Monday, October 31, 2011

my annual retelling of my finest bed time story, happy Oct. 31st

A bed time story.

One day a self-edifying group of subniveal conservative lemmings rushing through the forest came upon a magnificent bull stuck in the mud.  After some discussions with the bull it was decided is they could profit they would help the bull free himself.  At first it was great chaos as the lemmings bragged and argued amongst themselves and to the bull that they were each the true center of conservative strength.   The neo-cons begged for assination of foreign heads of state as policy, the paleo-cons cried for a return to Nietzche ideals, constitutionalists demanded repeal of the Amendments, veiled racist denounced emigrants, business swore against consumer rights, traders called for social security to be privatized for their firms to manage, the religious right prayed for control over women and war in the middle east, the union haters scorned living wages and the health care act, the birthers blathered, fossil fuel supporters blustered at science and solar energy, others were content to just cry no no no.  

Eventually just enough conservatives pulled to free the bull, where upon chaos resumed as each boasted his political view was the conservative power that had accomplished the task.

A few days later the magnificent bull happened upon a rocky pit, looking down he saw all the lemmings were in it, helpless as a group to get out.  Seeing the bull they demanded he repay his debt at once.  The bull straddled the pit lowering his immense penis and testicles into the stony crease.  The conservative lemmings scampered up the bulls’ member to safety and ran off to persecute the doves cooing nearby.

Moral of the story: It’s better to have a big dick than a wilderness of conservatives. 

At last, lawyers are doing something to earn some kudos, at least from me.

Re: Occupy Wall Street.  The first amendment right to protest is being ignored or squeezed down by selling permits to protest by some cities, and/or forbidding being to close to the state house, or to city hall, or in a park.  These are methods for selecting who can protest, and saying no to groups the party of power doesn't like.

Nation wide there is an army of pro bono attorneys working to guide the protests in dozens of cities through the legal maze of exercising their first amendment rights.  Thanks to the lawyers, it is said it is the biggest pro bono legal event since the Viet Nam war protests.  Thanks.

And........what the hell are the cops doing beating and pepper spraying and turning sprinkler systems at night on these people who so far as I know they have yet to find anyone with so much as a can opener let alone a gun or large knife, but to look at the swat team battle gear of the cops it seems they come prepared for a 1980's Belfast riot.  What the hell is going on with the cops, these people have more in common with them than the rich who are begging the politicians they own for a crack down. Wake up cops!  These protestors are more likely to support more police hired and at better pay than those asking for busted heads from their penthouses.

Do something, spend 5 minutes to tell congress don't crap in our water.

The House of Representatives will soon vote on a bill that would make it next to impossible to protect Americans' health or the environment in the future. The "Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny" (or REINS Act) would require both houses of Congress to approve every proposed major standard that would protect health or the environment -- or anything else. Urge your representative to oppose and vote No on the REINS Act (H.R. 10)

Go to NRDC, click take action.  OK they want your address, they may ask you to join.  You could do worse, NRDC may be the most successful environmental group out there, and they use a very small percent of their income for fund raising or executive pay.  If you get any junk mail from them, it won't be much, just recycle it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

If we tax the 10%, or regulate their companies, it will totally hose up our future

Don't you know they have a lot of expenses with houses in Santa Fe, upper NY state, condo on the gulf.

They didn't want to die, so they got serious, dairies to berries

Been on a almost 100% vegi diet now for 2.5 months, no down side, feel fine.  Cost, more for vegi's fruits, nuts, whole grains, beans, but no meat, so we can't see any difference in our total costs.

You know those adds on TV about fracking being safe and patriotic source of gas for the US

Guess what.  Your fools if you believe it.  Lets just look at this patriotic shit, you know what the cute lady or the so-called geologist in the other add says, it's ours, lets get at it, and use it here cause it's clean, not like dirty ole king coal, no sir'eee it's clean low priced and we don't give nasty old dictators money just so we  stay warm this winter.
Yesterday BG Group and Cheniere Energy formed a gas gang and signed a 20 year deal for billions to export the fruit of thousands of soon to be fracked wells.  Oh, and this will mean the price of gas will not be going down and may go up, supply/demand rules.  Oh, and this means we will not be cutting back on imports of energy but instead bringing one in and sending one out in a kind of freight shuffle cluster fuck.  Oh, and this confirms we have been listening to pure propaganda.  Oh, and this means you tax dollars to subsidize the fossil fuel industry is once again leaving the millionaires and oil tycoons rolling on the floor in laughter at what they are getting away with.
OK, now do you buy the other half of what these crooks are selling, that it is completely safe, no one ever got funky smells or foul water from living near one of these wells?  I know some of you buy that, I don't.

P.S. That Keystone Canadian tar sands pipeline to Houston, thats safe too you know, and will lower gasoline prices, will keep us from buying from pricks too.  Well one of the two firms that are at the end of the pipe also made a deal, told its stockholders 40% or better was already sold to export.  Why the hell do we pipe it across the US to ship it out the other side, Canada could pipe it to their coast for that, it's closer.  Well, again, those guys are rolling on the floor holding their sides, cause it's tax free, it ends in a bonded export zone, plus the pipe has so many give aways in it I can't understand when the drug gangs are going figure out they cam make as much stealing through the fossil fuel scam, and not go to jail for it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks to all the little people for sending me your tax dollars, thanks.

If you look over here once in a while you know that I have a job, and I own a farm.  In 1922 the first socialist program was passed into law, it says if you are a farmer the soviet, no I mean the people of the US will just give you money for showing up.  Wow.  For almost 100 years the farm bill, or crop support or agricultural bill, or rural what ever bill, the name changes more often than Romney's past, has grown, it has never gotten smaller in any year so far as I know.

Now if you come to Kansas, and I bet it's the same all over, drive out to one of these ghost town farming communities with one cafe about all that's left of main street be prepared to walk into a hornets nest of seed branded ball caps bitch'in about welfare mothers, and people that won't work.  But, you might ask, why aren't you guys working, or aren't you guys getting a form of welfare.  At this point either the room goes quiet, or it explodes.  See, these guys do not want to hear about socialism out here, they want to focus on socialism over there, in the cities, in the universities, in DC.

For the grain farmers in the great plains states, the hard work of grandpa's days are forgotten.  Hugh powerful tractors with gps, tv, airconditioning, cd's, cushy air ride seats, wi-fi, all that has rendered farming a part time job.  Only a few days are needed a few times prior to planting, again at planting, then again at harvest.  And many don't live on the farm, and there are all kinds of services now, the co-op can send out specialized vehicles to spread chemicals, there are companies around that will do the planting, and combines cost so much most farmers hire that service too.  So, what do we do?  Not fucking much. But yesterday I got notice all of you sent me money, just for being out here you sent me money  Hell grain prices are high as the tits on a mountain goat and still you kept that socialism going.   I guess when it was set up farmers were failing, starving, and that could come again one day when we finally pump out all our  water and salt the land with chemicals till nothing much will grow in the heat, then maybe it would make sense, but right now it's like the wars, it's a gift to a voting block.  What really sucks is these subsides support grain, sugar, and milk instead of fruit or vegi and nut growers.  The subsidies promote a fat lifestyle.  Some goes to bread, but most grain ends up as high fructose sugar, junk food, fuel, meat, or export, it's a shame taxpayers pay farmers a bonus for these (mostly) unsustainable ends.

Now we hear that this special committee in DC is working in the Senate to cut support for farmers, but the news is the cuts will be on foodstamps not on subsides.  There you go, just what you hear about in the cafe, fucking people on welfare that won't work, now put a dollar on the counter and run for your car, back to the city.  See you at the counter occupy wallstreet protest, we'll spit on the middle class.

rewrite: infinity and beyond quiz

You are standing in a room against one wall facing the opposite wall.  The goal is to cross the room in stages, each one being half the distance that remains between the last step and the far wall.  You keep this up until you bump into the far wall.  Lets switch to an example we can better deal with, a line 2 inches long that we can mark our progress points on.  Our first move is half the distance, so we move 1", the next is half the distance remaining, so we move 1/2" for a total of 1.5", our next move is half again or 1/4" for a total of 1.75", and so it goes half again, and again.  

Q1) how many points can be marked on the line?
Q2) what is the total of your addition, the total distance traveled along the line?
Q3) this exercise sparked wild debate for hundreds of years, which calmed down (some) in the 1700's.  There is a conclusion to be drawn from it that once stated sounds stupidly obvious and simple but had not been solved or agreed upon until then (1700's).  Any ideas what it was?

(Why the rewrite?  NAC pointed out that my quiz from yesterday may not be clear, so I have added both  perspicuity and some run on sentences in order to make sure it is not clear.  Sarge then made a smart ass remark about my formative entertainment and religious experiences that I find inappropriate due to the fact that I hauled his ass across an international border in the rain in a $400 VW to his first epiphany.) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You could be rich like me, here's the investment secret.

First you have to accept saving money can be as good a source for money as making it, in fact it's better, since your money stays home with you instead of being sent off to the utility company where the owners take it to hire professional coaches for their kids private schools to kick your public school kids ass in football and debate.

OK CFL, buy those curly lights in a box of 6 or more at big box store for under $2 each now, payback used 1 hour a day 207 days, 4 hrs is 45 days, 12 hours is 18 days.  After that your investement is paid, and your making money.  15 or 20 in a house will make you a couple hundred dollars a year.

Programmable thermostat, set the temp comfortable for only the hours you are home, the rest of the time it drifts.  Pay back about 6 months if you work it seriously and are gone for most the day,  this can make you a hundred dollars a year, if your fuel bills are real high it may be much much more.

Calking cracks around windows, in corners, around doors, gaps in siding.   Wide open here, the calking is real cheap, a few dollars and may save a lot, it may save so little you are not aware, but it saves money.

Solar PV panels.  This is a major expense that I can't invest in due to local covenants yet to be updated.  This could run you a few thousand up to 30k for a big system in a big house.  They pay off is hugh with current prices falling.   But it's only 6 years for most buyers to break even.  Then the next 20 years you keep (with the big unit) $100,000 from the utility, or if you sell what an asset to sell with the house, free energy.

Thats my secret, how I became a 1%er.   My electric bill is about 100 a month while some neighbors tell me they are 400+.  So, lest see, 3,600 a year less, and I ain't humped up in a parka neither, the house is probably only 2 or 3 degrees off theirs in temp.  Good luck, hope you get rich and join me pretending to give a shit about the poor at the charity auction.

infinity and beyond, a math quiz

Draw a line 2 inches long, move half the distance along the line, then half again and half way once more and so on marking each point and adding to the total distance traveled.

Q1) how many points can be marked on the line?
Q2) what is the total of your addition, the sum.

Germany and China losing their minds, making foolish investments

What the?
German has earmarked $130 BILLION for solar and wind, China $250 BILLION on smart grid.  Dumb asses.  With such a budget they could start a war, or funnel it all to 1% of their people, they have their priorities all hosed up that's clear.

One of the far north states in Germany on the north sea is now self sufficient with wind and solar energy and by 2015 will be exporting it to other states.  The plan is to move very fast to live off renewable energy and get off nuke plants.  Can you imagine if we had that kind of crazy foresight?

China is going to jump all over the smart grid, which can save them vast amounts of energy through new high tech; cables, transformers, switching stations, and instant routing and movement of energy over the network.  Not only are they going to do this starting immediately for portions of China, along the way their goal is to set up manufacturing to dominate the market with these new products, cause if we ever decide to buy it we can't make much of it on account our industry won't invest and, it's a stupid fucking hoax says K street and the congress they own.

K street and Kochs already reeved up the anti-floride army, alerting them that smart meters are end of the world bad, it can spy on you and if you insult Obama they will accuse you of touching your dog, in a bad way, and it can detect how many guns you own too.

Congress excludes US airlines from EU's pollution laws, cause we're special, nanny nanny boo boo!

Once again the US is showing it is the bully in the world, and in this case helping to pollute it.  The preliminary finding of the EU court a couple weeks ago went against the US airlines who were claiming we were being picked on if we had to pay a dirt tax or buy emission credits when zooming over Europe.  The court said fuck off, everyone pays, only if the tax was based on ignorance you could claim your being singled out.

So, yesterday, the Congress took time off from passing the 1,000th abortion law and pissing on the EPA and department of education to pass a law that exempts US airlines from EU pollution laws.  How absurd is that, we can exempt our corporations from the laws of other nations when they are in that nation?   The EU must be amused, maybe they could pass a law that exempts it's citizens from US speed limits while here, autobahn rules.

Now, China and India are fussing about the EU's law also, they didn't like it but were going along,  didn't want to be the one to look like an asshole.  Now that we are the orifice of record, they are whining about it too.  This law does not restrict anything, it just costs you more if you are shitting on the environment, and if you have the cleanest planes, you make money, you get to sell credits.   

Hang in there EU, the planets health is counting on you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

bad girls, good boys, pollution

Top notch researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center, and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia found that BPA (bisphenol A) the plastic is a contributor to behavior problems in girls.  It is most harmful in the womb, it is also harmful in pre-puberty years.  BPA is a plastic used in the lining of canned goods, most drink and beverage bottles, some baby toys, and receipts printed at the check out in your local store, in fact it is very heavy in receipts and wet fingers absorb it very easily.    

Crime is down (as counted as impact per 100,000), over many years it has ticked down slowly, even with the increase in poverty during this recession most areas are seeing a continuation of a downward trend.  Recent studies are finding an environmental cause.  In the 1970's lead was removed from auto fuel,  Lead, and mercury have been been outlawed and restricted from paint, toys and most consumer products.  Through remediation and destruction of older homes, lead paint exposure at home or school continues to decline.  Both mercury and lead cause, especially in boys, learning disability and a couple of decades of aggressive behavior.  

What we are seeing is the human costs of toxins in our environment.  For boys, the clean-up is paying off with less violence and chaos.  For girls the cost is increasing, violence and chaos is increasing.  You don't have to eat and drink out of plastic, your kids don't have to be surrounded with plastics, this can be reduced, but until the US takes the stand that Japan did to get rid of it, mothers to be and kids are at risk.  So far, industry in the US say it is impossible, can't be done.  Amazing that other countries have people who can solve problems, but not us.  

Friday, October 21, 2011

how much sales tax will you pay under Cain's 9-9-9? 15%, 18%?

Wichita has 7.3% sales tax in most parts of town.  Some parts of town are higher.  Local businesses go to the city, ask for permission to increase sales tax at their business and they apply for a loan, the city gives them a loan say $100k for 5 years, the state refunds the 1% back to the city to offset the loan from the city's taxpayers.  The borrower never writes a single check for this loan.  Isn't this curious, it's claimed every day that businesses cannot thrive anywhere taxes are not being lowered, and yet, quietly they sneak into city hall asking for an increase.  These loans are also considered forgivable, if the tax never repays the loan in full, or they close, taxpayers eat it.

OK, back to the 7.3%.  Add the Cain 9, and it becomes 16.3% for me, some of you may have even higher rates, but everyone is going to face about 15% or more.   Well.......lets say I am retired and or on social security, or busted down out of work and most months I spend almost everything I lay my hands on. I just lost 9% of my food clothes and meds.  That's 15% on everything you make, and Cain ain't done with you yet.  Now if you make over a million bucks, it is estimated this plan will save you a couple hundred thousand, and with this you will at once open a machine shop, hire people and start bending metal into useful shapes for America.

Bring it on black walnut, your sucking around to increase poverty in America.

Back to the first paragraph about Wichita's dirty little secret tax system.  This really is feudalism.  The lords taxing/taking from the serfs at will leaving them to make up the difference if they can.  Never forget feudalism worked splendidly for thousands of years, and without the loathsome middle class.  Here we have it again, but without the castle standing over the hovels, nevertheless we have businesses taxing the public at will.

bad news for polluters and climate deniers

The magazine "Economist", a business man's staple, picked up the story that the internet has boasted since March.  A study at Berkley funded by the Koch brothers, designed to discredit the data used to model global warming backfired, even with their two Koch hand picked & paid climate deniers directing the study it was determined temperature data used is neither faulty nor manipulated, and here's the full monty balls out bummer for the Koch's, the study concludes the climate is warming, and faster than models have predicted.  Al Gore's harangues have been wrong like the Reichwing said, except it's worse than he said.  Poor David, poor Charles.  Poor earth.

Last week Australia, a former hold out in everything that smelled of science, passed a law creating a pollution tax on fuels and chemicals, a style of cap and trade.   This about face came after a year of devastating storms, and heat.  These guys were our next in line, the number 2 of denialism, what the hell, did they resume teaching science down under?

Last month the EU court gave preliminary OK for a pollution tax on air traffic.  The US has screamed bloody hell over it, claiming it discriminated our carriers, the court rightly said, and I quote from court records, "yer full a shit, every flight will pay, stop acting like only you will you big cry baby".  This will add a few dollars to a trip to Paris, more if your on an older plane that burns more fuel.

California begins cap and trade on pollution today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Will it be Chicken little, or a great big dick?

About 8,000 years ago in the jungles of the Indian subcontinent a small red jungle fowl was grabbed and caged by humans as a food source.  This seemingly ignorant grandchild of a dinosaur is now garnering revenge on it's domesticators through it's new found twin benefactors Agri-business and the Factory Farm.

Some chicken meat as you may have read, contains an indecipherable list of chemicals from arsenic on through the toxins alphabet.  Among them, Phthalates and the meanest phthalate of all, MEHP.  MEHP has been given to chickens in an attempt to reduce cholesterol in eggs and meat, instead it may have made chicken little's, and lots of them.

Now if you ask most women, they will tell you a nude male is not good to see, male genitalia is just creepy and yucky, and size doesn't matter.  Scientific studies show that women are telling the truth on the first part, not so much on the last part.  Given a choice in potential sexual partners, about 70% of women select for the bigger penis if other features are somewhat equal.  So, do you want the boys in your family to have
 a chance to compete with all those other swinging dicks in the mate market?

Here's the nitty gritty, women who eat chicken while pregnant may deliver males with a smaller penis than those who do not.  The difference is sometimes significant.  It is not clear how long phthalate's have been in our food, but in recent years it is in many foods in small amounts, but highest in chicken and eggs.  In addition to small penis size, behavioral differences are reported such as style of play, choice of toys etc, in general it is a feminization.

Well, women did not know this, and do not yet so far as I know, it's not there fault, mine, yours or the doctors.  Industry does appear to know this, but is not making it known to the public.  That's what corporations do, they hide things, make it confusing, they don't correct things.  You can help, direct the diet of expecting mothers towards a plant based diet.  Those boys will be mighty thankful, and scientific evidence suggest the women will to.

Friday, October 14, 2011

You can't make this shit up, you have to read it in England.

Three post's ago I wrote of Rick Perry's administration censoring a Rice University study about rising sea levels in Galveston Bay.  Rick Perry does not believe in science but instead relies on religiomagic to find cures for disease and new ways to extract oil.
Since the Perry's petro-priests took control of the study and removed all references to climate change and deleted a whole chapter of it's 200 pages, today 100% of the several co-authors and researchers for this study have disavowed it, ask the state to remove all their names from it, and notified a number of academic publications and organizations around the world that the paper has no author, has been tampered with, and is without merit.  

Where did I learn of this?  Reading an English Newspaper on line, The Guardian.   A lot of our news seems to be secret from us these days.

Also I read in the Guardian that in Utah the state legislation is demanding resignation of a Physicist in the university for guessed it, Climate Science.   
To the park to the park.  The NYC park near Wall Street, was to be emptied, yet not yet, turns out it is owned and the city has use of it for free.  Owned by the largest corp in Canada, the richest corp in Canada and they own in full or part dozens of oil and mining and drug companies and over 200 coal fired power plants around the world and one of the people working there in a very good fucking job is the girlfriend of Mayor Bloomberg. ........  You can't make this shit up.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marine / Army Vets @OccupyWallStreet Tell Sean Hannity to "FUCK OFF" - H...

Tea Party vs. Wall Street Protestors and the American Taliban's reaction

This poll results tells it all.  The public views the baggers in negative light and Wall Street Occupiers in a positive light.  Although the media can't yet understand the WSO's because they want a leader to emerge to ridicule and a single issue to emerge as a sound bite to pick apart, the public gets it.  And I think the American Taliban gets it to.  Speaking from his lair in Lexington Kentucky a state GOP shit for brains specimen said he wants to go Taliban on the WSO's.  They smell defeat in this if it doesn't fizzle out pronto, this could hammer some of the GOP and their owners.

Science censorship, flood-gate a Rick Perry event, imagine him in the White House

The GOP hates science, petro-politics hates science, the religious right hates science, Rick Perry hates science.   Rick Perry's administration blocked the publication of a Rice University study because the author refused to remove his research findings of to climate change sea level rise in the Galveston area.  Rick won't have it, no sir-eeee, won't have it.  So the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality blocked John Anderson's, a leading expert on sea level rise with more than 200 publications, chapter from inclusion in the publication.  

Now, as you might know, or not know, the internet is full of hall monitors, checking passes and traffic volume.  The more visits and googles a subject gets, the more the reporterless news media looks and "reports" on a subject.  Statistician and political writer Nate at "538" has followed this over the years on many items that arose out of the internet traffic to big story status on the evening news, finally getting coverage it should.  To this extent, please google "flood-gate Rick Perry", you will find only a couple of stories, visit them, as the count rises more will pick up this story.  Or, go direct to one of them at:      In fact, you may also know, or not, there are companies who for a fee sets up robots to google crap they want brought to the front, as the count mounts, they get it.  The Santorum google was one such event, set up as a joke, poor Santorum, but so it goes.  Fuck Rick Perry.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Christian Shari law passed in Topeka Kansas

I told you they would do this, ... did it yesterday,  Christian Shari Law.  The seat of state GOP control in Kansas has thrown out their domestic violence laws.  Well, they say it's to save money, saving women and kids costs to much I guess, but really this was about family values and return of rights to whoever has the biggest fist or club.  Men can now discipline their women and children without the liberal nanny state's fussing around about broken arms or missing teeth.  At last the Old Testament is restored, to men.  Praise the Lord, and shut the fuck up, 911 ain't sending nobody to save yer ass this time.

Shit, I gotta move away from this bunch as soon as I retire.  This is fucking primitive.

The current protests best chance of success comes when people know these basic economic facts as answers to the common lies.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lean forward

Fine print, it's a bugger.

The small print: "Also, the bridge is out ahead"

If this makes you hot, consider it a Swedish sauna, and get naked.

This morning I heard from a business associate, a Swedish immigrant, an industrial engineer, just back from a months training on new manufacturing technology in Germany.
He said the Germans are really concerned about the industry and politics in the US.  They could never have predicted that we would become stuck like this, and say no wonder their are protests.  The world is passing us, and faster every day.  Our levels of technology is not world class in most fields now.  Cell phones, if you go to Europe, Japan or Korea now, you will find they are two generations ahead of us in speed, and strength. (like a batting average, a small increase pays off)  Energy, they are building and implementing sources and methods we are still fussing about as being unamerican, which brings them to the inability to grasp why we think anything challenging fossil fuel, suv's, or current health care is  unamerican.  Hell, he said, passenger trains are unamerican now if you listen to the GOP.  He said the Germans are amazed that the original modern democracy is suddenly a perverse corporate operation, which rather than moving to new things spends all it's energy to stay in the past.  Germans have looked with admiration to the US off and on for 100 years, and especially since 1945 as a leader in almost every field.  But in a few years it changed and our government seems not to be interested in fixing it because corporations are not interested in fixing it.  So, China is the new manufacturing and money powerhouse, Germany Japan, and Scandanvia will be the innovators, and the US will be the worlds maniac equipped with nuclear weapons apparently to guard it's 3 million rich.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm hot, therefore I am.

Although we had a hot summer in the US, and many other parts of the world, the greatest (relative)  increases in temperature are taking place in the winter.  Night time temperatures have increased more than have day times.  The deep ocean temperatures are increasing more than surface water temperatures.

What the ef?

Here is what this indicates,  our cooling system - our insulation is warming up, it's filling with heat.  This would be like if you had sensors in your walls and attic, they are getting hotter soaking in the heat while your comfort level is changing slower.  Eventually though, when your walls are loaded with their maximum thermal load in relation to the surroundings they fail to moderate further increases, it just passes them along.  

As night is less able to mediate the residual thermal units left over from the day, the feedback loop allows both to go higher, and so it is with winter vs. summer, and deep vs. shallow seas.   This feedback increases because it increases.  I'm hot, therefore I am.

I was intrigued by the wall street protests, now I love it, 3 events that increased my interest.

1) You may not know Paul Singer the hedge fund dude, one of the 100,000 households in the US that own 90+% of the nations assets, and has been fingered already as paying hired writers to write degrading stories about the Wall Street protestors.  Since news organizations all over the nation have laid off many of their real reporters, they simply buy or use stores sold or given to them, sha-zam, that's how the climate deniers are making it happen, they flood TV and print with corporate friendly stories bringing us back to the afore mentioned douche water's project.  (Clarence Thomas is another of his projects along with Ms. Thomas for whom he "donates" to her reichwing "hobbies". )

2) I saw the GE CEO last night on 60 minutes.  I figured he was a nice guy trying to help America, and I always disliked Leslie Stall's style of fawning over men she interviewed.  Wow, surprise.  The guy came off as a capitalist dick who can smile when he insults you as he did to her, and Leslie didn't let him off the hook on everything he puked out.  This prick did us a service, he said things people needed to hear and think about, that American capitalism has no interest nor patriotic morals nor responsibility to pay taxes here, or create jobs here, return their profits here, nothing for America, nothing except a military rock to hide under.  As for her question about low pay in his US shops and how can that build or sustain a middle class his answer was also what people need to hear, "thousands apply for those jobs", get it, that was all there was to it.  And the creme-de-le-creme, he said "people protesting on Wall Street should be rooting for me".   This sums up the race to the bottom, the killing off of the middle class, the grab for billions in cash and assets, the belief the public either does or should love corporations without question, and a get out of jail free card on regulation, fairness, empathy, environment, shared responsibility, support for those displaced by new technologies and markets.  To sum up, Darwin Capitalism.

3) A number of GOP congressmen/senators have said in the last few days these protests have to be stopped  immediately or we may return to the 60's.  Hell, I think we go back further than that if the protests don't continue.

Sure, there are laws against trading with Iran, but if you own the what.

As a bonus, you could claim science is a hoax, that'll work too.
Or, you could tell Congress you have no interest in the Canadian Tar Sand Pipeline, but tell Canada you are an investor, but since you own Congress you won't be tried for the lie.
It's good to have more money than Jesus.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The trouble with women, they just won't listen.

GOP moral highlights of the day:
Topeka city council is debating overturning all the domestic violence laws for the city to save money.

Newt Gingrich is railing over the 1958 supreme court Brown v. Board of Education, also a Topeka Kansas violence against children event.

Perry's supporters say Mormons are a cult.

Santorum wants to stub his toe on gays in the military again, saying they make people nervous and could be prayed away.

Perry, shit, he didn't do anything worth writing about.

Herbie Cain says tax the poors food to pay for more tax cuts for the rich.

Palin said she won't run, she saw a mime at the window who talked to her.

Kansas GOP is running Reichwingers against most of it's current GOP office holders who many in the state call moderates, dems & moderate repubs are not welcome here, the trouble with moderates, they just won't fuck'n listen.

Friday, October 7, 2011

What do big banks do?

make nearly 1/3 of the total corporate profits in this nation,
got bigger since the 2008 crash,
make record profits, higher than before the crash,
plan to lay of 10,000 more workers in the coming weeks,
4 biggest hold 50% of all mortgages and 66% of all credit cards,
5 biggest hold 95% of derivatives in the US,
10 biggest hold 60% all bank assets,
rarely loan to small business,
prospered while family wealth fell 12.8 trillion,
paid 5,000 bonuses of at least $1 million in 2008,
can get any government official to take a call,
don't actually like you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kyra Sedgwick Urges the President to Reject the Tar Sands Pipeline

Kyra, thanks for your political statement, I do agree.  Valero is going to import this oil into a bonded tax free trade zone set up at the pipe's end in Texas, load it on ships and sell it to other nations.  We get the risk, we get no tax off it, we only get a portion of the oil, we get severe pollution from refining this dirtier than normal oil, we get screwed again by the corporations and the government they own.  Also, divorce your husband and run away with me.

99%ers protest in NYC ridiculed by much of the media and of course by the rich and their supporters

David Weidner, writing in Market Watch.
"If you want to know how a nation supposedly by and for the people has become uprooted, one only needs to see how common young people, who are suffering so badly in this recession, were humiliated further by trying to exercise their given right to peacefully protest.
If this is justice, I’d rather break the law.
The bankers who brought us this mess not only walk free, they drive free in Bentleys paid for by money looted through toxic mortgages, trading debacles and derivative madness. Regulators, prosecutors and an administration patsy to big finance do nothing except hand out $1.3 trillion in bailout cash and guarantees."

Be careful what you wish for when legislating morals.

If you missed the PBS series "Prohibition" you missed perhaps the best Ken Burns documentary ever.  Tucked in among the interesting facts was a real zinger today's moral majority/tea baggers/anti-tax/anti-federal government club should know about.  Federal income tax, you know that stuff they hate and call redistribution of wealth, that stuff the democrats are always tormenting you with, well why do we have it?  We have it because the bible thumpers wanted it, insisted on it, and forced the laws through to implement it.

From the early days of the nation, tax on alcohol was the giant piece of the pie running the government.  Often over 50% of the revenue was from booze.  The church, and the temperance movements had to find a way the government could survive without the tax on hooch.  Income tax was hatched as the alternative, and in the early 1900's it was passed into law.  The zealots got what they had wished for, income tax, the gateway drug to prohibition.  I don't think they are trying to disavow responsibility for it, they just don't know it was their own kin that put the yoke on them.  Of course, they could just cheat on it.  Naw.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Germany can move forward because they are Koch free with an educated public.

“The state government of Baden-Württemberg is extremely committed to the transition towards a low-carbon economy,” Franz Untersteller, state minister for the environment, climate and energy, said yesterday at the Center for American Progress. “We aim at decarbonizing our economy by midcentury.”

The great advantage we have in Germany at the moment is we really have the broad consensus in society that corresponds to the size of the task we face,” said Ulrich Luscher, who represents the CDU, the conservative party, on energy issues. “I definitely agree … that we have enormous possibilities for the economy in that [clean energy] sector.

We don’t have the situation like you have in the U.S., where you have this Koch brothers,” Untersteller said, referring to the billionaire heirs of Koch Industries.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hacked Squatlo's bird picture stash

Squatlo, what kind of bird is this?  Is it sleeping or did you dart it?  If I tried to take pictures of her she'd have more fingerprints on her ass than a mime's window.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a step forward in accepting the evidence but makes even less sense if you refuse to help fix it.

Chrisie baby sweet cheeks, this observation by GOPer Ingles is to your fund raising, as Niggerhead is to Perry's minority appeal.
"Thankfully, some are beginning to take a conservative approach rather than a populist approach. Governor Chris Christie, the effective, deficit-cutting governor of New Jersey, has joined presidential candidates Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney in saying that climate change is real and is caused, in part, by human activity. That Christie said those things while removing his state from a cap-and-trade compact is no contradiction. Most of us conservatives think that cap-and-trade is the wrong answer."

Explaining this positon to the big doner/deniers will have sweet cheeks squirming like a gnat with his asshole stretched over a pin head.

Found it, the Death Star, and it's right here, in my town.

My Wichita paper did not carry the story or even a mention, but there is a hugh story, link on Huffington Post and Bloomberg news, about the Koch Brothers breaking of laws in France and other countries, stealing oil, trading with Iran against the nations current laws, firing it's own people when they complain of it.  Koch's have paid fines (negotiated down to a fraction of the official fine and set in a way they can take it off their taxes) for stealing oil from Indian lands, underreporting and underpaying oil they pick up at the well for transport, spills and pollution over and over and over again, of course they hate the EPA.  The congressman from this district, Mike Pompeo, was given one of their top pollution lawyers as his chief of staff in DC, plus the most money of any congressman they give to and boy they give lots to lots of them.  His chief of staff made hundreds of thousands working for Koch, how could she make such a switch in pay grade???  Pompeo complains that nationwide he is referred to now as "Pompeo (R-Koch)", that is really getting him riled, he says he is R-KS, that he does nothing for Koch, nothing at all.   He is currently in the process of bringing a number of bills up to punish the EPA.  One, so petty, to bar the EPA from using interns, unofficially he says on the stump it's on the grounds it trains them to look at pollution as something bad, and that they are more likely to be people who might favor Obama's point of view.

P.S., 300 million.  That's what the brothers grim and C. Rove project they will give to Reichwing PAC's to defeat Obama.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

from "Silent Spring"

“But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.” 
 Rachel Carson

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Your car tires are low, I'm pretty sure of it, go check.

The last 3 months we had temps up to 108°F 3 days, and over 95 almost every day.  Finally this week relief, temps in the 70's and high 40's at night.  Most of the nation has had a summer about like this.  This morning I thought of tire pressure on the two vehicles.  Instead of the usual 34 it's 25 & 26 on all 8.  Got busy and puffed'm right up again.  Low tires eat up to 5% of your gas, buy 17 gallons but it burns like 16.    

When it dips another 30 degrees, the same thing happens again, the air shrinks in the tire.   In the spring the opposite happens, well we don't usually have to let air out though since all tires leak slowly, and faster at high pressure.  Air expands and contracts with temperature.  This simple rule is another of the scientific reasons we know global warming is not a hoax.  As the global average temperature is increasing the atmosphere is expanding.  (note I said global, not local, this would be the total of earths surface temp averaged for the year)  Clouds cannot leave the atmosphere, they cannot rise above a certain atmospheric limit, yet Thunderstorms are reaching higher altitudes all around the world these last few years as the atmosphere has grown, or inflated.  These taller storms contain more energy and destruction.   So, check your tires and burn less gas, create less greenhouse gas.

The end of my public announcement, your welcome, send me part of your savings.