Friday, March 30, 2012

To the women yelling at the supreme court against Obama care, if hubby dies your blood pressure pills are full price tomorrow.

I was looking at my health care insurance plan and stumbled onto something really disturbing.  If I die, my wife's insurance ends at the same time.  If a hit and run driver nails us on a walk around the park, kills me and busts her up, well lady that ambulance ride is just the first thing your paying for on your own.

Or if I just wake up dead one morning, she's got no insurance.  In her case without going into the details, I can tell you she is uninsurable, she will not find insurance until 2014 when the Affordable Health Care Act prevents insurance companies denying her on pre-existing conditions.

I will bet you that most the people not retired who are out there yelling to overturn this law, have no idea they are in the same situation as my wife should their family member with the insurance policy die.

I was really shocked, I knew it would end when the one named on the policy died, but I imagined it would go 30 days, or end of the month, at least to the fucking weekend, good god this is cruel.


  1. if I just wake up dead

    Hell of a book deal there, for somebody.:)

  2. Darrel,
    Plus your wife has a pre-ex, so if - well, after - ObamaCare is ruled unconstitutional she likely wouldn't be able to get coverage period. But, hold on - Isn't that a employer provided policy? Then, I would think she could stay on the plan under Cobra for at least eighteen months. If not, does Kansas have a state pool policy for uninsurables? Most states
    do. High premiums, high deductibles, high co-pays, and caps on coverage all all parts of these plans - I have had to use
    Indiana's state plan twice in twenty years - kid with spinal
    bifida and another case with Grand Mal seizures.


    1. Ron,
      Not sure, that is not explained anywhere I can find. It simply says if the employee dies, the policy ends as soon as the body assumes room temperature. I would be surprised if a family member could pick up Cobra when their is no living employee around. Well, I'm counting on two things, Kennedy and Roberts don't vote it out, and that I can still get a hard-on in 2014.

  3. Note to everyone:
    Read your policy. That goes for every policy: life, car, health, home - you name it. The things are written by lawyers to protect the companies from paying claims.


  4. Yes, back for a while.
    Obama care. The package was flawed from the beginning. So many riders on that package that had less to do with health care and more to do with tacit violations of Constitutional law made the law controversial. Govt being Govt, we the people will pay regardless, corporate health care, multinational Pharm Corps, Insurance Corps and so on will profit and exert more control over the govt and our lives. Wish this was not true.


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