Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blue corn chips and a beer.

Pink slime.  Maybe.  You take the organs and bones, teats, head, and the little bits between the good cuts and throw them on the floor, or in a dumpster, when it's full you send them to scrapers to dig little bits of meat out of it, then heat it to melt out more fat then grind it real fine.   It may be this was not kept cool, hours passed, it got walked on, it set in cow shit and blood and spinal fluid.  Packers know it has things in it now that make people ill.  So they treat it with ammonium hydroxide.  Not the same as the chemical used in blueprint making or cleaning products the meat industry says.  Well here is what those other products use, sha-zam it's ammonium hydroxide.  So, you decide.  They use it in gas form, the other is liquid, different states of the same thing.  Like water and ice, same thing.
Ammonia is just one of the chemicals the meat industry does not have to list on meat as an ingrediant, .... calcium hypochlorite (bleach, pool cleaner), hypobromous acid (hot tub germicide), DBDMH (water treatment chemical), chlorine dioxide (wood pulp bleach) and there are more.  And you wonder why there is so much childhood cancer, hypertension, obesity, aggression, learning problems, early onset of sexual development and homosexuality.

Tonights yellowfringe menu, potato soup, with red bell peppers, celery, onion, carrots.  Also a salad of mung beans, onions, parsley, lime juice, avocado.  Blue corn chips and a beer.


  1. Three chili dogs with Guy Fieri 7 pepper salsa.
    Maybe potato salad - and Ruffles.


  2. the older I get the less meat I eat, it just doesn't digest well, and no dang wonder...

    1. Hi Bella,
      That's what we did, we ate smaller and smaller portions, finally we decided to stop, take a B12 vit, and if you don't get much sunshine take a vit D. Thats it, everything else is in the food if you eat a variety.

  3. I decided to check out our local super market chain to see if it was still serving up this shit. Couldn't get an answer from a store manager, so I went on line to their web site. I had to dig to find any information about the slime, but I found it. A recent press release from their PR wing, buried deep.

    Basically they poo pooed concerns about it as "media hype". They went on to present an expert researcher's opinion...a doctor...a doctor who used to be in the employ of the FDA as head of research. You know, the federal agency that ok'd this shit for consumption. The doc declared that indeed, this was all media word play. That the chemicals injected into pink slime are so minute as to be non-existent and that it was just as safe as it was back in 1992 when HE put the USDA stamp of approval on it. Yep, HE was the dude who approved it. This "expert's" opinion is the basis for this grocery chain to continue to carry meat mixed with this shit. They lost my business for damned sure. As far as I am concerned they are corporate money whores who don't give a shit about their customers except as it affects their bottom line.


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