years, by then I should be in a smaller house in another state, or an asylum for the sexually insane.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lets make a national carbon protection park

Copy this link and check it out, Rolling Stone magazine says this is the most read on line article they ever posted.

You can hear a short podcast from the author about this at:

I think maybe we need to stop trying to save whooping cranes, and declare coal an endangered compound, save carbon, save coal,  parks where you can see a mountain and learn that coal is under it, and we are protecting it, keeping carbon in the ground where it is safe.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Statistician info

 These latest numbers are from Nate Silver, the best (according to my source).  Chance of win: BO 71.1%, MR 28.9%, electoral votes 299 to 238, popular vote 50.7% to 48.3%.  These numbers have improved for Obama the last few days.

Obama is hammering Rummy with the fairness story, and it is working like a charm.  Is it fair that the top 1% pay lower tax rates than the rest of us.   Is it fair that some people and corporations hide money off shore and use questionable loop holes (such as the IRA with 100M in it)?  Is it fair that Rummy demanded Kennedy show his tax records in their race, or the the husband of another rival his, yet he will not show his?  Is it fair that the GOP wants to kill the affordable health act while they enjoy it in the Congress?  Is it fair that the rich have more free speech than the middle or poor or that corporations are people?  This fairness thing, the square deal subject is working and Rummy is no experience with it, to him giving a sucker an even break is weakness.

The mixed economic news last week came down with voters as more good than bad, which helped the President.  The trip to Europe by Rummy to see his $77k horse along with his fuck-ups didn't help him at all.  

The press likes to run around in late Oct. and Nov. finding people who claim they haven't made up their minds yet, they are fooling themselves.  Tracking these people show they vote the way they did last time near 100%, it's meaningless, if they say last time was X or Y, then mark them down for same.   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

see honey, it looks bigger shaved

We hardly ever eat meat, but the wife came home with some chicken, I can't stand the way they sell it, in a shrink wrap condom, smashed down on a little kotex thingy, I guess it's like the cotton in asprin, something for nothing?  Cock-a-doodle-don't.  Chicken?  Stick this in your mouth, it can't be any worse for you than cigarettes, or blowing hitchikers.   They say it's had a good life though, grain fed, no recycled chicken shit, free range to, and drank only carbonated water the last 2 weeks.  Supposedly it was killed humanely, they petted it and let it look at pictures of pigeons first, that relaxes hens, but cocks like ducks better, it's the way the walk, they need to do more for cocks.

Women Health Care Benefits started Aug. 1

I waited yesterday, nothing, I looked the day before, nope, this morning, still nothing.  Not one fucking blogger I stalk mentioned it.

Obama care just kicked in a major set of benefits for: girls, ladies, waitresses, mothers, hotel maids, sisters, strippers, daughters, bar maids, aunts, housekeepers, nieces, lesbians, nuns, witches, grandmas, spinsters, divorcee, students, whores and wives.

If you have a health insurance policy, or if you can get one, which in 2014 everyone can, it must begin covering the following, and without charging a deductable:  These include “well woman” doctor’s visits, mammograms, diabetes screening for pregnant women, domestic violence counseling, breastfeeding support, DNA testing for the HPV virus for women 30 years of age or older, counseling on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV screening and birth control, along with contraceptives education and counseling.

The GOP on Capital steps yesterday said Aug. 1 is equal to Pearl Harbor day and 911.  Yes folks, the American Taliban see access to breast exams as an equivalent.

This is really important that everyone become aware of this, there has been only a little press on it.  I have few readers I know.  But I wish you would all make a post on your blog about the benefits becoming available.  And next time a reichwinger calls it socialized medicine remind them last week their hero Romney sang the praises of Israel's health care system, which is mandatory purchase of insurance from one of 4 government approved sources, and it is underwritten (bought down) by the government using tax money to support it.  

Fair play for all executives

The Reichwing wants to fire President Obama for doing a poor job.  They also want to use business as a model for government. .......So.......  If a company is losing money and market share the standard practice is to give the CEO millions in bonus.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poland as Romney's shining city on a hill

The GOP's great white hope after checking on his $77,000 tax deduction horse in the Olympics, ran to Poland and bragged up their economic success as a model to admire.

Poland has the last few years of world wide slow down stayed somewhat competitive by deliberate massive devaluation of their currency.   Is that what he wants to do for us?  Poland has health care and national pensions, yet he wants to destroy those for us.  So what exactly are we to make of it, devalue the dollar or keep health care and shore up social security?  What are we to imitate here?

I wonder if he had time to call his Swiss banker and check the price of the Swiss Franc, do you think he told the Swiss to use this model?

I don't know........

..........Reagan maybe?

Reducing fuel use in the field is about saving lives, pure and simple.

The GOP is fighting the military tooth and nail over alternative fuels, new generation batteries, solar and wind generation both fixed and battle field portable.

The Pentagon recently answered why is it bucking the GOP and finding friends with Democrats on this issue?
1) supply lines are always stretching, expensive, manpower intensive, and easy targets.
2) fuel costs keep going up, solar and wind are a fixed cost.
3) the US grid is (according to the Pentagon) now untrustworthy, power outages in the US are increasing at an alarming rate due to weather events and age and condition of equipment.
4) global warming is bringing more challenges around the world for moving fuel and acquiring energy of all types.

Yet, the fossil fuel owned GOP is blocking as often as possible every effort to save US soldiers lives and make our missions easier.  They have to, their multi-national owners demand it.  Hell, they are even blocking insulating some buildings on bases in the US, anything to use energy.