Friday, March 30, 2012

To the women yelling at the supreme court against Obama care, if hubby dies your blood pressure pills are full price tomorrow.

I was looking at my health care insurance plan and stumbled onto something really disturbing.  If I die, my wife's insurance ends at the same time.  If a hit and run driver nails us on a walk around the park, kills me and busts her up, well lady that ambulance ride is just the first thing your paying for on your own.

Or if I just wake up dead one morning, she's got no insurance.  In her case without going into the details, I can tell you she is uninsurable, she will not find insurance until 2014 when the Affordable Health Care Act prevents insurance companies denying her on pre-existing conditions.

I will bet you that most the people not retired who are out there yelling to overturn this law, have no idea they are in the same situation as my wife should their family member with the insurance policy die.

I was really shocked, I knew it would end when the one named on the policy died, but I imagined it would go 30 days, or end of the month, at least to the fucking weekend, good god this is cruel.

What's in a Burger?

Tits, lips, penis, vaginas, anus, calm down it's not porn.  It's hamburger.  Add feces, bits of bone and skin, and salivary glands, some cud, and oh yea this is then sanitized with ammonia.  Do your kids like mustard and pickles on their sanitized lymph nodes and cow shit?

Red states adding churches to state houses

Kansas joins a number of red states, I think they are ahead of most in opening their Capital Building Prayer Room.  Just off the main chamber is the chapel, oh strike that word, they have the sign on the door reading prayer and meditation room, they decided if they use chapel the left wing will take them to court, but this clever word game will fool everyone.

Separation of church and state is not an option in the red states, they are falling over one another to get these chapels installed across the country.

My hope is for a wave of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Native Americans headed to the state house chapel every day to spend time there chanting and reading their books.  I don't think the chapel will survive if this happens.

Canada finds a way to save millions and help the environment

Canada killed their penny as a money saving move, it takes tons of metal, and costs more than it's worth.

When will the US dump the penny?  Round off to a nickel with cash sales, use the penny on checks and credit cards, lets go.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Santorum says the only reason you don't have a voter ID is you want to commit voter fraud.

23 million Americans do not have voter ID's, many of those do not have the method to get one, many elderly poor were born at home on the farm without doctors and with parents that saw no reason to tell the courthouse of a birth, so have no birth certificate, no proof of anything.  Another group like a Texas women who was robbed lost her birth certificate and will have a hard time getting it replaced with no documentation available, born out of state, plus a lengthy wait and fees to apply.  
This lady, and the old black women who worked in the Tennessee state house say this is worse than Jim Crow.  I don't know, but they must have a good idea.  Anyhow, according to Rick Santorum, these two old women are threatening America if they try to vote.   1 in 10 voter age Americans do not yet have the ID, I fear, and the GOP hope, that most will not be able to or ever get around to getting those ID's.

Poll Taxes and Jim Crow may be the only hope for Republicans, and I'd say they have it under control.

every old suv headed for the crusher is good news

My morning newspaper editorial page beat us with another republican oil man claiming Obama can lower the price of oil and natural gas if he would just cut tax on drillers, pumpers, refiners, investors.   He goes on to admit that prices are set in world trading and impacted by world events, but, a tax cut would fix it.

Turn to the business section and the main article is about the "mom and pop" oil drillers being driven out of business in Kansas by "big oil".  Outbid for drilling rights and beat out of government freebees by corporate lawyers these guys are as sick as cowboys looking at the first fence.  Hidden in this story though is a gem, natural gas prices have fallen so low wells are being closed, drillers are pulling out of projects, there is a glut in NG and little profit in it, except for the big drilling companies who are fracking and drilling wells by the hundreds today.  How can they do it?  And  oil prices are up at the same time supply is up and yet for the mom and pom it's no longer profitable.  The small drillers smell a speculators bubble funding the biggest drilling companies and the high oil price.  But by the time the bubble breaks and prices settle, these little drillers may be gone.
But, at current gas prices, if you own a pick-up, suv, or an old barge getting 15 mpg and you pick up a new Prius getting 45 mpg you save $1,500 a year on gas.  Or, one of the many other cars in the high 30's mpg now available you will save $900 a year.  I have a Camry hybrid almost 4 years old, there was a $800 higher price for the hybrid option, I figured I would make it back in about 5 years, hell I made back the 800  in 30 months, at current prices it would have been faster.

Here's some exciting info..........If only 70,000 15 mpg vehicles were taken off the roads and replaced by 45 mpg, we would save 1 days worth of oil consumption each year.  If 200 million, thats most the cars we own, got 45 mpg, we would not import any oil, not even from Mexico or Canada.  This is not that great a hurtle to meet, it is possible in a few years if the GOP can't fuck it up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the chump don't change

Boehner is unable to get people who hate government but got elected into it to do anything for the nation.  The congress is about to shut down again for a few days to beg money from the rich they represent.  They failed to pass a Transportation Bill, either their own, or the Senates, which it turns out is impossible for the House to pass since it is a bipartisan compromise.  Instead the GOP hung onto their demands to defund busses and bike lanes and trains and fuel savings methods of any and all types, to repair bridges.  Instead the GOP bill basically said build roads into the suburbs, spread, sprawl, make cities wider and more expensive to move about in for people and for business.  Hey, it's what developers and fossil fuel is paying them for.

At the same time we see new studies indicating people are more interested in tree lined walkable cities with busses and trollies, stores and a cafe near by.  People are shopping more on line and the car dependent suburb malls are starting to get under peoples skin, personally I hate them now, drive in traffic, hunt a parking spot, dodge cars to run in, all the stores look the same, give me a computer and a UPS truck, and fuck the chump.

I don't think the Supreme Court decision will help Romney

What the hell do we need Romney for if the Supreme Court throws out most or all of the health care plan?  One of his main things is to repeal it, so that removes some of his perceived purpose.

What if they uphold it?  He and the tea party have made a cottage industry out of hollering "unconstitutional", a decision supporting most or all of it says Obama was right and the red states and Romney should go back to protecting the rich and attacking women and minorities.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can you wash out facts and reuse them?

The speech in Cushing Oklahoma a few days ago has the oil industry and their hired politicians after Obama again.  He came in, gave them a pipeline approval but they took offense with something he said.

He made reference to the amount of oil we have domestically available as a percent of the total known oil in the world.  I think he said 2% or 3%.  This figure is the proven or known reserves, a fact on geological records, tested by the government and the oil companies themselves.   But, WTF?  The oil patch (as it's known down here) is furious at his recklessly throwing around a fact.  They prefer, as is running every night on TV and cable channels, the pie in the sky hundred years worth of reserves right here story, or sometimes they say unlimited amounts of oil.  I guess if we can conserve enough then maybe they have 100 years of it, but unlimited, can't people think a little bit about that logic?

Oklahoma wants facts like a porn shoot wants rubbers.

Charlatans and dilettantes to the breach, plug up the hole with your dead (ideas).

The Catholic church hired the best labs in Europe in 1988 to examine the Shroud of Turin.  Carbon-dating and examination of the kind of fibers and weave pattern placed the date of the shroud as 1260-1390.   Yet a new film will release in the next few days and will be a wild success among the anti-science crowd and the uber-faithful.  It will claim the shroud did swaddle the dead Christ 2,012 years ago and was the proof the apostles needed to claim resurrection.  
This flies in the face of the Vatican's conclusion after the testing that though it is not the actual shroud it serves as a sacred relic.  But, charlatans and dilettantes rarely take a fact and turn down a profit.  Thump on!

Hello Russia, how is the weather today? Did Stalin kill Kirov?

I look at my stat page every month or so, strange as it sounds, Russians are almost always the second biggest source of visitors, and they are a lot sometimes.   I don't know why, maybe I am the "next blog" from a popular Russian blog, that little button up top you click and it jumps.

So, my Russian friends, why don't you make a comment, no one ever has, and how did you find "the yellow fringe"?  By the way, I am currently reading a book, "Who killed Kirov?"  I am enjoying it very much.  I must say Kirov lived in a very complicated time, so many characters and so many factions, it is amazing that anyone survived those destructive decades.  What do you think, did Stalin have a hand in the plot?
For most in the US, like me didn't know who Kirov was, he was Stalin's #2, and many assumed would take over if Stalin fell.  He had blood on his hands, but by standards of the day, not much, he was one of the few working for Stalin who had been a Menshevik before coming over to the Bolsheviks.  Most died by bullet or exposure after the Bolsheviks won the day.  He defied Lenin and others for a long time by working with the Mensheviks and compromising with them.  The major difference was Lenin and the Bolsheviks wanted (and got) a full scale revolution and brutal put down of any who stood in the way, the Mensheviks wanted a go slow transition to socialism, work with the old government and land and business  owners to bring them slowly with them.  Kirov compromised for as long as he could get away with.  Kirov was killed in Dec. 1934, following his death Stalin began the purges, first (and for some time) the purges were for plotting to kill Kirov, and by the number executed for it you would think it was the biggest collection of killers ever committed to shooting one man, later it turned into nationwide terror and the killing of millions of innocents for imagined sins and plots of all kinds, extending to distant family members and associates of anyone caught up in the chaos of the era.  And so, many suspect Stalin had a hand in it, with Kirov becoming more popular all the time and having a history of compromise.  It's interesting.  Compromise, then as now, is seen by some extremist as the most destructive failure.

Breast Cancer Survival, Butterfat, and Chicken

At least, stop eating pink donuts while you watch this video.  Cut out these same foods listed here and you not only reduce breast cancer risks, your heart attack risk will decline.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wind mills and cats, who's the better bird killer?

Some (but not all) of the ruckus about wind mills killing birds is funded by green-wash groups backed by coal and oil.  It's amazing to see data on what is killing birds, and it's rarely a windmill.

Here's the annual score in North America.
Cats domestic & feral - up to 1 billion
Power lines and fences - 130 million - 174 million
Windows resident and commercial - 100 million
Pesticides - 70 million +
Automobiles - 50 million
Lighted communication towers - 40 million -  50 million
Wind Turbines -10,000 - 40,000

This list ignores hunters and loss of habitat, trying not to piss off outdoorsmen and farmers, just cat people.  There is an ugly cat a few doors down that passes through the yard with a bird in it's mouth every few weeks, I maintain hope the fox will eventually take out the cat.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

heart of cheney

I hope they drove a wooden stake through the old heart, shot it with a silver bullet, packed it in garlic and launched it into the sun.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Texas, sucking around for more punishment

Rick Perry cut off 300,000 women from cancer screening.  It's barely even making a note on national news.  Three Hundred Thousand!  

If there was a god for women maybe she would punish Texas with a drought and a heat wave. 

Last year the drought and heat wave in Texas cost farmers and ranchers 7.62 Billion $. Thats just one year, the previous 2 years were disasters as well.
Estimates of 1 billion trees died.
There was also loss of hundreds of homes to wild fires.

Fuck Rick Perry

Pennsylvania's New Fracking Law

Check out Squatlo at takes this same issue on concerning Pennsylvania's doctors - chemicals and fracking, check it out.
So, my question is, who the hell is running this country now?  You?  Me? Corporations?  Do you really believe oil and gas companies are doing this for your benefit, or for theirs?  Do you really think that corporate America who has shipped jobs off shore, attacked workers rights, raided retirement funds, is now drilling for gas and oil for Amierica's benefit and in doing so they seek dictatorial laws and immunity also for our good?
See I think a lot of people do buy it, they believe as the Italians did in the 1930's, benevolent dictators working with industry can solve everything, and we all live blindfolded and gagged ever after.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blue corn chips and a beer.

Pink slime.  Maybe.  You take the organs and bones, teats, head, and the little bits between the good cuts and throw them on the floor, or in a dumpster, when it's full you send them to scrapers to dig little bits of meat out of it, then heat it to melt out more fat then grind it real fine.   It may be this was not kept cool, hours passed, it got walked on, it set in cow shit and blood and spinal fluid.  Packers know it has things in it now that make people ill.  So they treat it with ammonium hydroxide.  Not the same as the chemical used in blueprint making or cleaning products the meat industry says.  Well here is what those other products use, sha-zam it's ammonium hydroxide.  So, you decide.  They use it in gas form, the other is liquid, different states of the same thing.  Like water and ice, same thing.
Ammonia is just one of the chemicals the meat industry does not have to list on meat as an ingrediant, .... calcium hypochlorite (bleach, pool cleaner), hypobromous acid (hot tub germicide), DBDMH (water treatment chemical), chlorine dioxide (wood pulp bleach) and there are more.  And you wonder why there is so much childhood cancer, hypertension, obesity, aggression, learning problems, early onset of sexual development and homosexuality.

Tonights yellowfringe menu, potato soup, with red bell peppers, celery, onion, carrots.  Also a salad of mung beans, onions, parsley, lime juice, avocado.  Blue corn chips and a beer.

March 9 thru 19, US and Canada temps.

More than 4,300 new high temp records in the 10 days 3/9 - 3/19.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Some of the records were hugh, 30°f or more over the old.

Add this to another warm non-winter, the drought in much of the great plains and much of the west, and a rash of wild fires in Colorado.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Senate could be 50 Repubs and 50 Dems with the VP breaking every tie vote

With Snow and others leaving the early look-see is betting on a couple of Reichwing pick ups, maybe more than a couple.  Reasonable chance of the VP being the tie breaker every damn day of the week.  What kind of Supreme Court we going to get?  The next 4 years will see 2 if not 3 new justices.  I would not be surprised to hear a funeral dirge on public radio a couple times on NPR's wake up show re: said officers of the court.

I just saw some polling on a couple Senate races one in Virgina and the other Mass.  The dems have eked out a tiny lead now, partially as a backlash to the Reichwings attack on the sluts among us.  If you have a few dollars, or some other form of support to spare, do something for a dem senate race, otherwise these fucking religious zealots are going to ram a theocracy into the courts and the next 30 years will be like the inquisition, and if the VP is Romneys lap dog, corporations will get the vote proportional to their size.  Can you see Monsanto with 10,000 votes in Iowa?

Neighborhood watch vigilante

This piss ant in Florida was a hunter, a vigilante into tough guy shit, that's not a neighborhood watch, at least by my area's standards.  This guy claims to be a neighborhood watch captain, but it was not sanctioned by the Orlando police, they had never set one up, it was vigilantism.   In Florida if you shoot someone, make sure he's dead, maybe a bullet through the eye for good measure, then claim the "standing your ground" self defense rule.  They cannot charge you without a hearing first that finds you did wrong, or so I understand.  This works best if your white and the one at room temperature is not.

Here to have a neighborhood watch you have to get a majority of the neighbors to request it through the police.  The police visit the group a couple of times and go over the way things work.  You get signs to post in the neighborhood.  The size of a watch is limited to a street or small area.  The police come in every once in a while and go over how to stay safe.  You have to set up calling trees in the area, know what cars go with what house, let each other know about going out of town, call each other when you see something out of the normal.  It never includes chasing people or carrying weapons.

like a cat on a hot tin roof, jump down or die

1) Oklahoma denier in chief Sen. Inhofe remarks to Rachel Madow he believed in global warming until he heard how much it cost to fix it.  Can I use that logic, I believed in cancer till I found out it would cost a lot to remove it so I could live longer.  And his fossil fuel owners have been fixing it ever since, just not for you or me.   The reality is, like buying a CF light bulb, it cost more at first, but soon it turns into a profit center that we make or save money and resources with.

2) 2011 was the hottest year globally ever recorded.  The poor deniers, this must bum them out yet will give them reason to howl.  One of the global temp monitoring operations is called "HadCRUT".  One of the main points of deniers, of the numerous monitoring/reporting groups around the world, this groups data showed 2008 as the hottest, so, ah ha, the earth was cooling even though all others said 2011 was tied with 08 or the hottest.  HadCRUT found that they had not picked up many of the new monitor sites set up in the last few years. When they added this data it brought them in agreement with the others and chops off one of the deniers proofs.  Never fear though, it's a plot, but, they often say we need to look at the data and do more study, heres a case where that was done.  Sha-Zam!

3) I was in Memphis over the weekend, driving around in a historical neighborhood I saw a guy in his yard, lowered the window and ask him to tell me what were some of the flowering bushes in his yard, he was real happy to do it, then added he had never seen them all blum at once, 15° to warm he said, global warming is screwing up my display.

4)  Swiss scientist completed simulating on a mountain temperatures of about 5°f higher than now year round.  Many plants cannot live in it.  Like humans with a fever of 5°, short periods are survivable, full time, you die.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You like bread don't you?

If you look over here much, you know I have a farm.  This years warm winter and already a record hot spring has the wheat jointing to damn early (look up jointing if you care).  The danger is once it joints it is not immune to freezing.  Up to this point hard red winter wheat, as a grass native to the steppes of Russia it could survive most anything.  If we get a sharp cold night now, it kills it, and that danger runs to mid April.   There are smart asses who want to tell you that global warming is a hoax, but they say if it was happening it is a benefit, (I don't know how but, maybe if they fall through the damn ice), well if we catch a late spring freeze across Kansas and thousands of square miles of wheat die, your going to learn how much benefit is to have a wheat shortage caused by global warming speeding the growth cycle.

Texas Landowners Fight Keystone XL Pipeline

The detailed environmental impact of XL pipeline allows for up to 1.7 MILLION Gallons A Day Leaking WITHOUT Triggering detectors that there is a leak.
Most of this oil will be refined on the Gulf Coast, we get the pollution, then, the gas will be loaded on tankers and sold overseas.  Democrats in DC put up an amendment to the GOP's bill demanding the pipeline be built, the amendment stated the oil would be used in the USA.  GOP defeated it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Army pulls it's adds from Rush, bout time.

Today the Army said it pulled it's Army recruitment advertising from Rush.  Vet groups are still  working to get Rush off the armed forces radio network.
Our military should recognize a diet of political, gender and ethnic based hate delivered daily at tax payers expense is counterproductive.  Cohesion, respect and trust are paramount to military success.
Visit and participate:

Joke truth time

Q.  Tell me the important thing about this list; a corporation, a fertilized egg, a women.

A. One of them is not considered a person in Oklahoma.

Stolen, from the Jon Stewart show.

Wind turbines, the threats and dangers

You know what I hate about wind turbines?
The smokestacks.
The smoke.
The smog.
The mercury pollution.
The cooling towers.
The explosions.
The spills.
The limited fuel supply.
The other countries that control the wind.
The military cost to defend the wind.
The radiation.
The death of miners.
The fly ash.
The tailing ponds.
The methane gas releases.
The huge carbon footprint.
The increasing cost over time.
The inefficiency.
The pipelines.
The contaminated water.
The damage to our lungs and overall health done by wind turbines is horrendous.
The acid rain is nasty.
The waste.
republished from Clean Technica

Harvard's Meat and Mortality Studies

Not mentioned in this video, did you know fry cooks have cancer rates like coal miners, years of meat smoke is as poison as diesel soot.
We are 7 months into vegan diet.  The wife keeps detailed expense records, we eat a lot of expensive fruits and vegi's and nuts, but by passing the meat counter we are a little below our expenses as carnivores.  Now a couple times a month we have salmon.  Beyond that the wife had a serving of turkey at Christmans, me, in that time I had one sausage, 2 ribs, a couple beef and chicken sandwich, 1 hamburger, and turkey at xmas, in 7 months.  I get by on 30 minutes less sleep now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I think I woke up in a better universe, wait, lets see what Fox and Rush say.

Wall Street Journal: “U.S. gasoline prices, like prices throughout the advanced economies, are determined by global market forces. It is hard to see how Mr. Obama’s policies can be blamed.”
Cato Institute: “Is President Obama responsible for spiraling price of gasoline? Republicans say yes, but the facts say no.”
Two of the biggest anti-Obama machines: Rupert Murdocks WSJ and the Koch brothers Cato Institute don't want to hang high gas prices on Obama?  A moment of clarity?  A moment of honesty?  Maybe I am being to weird but if prices go down before election the prez. might get credit, better to claim (rightfully) he has little short term impact.  What will Fox do now?
Here we are 13 of March, already the lower 48 states set 807 high temps and 170 lows.  The next 7 days the weather east of the Rockies is predicted to be down right hot in most areas, setting records and kick starting the insect season a month early.  Ticks, skeeters, no-see-ums, dog pecker nats, yuck, global warming.
I see the radio world is pulling all national adds off Rush for 2 weeks.  Good deal.  But like that spider that gets under the water heater, he'll come back.  Rush will come back as victim then the triumphant defender of free speech, especially after Jane Fonda and Gloria S. said the FCC should look at this, no ladies, the market and public opinion has so far spanked him real good and you have given him a card to play.  Anyhow, lets see in 2 weeks, these advertisers will crawl back and we will need to work on the market again.

Tough Decisions: "The Road We've Traveled" Teaser - Obama for America 2012

Watch a minute of the movie, Tom Hanks narrates.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Santorum's wife, is she saying these things everywhere she goes?

Karen Santorum appeared at the caucus in Wichita in a stern unhappy 1880's hair-do pulled down flat on the sides of her head, she looked worn out from searching the slaves shed for stolen potatos.  
She spoke saying of her man:
 "prayerful and guided by Christian principles"
 "service to our dear Lord and others."
 "the United States has the finest health care system in the world," (big cheers) "and Rick will repeal Obamacare."
Breaking down in tears she said "It's happening already, and it will only get worse, under government health care, our disabled daughter and my Alzheimer’s-afflicted father would be the first to be denied care".
1) it's bullshit. 2) I thought the Religious Right and the GOP want to cut off as many people and services as possible, if what she says is true wouldn't the GOP want that, people should never look to the state for help.  3) Here is a potential first lady saying - our family needs government programs and assistance, we need big government programs. 5) Do all GOP fucks want to cut Obama care while saying don't cut government aid for me, for my family?  6) It's true in Kansas some disabled kids (and adults) are being cut off, but that's Catholic Saint Governor Sam Brownback that is making these changes at SRS and increasing hoops to jump through for state welfare.  7) 
Question:  Is she doing this bleak frontiers women appearance crying jag for their own benefitseverywhere she goes?  I imagine this is very powerful, if she doesn't do it everywhere, she should.

Read more here:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rush, stop using our music for background for your attacks on women

Music group Rage Against the Machine are insisting Rush stop using their music during his show.  Peter Gabriel has done the same.  I don't know if they can as long as he pays the small royalty for it to the music clearing house or what ever that thing is called.  But, the fans of these groups will dislike him for it, and that's good enough for me.  It would be nice if he could end up with just ted the republican nugents music playing over and over.

OK Christian Soldiers, at ease. Gas prices are the same as 1918 and 1981.

Adjusted for inflation, we see that the highs over the years are about what we have now.  Sure this surge is a bad deal, but we have been up and down and here before because of the addiction to a product that is priced by the market, you know the market, the Republicans say the market can fix everything, your taking a fixing now from the market.  Drive less, air up your tires, use your motherfucking bike, hell with the speculators and Kochs.

Motherfucking Bike [HD]

Love and peace

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brownback's theology shock troops go after rape victims

Kansas is working a new tax law, oh it will benefit the rich, thats a given, but if it gets written like it appears so far, no one, not even rape and incest patients can claim a medial deduction for the abortion, and heres the cool part, they have to pay sales tax on the procedure.   Yes, Kansas wants to help out with that little gift the rape victims and kids of incest got from God.

Another Chinese import, pollution.

NOAA is tracking pollution blowing from China, across the Pacific to the American Southwest states.  In California up to 5% of some air borne pollutants are Chinese, enough to raise some chemical and ozone levels into the danger area.

And people still persist in saying man cannot impact the health and climate of the planet.  Raise hell, join an environmental group like Green Peace or NRDC or some others that work to slow our pollution levels here and from foreign sources.  Oh, another story last week has the EU up in arms, they fingerprinted some airborne pollutants they collected and traced them to the US.  It's everyone's mess, it has to change.

Once he's not in front of the tea baggers, or oil and coal thugs he changed his tune on global warming.

"I’ve always said that I put my belief behind science. When you have 99 of 100 climate scientists who are saying that there is something happening here, [and] we have the National Academy of Sciences basically saying the same thing — that’s where I tend to place my belief."  John Huntsman, March 7, 2012, (former contender for GOP Prez job).  

This is in line with his long held position, and I am glad to see he has returned to reality.  He goes on to say  something like, if the public will push harder on politicians they will start to work on it.  So push.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

$100 investment will make you $500 to $1,500 in 5 years.

New figures on CF bulbs over the old tungsten heater.  March off to Home Depot, I'm told they all have a display of 100 watt tungsten incandescent next to a 26 watt CF, same lumens, theres a switch, both are instant on, CF lasts 5,000 hours, compared to 600 on the old bulb.
Depending on where you live and the hours of use, for every $100 worth of CF's you buy, over the next 5 years you save/keep from $100 to $300 dollars annually in electric expense.  (figures included the difference in purchase price)  To hell with the electric company, daddy needs a new pair of shoes.  Bonus, keeps you off ladders and chairs changing lights so often.  Put them where ever you use the lights at least an hour a day.

Home Depot recycles them for you if they fizzle.  I have 2 that are a good 12 years old.  I also have one fixture where they last only about a year, the old style bulbs lasted there only 2 or 3 months at a whack, I suspect this location is not getting clean power.

I read a few days ago, this guy says we can save 2k to 5k a year with energy saving devices, low use appliances, and awareness of waste.  With the income of many Americans falling, this is going to be the way you you can still maintain the same lifestyle, keep money from the utility company so you can spend it at the pub.

This savings is guaranteed.  The bank doesn't pay that much interest and the stock market isn't a sure deal.


And the aristocracy's support goes to............

As of a few months ago the average donation to Obama's re-election campaign was $69.
As of last month only 10% of donations to Romney's campaign was under $200.

This week I will give $10 to Obama, and $10 to the Democratic Senate Campaign.  Let the good times roll.
Fuck Rush Limbaugh.  Fuck Rick Perry, Fuck Pat Robertson, Fuck Santourm, and Fuck Mittens Romney, and Fuck the Oil Meat Medical and Defense industry.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

If you want to call your local Rush radio carrier, and grip, go here.

list of stations by state:

And now for the rest of the story, Romney is invested in Clear Channel

Mitt Romney's income is from Bain Capital, which he left in 1999, but he still has millions in the company.  Bain purchased Clear Channel in 2006.   Rush is Clear Channel's largest radio asset, a blue chip piece of the company.  Any questions now why Mittens won't take on Rush?

20 advertisers left Rush now, and 2 stations, of almost 600 that's nothing, normal turnover.  Rush says this will not matter, he has companies clamoring to get in.  Rush is to big to fail they say.  This needs to be a sustained effort.  Continue to hammer the new advertisers that appear, and they will.  The most prized demographic to his advertisers are women 24 to 30, and this is the group that we must continue to remind of Rush's years of feminazi jokes leading up to this creme dela crud, as well as Mittens opinion it was just not the words he would have chosen, maybe Mittens would have used hooker and cur to describe women using birth control.

Those pesky Germans and their fixation on efficiency and long term savings.

Deutsche Bank did an energy efficiency and CO2 study of the USA.  They are the largest bank in Germany, and why they made this study I can only guess at.  But, their findings are:  The US could save 1 trillion $'s with a skimpy investment of $279 billion, along the way create 3.3 million job years worth of work for many trades retrofitting all buildings made before 1980 (and some poorly made newer ones) with insulation and new windows, new electronics/lighting and heating/cooling equipment.  Along the way we would cut our CO2 output by 10% and buildings retrofitted would get by on 30% less energy.

Save a trillion for 279 billion invested, wow, knock the zeros off that and you get back a dollar for every 28 cents invested.  Hell I can do that now, not the trillion saved, but the dollar, and lots of them, and so can you, I'll post that info later today.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush pivots to attack Wind and Solar as false industry with false numbers

from the news site, Think Progress, people are striking back with facts fast and furious against Rush.  Pointing out there are 400 manufacturers in the US making components for alternative energy.  And:

The Vote Solar Initiative’s Adam Browning tells ThinkProgress Green: “Solar is a $80 billion dollar global industry. Put another way, that’s 32 times the 2008 US sales of OxyContin.”

Everybody Loves Raymond shows, and Middle, won't watch them now.

Patricia Heaton had to get in on the fun, pile on with the Reichwing boys.  She joined in tweeting hateful insults about the Georgetown girls just like the big boys.  Thanks Patricia, its always good to know who among us would bully others for the benefit of the rich and just.

I read the cable company knows what channel your on, therefore they have a minute to minute rating.  For this reason I set my remote to skip some channels so never to afford some shows even an accidental score.  And from now on I will jump channels as fast as I can smack the button any time I land on a rerun of Everybodylovesraymond, or the stupid Middle show.  Reducing ratings of these is the only way I know to hopefully reduce Patricia's income.

She was on tweet but signed off after she got so much shit, but now she's back, if you have a tweet you can tell her your not watching any more of her shows, hey, she has a tweet so she can hear from fans, let her hear.

Climate change, not the Arab Spring caused the revolution in Syria?

Look at this map.  Recall that the Pentagon, the CIA, the German Military, are among only 3 of many well respected sources who warned Global Warming will lead to failed states, wars, mass migrations, not in decades, or years, but starting now!
Syria's fight for freedom does not fit the model of Arab Spring as the news media says it does.  The spark to rise up against the dictator was the severe drought and weather events leaving tens of thousands of farmers and herders with total crop failure and total loss of livestock, economic collapse of agriculture regions.  The unrest here did not rise up in the largest cities as in Egypt and Tunisia, but was born in the dead fields and collapsing villages and spread into the towns and small cities.  The farmers are starving now like their animals last year, empty bellies do not fear  repressive governments and corrupt cops, the hunger drives people to take chances.
This map shows the most severe drought conditions also exist in Greece, Portugal, Albania, Jordan, Spain, the other countries with some of the worst economic conditions at the moment and with some levels of civil unrest.  Are their current difficulties related to weather?  Perhaps.   Israel too is in this red zone, however up to now still have water partly through the practice of holding it back from neighbors, which may be unsustainable.
If you want the whole story:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Someone's praying, my Lord, come by here (kumbahya)

Why has the Republicans turned on a religious song from the past?  Rush or Cantor or Fox love to throw it out as an insults festooned in nasty sarcasm, kumbahyah this or that.  Gingrich and others denounce democrats ideas or speeches as so much kumbahyah wish-e-wash-e, a joke, something to laugh at, absurd.

The song was first written down in the mid 1920's, from a group of blacks on the coast of South Carolina who spoke a pigeon english.  "Kum-bah-yah" meant come by here.  It was a negro spiritual, native to those parts.  So if you see the text of the song, what about it should a religious white politician feel so superior to that he would use it as ridicule?  Asking god to visit in spirit, to be with the people, to look after us, to bless us, mighty subversive I guess according to Fox and friends.  So, to make the translation it becomes:

Come by here Lord, come by here.
hear me crying Lord, come by here.
Someones laughing Lord, come by here.
Hear me praying Lord, come by here.
Someone's singing my Lord, come by here.
Oh, I need you my Lord, come by here.

I would add a verse for the American Taliban,
This nation is persecuting women Lord, Kum-bah-yah
Someone's wants to silent the voices Lord, Kum-bah-yah

NPR Science Friday, listen today

Michael Mann, one of the foremost experts on global warming, the most attacked scientist in modern times, will be on NPR today.  Listen if you can or later you can listen on line at NPR archives.

Save our media freedoms, stop the media barons.

Next week the FCC comes to another decision to allow the 6 main news giants to gobble up more of their competitors, choking off local and independent sources.  Rupert Murduck needs to be put back under a rock with the other gluttonous vermin.  Avaaz, a world wide network of people who give a shit has a rapid response platform for political and environmental events, in this case a way for you to tell the FCC you want them to protect open media not smother it.  At the same time for Europeans they have an action against Ruperts corruptions in Europe, so, copy and paste in your browser window.

Also, as important check out this to.

Republican symbol being wiped out, isn't it time the GOP took up conservation of wildlife?

In the last two months Africa has seen a horrifying wave of elephant poaching.  In one central African country 450 were found, further south 250.  Other nations report the same, an organized effort to take ivory over a vast swath of the continent.  In many areas residents report waves of automatic weapon fire in the forest and hearing the cries of elephants dying but they are afraid to enter to see the results, it is sure the numbers are very high.

From millions, to thousands, the largest land mammal, and a symbol of one of America's great political party is winding down, collapsing, another victim of the Anthropocene, (a period of change in the world caused by humans).   Elephants are one of the few animals alive that have a sense of self, they can easily and immediately recognize their own reflection or image.  Only man, the other great apes, and dolphin have this ability.  Elephants can also recognize most every other elephant they have ever met even decades later in life, and their closest associates found dead they also seem to recognize.

Like the mammoth hunted to extinction by man, we will lose more than a wrinkly skinned giant, but part of the planet.  There are in Africa a type of giant jungle tree which drops fruit, the elephants eat it, walk about and scatter the seed to new areas.  This seed will not germinate if it has not gone through the elephant, no elephant, no tree.  The mammoth was hunted out by our ancestors for food mostly, and it's unlikely they could have known they were killing off the last few animals at the time.  Had they given it a thought, I imagine they would say there must be more in the next valley.  Many people reject the possibility man decimated these great beasts, but the math is easy, it was easy to do.  The gestation period is near 2 years for the current and historical elephant species.  So, we have a valley with a few beasts roaming there, cro-magnon or proto-human guy shows up with fire and some sharp sticks, maybe a cliff to chase them towards and at great personal risk and surley some deaths among the party they kill them, or lets say they only kill the babies and the pregnant cows.  For the next 2 years this herd has no growth.  If they can kill a few breeding age adults, not only the current loss but the future loss, you see the slow breeding cycle means it's no big deal to clean out the valley, and were off to the next one.  Africa is the next valley and modern weapons will wipe out the elephant in some of our lifetimes from whole regions, guaranteed.  Doesn't conservative mean to conserve?  Why don't we see the conservatives leading the charge to save the wildlife of the world, hell, why not the wildlife of the US, bears, wolfs, anything?

Do not, ever, go to a circus which has elephants.  This is a cruel cruel business.  Believe me, elephants do not stand on their hind legs or their heads in the wild, they never balance on balls or hold tails, the only way to get this results is sever and repeated beatings, shocking, and use of the hook.  A life in trains and trucks and standing on cement is not what they were made for, it ruins their legs and feet and joints meaning more punishment when they move slowly in pain.

Koch brothers fresh from another victory make grab for Cato Institute

$700,000.  Thats what Koch brothers say they will spend in Wisconsin to save their employee Gov. Walker from recall.  More than 100 million rumors say they will spend to defeat Obama.  Here on Tuesday in  Wichita they backed (with page after page of adds in the paper) and won a special election held on a single hotel's right to use a special tax/loan that is used by local businesses like it was a coffee maker, the hoteler is a guy from Tulsa, I suspect an enemy of Kochs so they went after him on this when they themselves cash millions of government checks every year in their oil, coal, ranching, forest, chemical, plastic, and commodity speculating businesses.  Surprise surprise they backed the ballot answer no, no vote is the easiest win these days.

Now I see they are suing to take over the Cato Institute.  I am glad Cato is in the news.  They are quoted and used by news media all the time as if they are a uninterested scientific organization, wrong, it is a business.  It's purpose to write and market right wing libertarian bullshit and attack any and all regulations, safety, environmental and consumer friendly facts and legislation.  They are a spin machine of the highest order, and Kochs owned around 25% of it, now want to run it all, this is their style, they want full control.  Please be aware, any time you see Cato quoted as source or funder, your not getting the whole story, and they didn't provide it of the goodness of their hearts.  I don't know who the other schmucks were that owned Cato with them, but they should have expected this.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

But the republicans said they could just drill a hole and oil price will fall.

Since mid 2009 we went from 200 to 1200 drilling rigs at work at any one time.  Add to that the technology jumped, they drill faster, deeper and branch out from a single location and bring up more oil from each hole than in the past.  But, the price of oil trends up since this chart first date of March 07.  Increased oil drilling in the US does not lower price.  The GOP is lying, again, about drilling to lower our price, they can't do it, Obama can't do it, the world market that sets this price.

And one more thing, Obama is not supressing the activity of the oil industry, they are drilling with more rigs now than any time before.  And the price of oil rises, we cannot drill in the US to lower oil prices, and the oil companies don't want lower prices, god damn do you think they want to cut their own profits  to a trickle?  That's not the trickle down economics they been talking about.

And the rest of the world is drilling like hell to, oil production is up everywhere, but the demand rises to meet the supply.  As long as we are an oil based economy the jumps in prices from world events will knock the steam out of us every few years and throw the poorest among us into situations of energy starvation.

Le Mans 24 hour car race will have a hybrid Audi this year

Audi has 10 of the last 13 wins at Le Mans, this year they are putting in two models.  One is a diesel-electric hybrid R18 using regenerative power gathered from braking and coasting to boost power when accelerating.

Meanwhile in my red fortress state, our oil industry owners are suggesting a tax on hybrids, hi mileage vehicles and electric vehicles, this I guess is needed to punish those not buying enough gas from them.

Al, thanks for the laugh, that did me good.

I'm OK with Al Sharpton, I don't have strong feelings for or against him considering his life's work.  Tuesday night I came in from carving limestone, the wife had TV on MSNBC and they had just that moment announced Michigan was by a few votes squeeking into a Romney win.  As Mitt finished puking up a list of talking points at his post win rally.  The camera swung to Al, and bam he left me holding my sides curled in the easy chair.  (forgive the quote may not be exact) "Well they said Romney needed to hit it out of the park, and he did, a fowl ball right out the back!  And this appearance here, it was like he had someone else's speech and couldn't wait to get to the end of it."

Well the wife and I had a really good laugh, so did the others sitting with Al on camera.  He can really deliver sometime.  I put another plus mark in Al's column.