Friday, March 23, 2012

Pennsylvania's New Fracking Law

Check out Squatlo at takes this same issue on concerning Pennsylvania's doctors - chemicals and fracking, check it out.
So, my question is, who the hell is running this country now?  You?  Me? Corporations?  Do you really believe oil and gas companies are doing this for your benefit, or for theirs?  Do you really think that corporate America who has shipped jobs off shore, attacked workers rights, raided retirement funds, is now drilling for gas and oil for Amierica's benefit and in doing so they seek dictatorial laws and immunity also for our good?
See I think a lot of people do buy it, they believe as the Italians did in the 1930's, benevolent dictators working with industry can solve everything, and we all live blindfolded and gagged ever after.


  1. Just ask Mitt wwho's running the country. "Corporatiions are people, my friend!"

    And Corporate People are the only ones Republicans care about...

  2. Grung_e_Gene is right. It isn't WE The People with the bastards - they she things as "Us" and "Them". It is all about money and if you don't have money - then, fuck you.



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