Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Charlatans and dilettantes to the breach, plug up the hole with your dead (ideas).

The Catholic church hired the best labs in Europe in 1988 to examine the Shroud of Turin.  Carbon-dating and examination of the kind of fibers and weave pattern placed the date of the shroud as 1260-1390.   Yet a new film will release in the next few days and will be a wild success among the anti-science crowd and the uber-faithful.  It will claim the shroud did swaddle the dead Christ 2,012 years ago and was the proof the apostles needed to claim resurrection.  
This flies in the face of the Vatican's conclusion after the testing that though it is not the actual shroud it serves as a sacred relic.  But, charlatans and dilettantes rarely take a fact and turn down a profit.  Thump on!

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  1. One of my history professors at USI was involved in a thing with the Shroud Of Turin back in the late 80s. He spoke of faith mixing with science is the investigation.
    If you are looking for something that proves what you believe is true; then it is not logical that you will discount or ignore completely anything that does not meet that tests?



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