Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the chump don't change

Boehner is unable to get people who hate government but got elected into it to do anything for the nation.  The congress is about to shut down again for a few days to beg money from the rich they represent.  They failed to pass a Transportation Bill, either their own, or the Senates, which it turns out is impossible for the House to pass since it is a bipartisan compromise.  Instead the GOP hung onto their demands to defund busses and bike lanes and trains and fuel savings methods of any and all types, to repair bridges.  Instead the GOP bill basically said build roads into the suburbs, spread, sprawl, make cities wider and more expensive to move about in for people and for business.  Hey, it's what developers and fossil fuel is paying them for.

At the same time we see new studies indicating people are more interested in tree lined walkable cities with busses and trollies, stores and a cafe near by.  People are shopping more on line and the car dependent suburb malls are starting to get under peoples skin, personally I hate them now, drive in traffic, hunt a parking spot, dodge cars to run in, all the stores look the same, give me a computer and a UPS truck, and fuck the chump.


  1. I also detest the traffic around malls and rarely shop there.
    Having been stationed in Asia - I seen what mass transportation can accomplish. Now those big Hyundai buses belching out black smoke weren't doing much to reduce the smog in Seoul - but, Korea has a nice train and subway system - nothing, of course, like that of Japan or even China.



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