Monday, March 26, 2012

Wind mills and cats, who's the better bird killer?

Some (but not all) of the ruckus about wind mills killing birds is funded by green-wash groups backed by coal and oil.  It's amazing to see data on what is killing birds, and it's rarely a windmill.

Here's the annual score in North America.
Cats domestic & feral - up to 1 billion
Power lines and fences - 130 million - 174 million
Windows resident and commercial - 100 million
Pesticides - 70 million +
Automobiles - 50 million
Lighted communication towers - 40 million -  50 million
Wind Turbines -10,000 - 40,000

This list ignores hunters and loss of habitat, trying not to piss off outdoorsmen and farmers, just cat people.  There is an ugly cat a few doors down that passes through the yard with a bird in it's mouth every few weeks, I maintain hope the fox will eventually take out the cat.


  1. Damn Darrel - Don't you own a .22? Shoot that fukin cat. The damned things eat baby rabbits too. Wished I had five dollars for every cat I have smoked one of the feline fuckers with a twelve guage while hunting rabbits.
    We heard that same story about the windmills killing migratory geese. It was bullshit or rather birdshit.
    I wonder? How many birds are killed by aircraft?
    Remember the German in the 104 who landed at Hahn after taking a buzzard through the windshield?


  2. Google "astro-turfing" It's not just foe sports fields anymore.

  3. Sarge: I won't shoot the cat, unless of course when I follow him through the back yards I might shoot'im right in the back then claim I felt threatened, stand my ground.

    The FWY: I better go over to your post so I can read that itty bitty cartoon you hung here. I mispronounce that astro-turfing sometimes.

    OK, saw the cartoon in another window. bad dog.

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