Friday, March 23, 2012

Texas, sucking around for more punishment

Rick Perry cut off 300,000 women from cancer screening.  It's barely even making a note on national news.  Three Hundred Thousand!  

If there was a god for women maybe she would punish Texas with a drought and a heat wave. 

Last year the drought and heat wave in Texas cost farmers and ranchers 7.62 Billion $. Thats just one year, the previous 2 years were disasters as well.
Estimates of 1 billion trees died.
There was also loss of hundreds of homes to wild fires.

Fuck Rick Perry


  1. I wonder what Pat Robertson claim's that last years drought was caused by? A strip club in Ft Worth?
    Good news - It has been raining like a twin cunted cow pissin on a flat rock in Texas. The rains have been over an extended period so that the water isn't running off like it does with sun baked clay soil but actually getting down into the water table. The reserviors are being refilled also.


  2. And the federal government took 40 million in funding away from the state because of the passage of the law preventing women on Medicaid from getting health care at Planned Parenthood. Seems if you accept federal money, you can't make laws preventing the people who get that money from choosing to receive healthcare from whomever they want.


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