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Thursday, June 28, 2012

You computer probably burns $34 a year

If you have a reasonably current PC or Mac, and if you leave it plugged to the charger 24/7.  Operating in this way this machine works all day every day to transfer about $34  annually from you to the fossil fuel industry, leaving you poorer and them with enough money to buy a Senator.  If it's a real old mother, it's giving them even more.  Turn it off when you sleep and unplug the vampire charger.  If you can't get a raise out of your stingy boss, learn to cut costs, sha-zam you have the same result, more cash.

If your in the market look at a new tablet computer, your electric bill will be between $1.50 and $3.00 for the year.  That's a big damn savings on the utility bill alone.  Also the purchase price is less than most PC's.  When my old beast kick the bucket, I will open it, fuck up the hard drive, then drop it at the recycle center, then buy a tablet.

Finally Bush 43 did something positive for the nation.

I would buy Bush 43 a beer today if I could.  This is the first time in years I could think of something positive he did for the nation.  He could have, and most at the time expected he would, name Scalia as head justice, but instead he brought in Roberts and named him chief justice.

After the court body slammed the GOP, out came Scum Dog Millionaire to claim he will overturn the law and pass a new one with just the shit in it we like.  There is no GOP plan to pass any such thing.  Following him all kinds of Republican trolls crawled from under the bridge to say the defeat will make them stronger, galvanize the base, money is pouring in and it is a kind of victory for them.

Do you remember Yasser Arafat, PLO dude?  The Jews chased him all over the middle east kicking his ass 2 or 3 times, cornering him up in a single building once for months,  forcing him to Cyprus at least once.  He use to make grand speeches as he was leaving defeated once more, shit like -- this is actually a victory,  it's a gift, it makes us tough, stronger, with every one we are closer to our goal.  And the Jews would sing a refrain, we wish you many more such victories.  

Like all good Scum Dog Millionaire lackeys, the GOP frame this in most important metric of all, money.  Money is poring in they say, the last few hours donations are 250k per hour.  Money, Scum Dog Millionaire loves the smell of money, the only true measure of ones life.  That they raise obscene amounts of money from people living in jets is a matter of great pride.  Look, the GOP was already galvanized by their belief this black man was an illegitimate President.  There was no way Obama could have gained much if this had been overturned.  It would have given the right ammo to sell  their case he is illegitimate in every deed.  They lost that, and if they somehow feel that is a victory, I wish them many more like this.  For the near term Romney will hammer the overturning of this bill, but it is a  weak sword he swings considering his history of mandates to buy the stuff.  You would think a job creator business guru like Mitt would not be so stupid as to run against mandates to buy it, really, a businessman doesn't understand economy of scale, or that the more people in the program the less it costs?  As Governor he understood that.  WTF?

Thanks Judge Roberts

Scum Dog Millionaire

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

in less than 24 hours I lost the ability to walk

I am writing this from bed, the wife is keeping me alive for the moment but I heard the drawers softly opening where the life insurance policy is kept, I think she is running the numbers against her projected efforts, no doubt the list of perceived slights over the years is being reviewed as well.

Yesterday at this very hour I walked into the laundry room and pulled out a tangled sheet, the one I now reside on.  Raising it with a sweeping action like John Travalta on the disco dance floor my back rebelled and struck me down then and there.  My knees wobbled, I had to grab the machine and suck air.  I baby stepped my way to the front room and sank to the floor where I lay on my back for almost an hour.

Over the remainder of the day I wobbled and baby stepped around a few times, but mostly set and.......oh hold on, the doctor office is on the phone........well, that was a nurse wanting to make an appointment which I don't think I can get to because I CANT WALK, oh well then let me consult and call back........

Cut the story short here, as the day wore on into the night I could no longer walk, the transition from walking to bed, that getting your feet up, or the "set-up" part of it causes someone in the room to yelp like a dog caught under a gate, then I find out it's me yelping.  Last night at one point I got up for a whiz, that was a 5 minute struggle to get up and the few feet to the toilet, lots of crying and cussing, when I got back I couldn't control my walk and luckly I fell on the bed out of breath and in severe pain on the left side of the back below the waist.  I had to rest for 5 minutes before I started the 5 minutes of squirming and inching my way from the foot of the bed where I landed.

This morning I could not walk to the bathroom, I got on the floor and found neither could I crawl, after a long time I found I could sort of slide my knees along an inch at a time.  Getting up onto the toilet was the next exercise.  I keep thinking I can just power through the pain, but I can't.  Hell it took me a full minute to let go of the door knob after pulling myself on the toilet partially by using it as a ladder, everytime I tried to let go my rump hurt worse, finally I just yanked it free and found that was not fool proof either as that shifted my weight and caused some more dog yelping and wet eyes.

I'll write again if I live into the afternoon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why does Colorado Springs get all the fire fighting equipment?

Fires all over the west, the largest in the Fort Collins/Boulder area.  But a much smaller fire near Colorado Springs is sucking equipment and men away from other fires.

Why?  Money and Religiosity.  The homes under threat cost more than homes in the other fires.  Money Money Money.  Thats some rich guys free speech under threat.  And Colorado Springs is the cluster fuck of religiosity.  You can't swing a dead cat down there without hitting a mega church, or someone that got molested in one.  That fire, well that's the devil himself and he can run wild in liberal Fort Collins just fine, but no way he's gett'n into the Springs, stop it, and take the money from the school budget or the state workers pension, but stop it.

Stacking Marbles, piling up water.

Only a few days after the Carolina's outlawed sea level rise guess what?  A report comes out of recent history of mid-atlantic states sea level.   The outlawing of projections failed to outlaw historical data.  Big mistake failing to outlaw historical information.

Turns out the ocean has risen at a rate higher than had been projected by previous models.  So, the deniers are right (sort of), the models make mistakes, the sea level rise is double what it is in other parts of the world.  Not good news since the projections now pointing to sea level rises worldwide now have regional projections, and right where it's against the law to rise, it's projected to grow even more than elsewhere.

How can water be taller in one area than another.  Simple, water can pile up.  I use to live on the Mosel River in Germany, a big, deep, fast moving river.  Set down near the water and you can see it boil up and roll, actual hills in the water for a few seconds.  You can see it the same thing in a hot tube, where the current hits the wall or still water, the surface bulges upward.  The ocean works like that except in vast areas.  The northbound current along the US Atlantic coast is slowing (it's measured, and for some reason it is slowing) in the mid Atlantic region, the water is piling up as more from the south is pushed in, it's several millimeters higher than other parts of the ocean.  Also it is warming in that area, perhaps related to the slowing.  Warm water expands, adding to the hump in the ocean.

A few inches, so what?  Put those few inches on top of the next few years worth of storm surges (a wind driven lump of water) and you have trillions of gallons of water added to the punishment already headed for the "we don't need no stinking science coast".  Stacking marbles may be impossible, but piling up water, that can be done.

Monday, June 25, 2012

This is what public schools can do. Shame on Republicans and their attacks on public schools.

In this video we see Music Teachers can change lives, but along with Foreign language, Librarians, Debate teachers, Republicans all over this nation want it cut, stomped out, vouchered off to their religious and upper crust private schools.
I have a music teacher (orchestra) in the family who was told when she retires the school board will not hire a replacement, the orchestra will end to save money.  She wanted to retire but has not done so.  She said she cannot do it, many of the kids love orchestra so.  Her plan is to keep teaching as long as her health will allow, or be pushed out, which will come soon I'm sure.

Republicans, shame on you, selfish greedy money grubbers who would do anything to prevent the system that brought you to where you are from benefitting another.

5th graders, 5th graders in a troubled district, but this is what can be done, and these kids grades went straight up when they got with this music teacher.  Shame on you budget cutters, open your pockets.

New house colors are depressing and costly

Another of my neighbors ignorantly raising his utility bills as I write.  The latest fad in house colors and roofs is depressingly dark.  In my neighborhood about 1/4 of the houses have been repainted from pastels and whites, to brown, dark grey, and a couple of odd dark lilacs and dark baby poo gold.  The neighborhood was built with shake cedar shingles which fade to near white, due to age and hail storms 80% are replaced to composite shingle.  Many are very dark, even black.  I think the color choices are crap, and very expensive choice when it comes to air conditioning bills.

Two doors over, in 100°f last summer, he had the shakes stripped off and black composites put on, he owns an air conditioning company so he is in tune with his equipment.  He told me that very day he could tell the difference, the heat exchangers started like normal, but as the new shingles went up, the compressors ran more and more.  A year later he told me his electric bill is $100 more each month, he is on an averaging plan, $1,200 a year he will pay for the black roof, for years and years to come.
18 months ago I got a new roof also, I chose a color and texture called weathered cedar, a little darker than the faded shakes but it's pretty light with multiple shades of light brown in it, it looks like shakes from a distance.  Our bills did not change.
The difference between a white roof and a black roof in summer varies by location, from 30°f to 50°f, it can reach 170°f on some dark roofs.  This heat gets into your house, it also raises the temperature of the entire area, city heat islands they are called with a 5 or 10°f penalty for the inhabitants.  This heat island also drives up water usage, wear and tear on vehicles, machinery, roads and peoples health.

Need a new roof, go light colors.  Repainting your house, go light colors.  Besides the savings in cooling expense, your neighborhood won't be so damn depressing.  As I write this, the neighbor behind me has 10 men on the roof, going from shake to grey, at least it's not black, but he is going to pay.  Big coal loves my neighborhoods new romance with the dark arts.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

30,000+ gun deaths per year in the US

Every day, a minimum kill rate is explained below. (homicide gray, suicide red, accident or police shooting yellow)

Additionally 65,000+ injured each year.
(shocking the number of suicides, white men should fear themselves, it exceeds black men being murdered)

Now, consider the irrational national paranoia over Muslims 

All this data borrowed, I will gladly give it back.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Law of the Sea, 160 for it, 4 against it: Iran, North Korea, Libya, USA

The United Nations has it's hands full dealing with rogue states who do not want to work with the rest of the community of nations on: fishing rights, territorial water limits (border), mineral rights, transport right of ways, jurisdiction on interdiction and boarding of vessels.
160 nations have ratified the treaty, of the few who have ocean front property and oppose it 4 are from the usual suspect list of trouble makers, it's just odd to see the US side with Iran and North Korea.  Note that the club of people we love to hate, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Pakistan and even Syria already signed up.  
What a fine club we have joined.  Why?  Oil and mining companies, they are lobbying hard against it.  Will oil get us into another war, starting in the arctic with the sea ice melting and the scramble already on to rape that ocean of fish and oil, oh wait, that ice thing isn't really happening, it's not getting warmer, thats all a hoax.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romney's plan, a wet back army.

Romney, he's the guy who said his sons had more important things to do than join the military after 9-11, they needed to serve the nation by working to get him elected as the first mormon cult member in the White House.  The GOP is tripping over mouse turds trying to find a way to counter Obama's directive to stop deporting children brought here who are in school or military and have no police record.  Pandering the fox rabble cry.   Helping kids is pandering.  To late Rubio says, Obama didn't do it early enough to suit him, so it's no good.

Now Romney, only took him near a fucking week to come up with something to throw at Obama over this, not very fast on his feet, but now he says oh it's no good, it's too late to be fair, Obama is taking the hispanics for granted (by helping them, WTF?) and when I am President Mexicans will have to join the Army to get a pass to stay here while they are in junior high, wait, how is that possible?  Mexican kids that walked over deserts to get her can go in the Army, but not the boys of a guy with more foreign bank accounts than all the gardeners at all his 5 houses.   I thought the illegal Mexicans are coming up here spreading disease, he wants that in the army?, and they can't speak english, he wants a Spanish speaking army?, and they take our jobs, he wants them to fill the only sure thing job that some lower and middle class Americans can get, and thats in the Army, and for the guys that want to join to serve their country, are the slots going to all be filled up with Mexicans?  Doesn't Romney know if we put all the Mexicans in the Army, they will take over, their Catholics and Catholics are pretty damn pissed off about the fucking Mormons doing that voodoo conversion of their dead relatives into Jack Mormons.

Romney's idea is about as stupid as that story he proudly tells about his wife getting cured of MS on a fucking $77,000 horse trained in a specific gallop, another $10,000, and kept in a stable that you can bet cost more than my house, your cars, and the net worth of a couple hundred illegals combined.  It's a tax deduction I guarantee it.  Oh, if riding horses cures cancer maybe when he is president he will add horses as treatment covered by medicare.

part 2, Water to Burn

This is a follow up on the "fracking" post June 18th, Water to Burn. If you don't have time to watch all this, drag the cursor over to 8 minute mark and watch a few minutes of it from there, at this point they have evidence. Evidence that cement fails on 6% of the wells immediately, every year more fail as the cement ages, at 30 years 50% of wells leak into groundwater and to the surface. How long do these wells need to last in a sealed condition? Forever, they need to last forever or people die.

Squirrels are into punk

Mange.  There is this little mite around here, I'm too lazy to go over to wikileaks and look up it's secret name, but sure as hell a latin handle exists for it.  This mite is jumping on the squirrel's, the result is it looks like the squirrels here are into punk, or meth.  Or maybe they're into the ridiculous craze of full body shaving like some humans, probably got hooked looking through the window at a porn show. *

Two years ago was the first time the mange hit my population of climbers.  This year it's back.  It is ugly, thin tails, patches of hair gone from the body, sometimes they lose all of it.  Sunburns follow, then they disappear, I assume they die or fall prey.  These mites climb aboard during Sherpa to Sherpa contact.  The hair supposedly grows back if the mites leave, but if they live into the winter without a good coat they don't survive.

* Forget the squirrel for a minute, as a matter of human body fact, pubic hair signals sexual maturity, hairlessness means either the person is a child, or advanced elderly, not exactly my goal for a roll in the hay, so lay off shaving your guters)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Republicans vow not to raise taxes does not include the under 30k worker

C38, Canada sold to the oligarchs

Only about 2 or 3 years ago Canada was an environmental gem, with strong laws in every respect.  The oil industry changed that over the last 2 years with help to and from the conservatives and the XL pipeline push, and it wisely partnered up with the paper industry, fish processors, mining companies, and utilities.
June 19, 2012 the Canadian government passed C38.

C38 guts, weakens doesn't do it justice, it guts:
Fishing quotas
Mining laws
Clean air and water standards
Alternative energies
Timber harvesting standards
Wildlife protection
Development in pristine areas
Chemical safety standards
A near shut down of the Canadian EPA

C38 is nothing more than the sales contract transferring Canada to the oligarchs.  The Republicans are watching, they can hardly keep their magic underwear dry.

verification code to comment, well maybe

I am getting tired of robot comments.  I know they are robots doing it because they are often placed on really old posts, months old sometimes.  They usually take this form more or less.
Oh I am so glad to learn this, please visit my blog.  Or, you have such a wonderful blog and I am such a big fan, can I link to it, please go to ...... and give me permission so all my friends can enjoy your wit and overwhelming wisdom.  Well, only once, ok twice, was I dumb enough to follow the link back, one was a Chinese (I think) site selling dried squirrel dicks or some kind of voodoo health shit, the other was a loan shark firm with $300 for me if I would just tell them if I hold a title on a vehicle and if I had any virgin daughters.

OK, I don't get many of these, and I do not like the verification code thingy, but, don't be surprised if in the coming weeks I move to this method of blocking businessmen from using me as a tool of their capitalism.  I never thought I would have to fight the "job creators" of the world from hitchhiking on my vehicle.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spiders and automated tellers, don't try sex with either one.

I go over to Lowes to pick up some all natural bug killer, it's lemon grass oil, it costs about $6, $2 more than black flag and it's competitors and it's not dangerous to fish or birds, hell I think you can wash  kittens in it.  I found a brown recluse hatchery with gobs of them over my tools and gardening equipment, I shook it and spray those poor buggers and they died on the spot right then and their, no one of them even tried to escape or hide, I never saw anything work so fast.  Sprayed a stream along the patio and on the deck posts, two days now, no bugs are crossing it yet.  It's "HotShot Natural".  It's safe for kids and pets, it's just lemon grass oil, hell maybe you can put it in your oriental fish soup next time you make it.  Look for this stuff, we need to stop bombing our houses and yards in deadly chemicals and heavy metals, why do you think theres so much cancer?  God damn can't you link cause and effect?

When I was at Lowes,  the normal 3 check out counters open were but one, however they now have 4 self check out counters, thats new, and I ain't using them god damn it, I use to at Krogers but I quite it.  I'm not in a hurry, so I go to the human.
I hope you all know, no matter who is president, industry and business do not need people like they did before, I would be surprised if we can ever get unemployment under 7% with all this automation.  And why do you want to go to an automated teller anyhow, hell you can't flirt with it, you don't have a chance to have a torrid affair with it, hell life needs to have some excitement don't it, at least a slim chance of the forbidden?

2 wonderful encounters with seniors

Visions of getting old are often less than thrilling.  But in the last few days I have met some people who  break that mold.
With my wife we attended her aunts 92nd birthday party, also there in the same facility lives the aunts 94 year old sister and 87 year old brother.  The uncle is pretty sharp still, the two aunts are pretty much out of it with lots of issues.  However, at the party were three women who with the birthday girl have been friends since high school, one 96, 90 and 88.  These three didn't look their age, they were vocal, engaging, smart, fast talkers, up on current events, explained in detail how to make a pie, told jokes, they had a great time and entertained everyone, finally got up and walked out into the hall where they had walkers parked, didn't seem that they really needed them though.  I would expect the three of them will be at the funerals of my wifes aunts and uncle, I don't think they have an off switch.
Last night we went to a Cuban bistro.  The weather was good for setting outside.  When we got our food an old man came out wearing a full cut short sleeve white collared summer shirt, he had a little cup of coffee, and set at the next table.  I said hi, and all hell broke loose.  "I'm Cuba from 1969, happy fathers day to you, I am 85."  He was really hard to understand but the race was on and he was determined to make a friend.  In the next half hour we shook hands about 5 times, he bought me a coffee, showed me his New Jersey drivers license, his baseball card, he had been a professional player in Cuba (at what level I have no idea).  He spoke terrible english so much is missed.  His son owns the restaurant.  He had some kind of ID card identifying him as a baseball recruiter of a sporting organization in Florida.  The guy was so nice, I think he could understand everything I said to him, but I could understand little of what he said, but on a non-verbal level we were making it.  It was great fun. When we were leaving he had gone inside, I went in to shake his hand and he almost tackled me with a hug and happy wishes.  The owner was beaming with pride for his father, I ask the owner how long will his father stay (he said he was from New Jersey), forever I hope, I want him to stay forever.  Pretty damn lively for 85, it was great to meet this guy.  I will be back over there in a few days for another Cuban coffee, that was a really good coffee, I wonder how they make it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

10,000 years of the same boring weather

Iraq, the cradle of civilization, 10,000 years ago.  Domestication of grasses into wheat, and barley.  Domestication of cattle, sheep, goats, camels, horses, dogs, geese (dogs may have been earlier).  Establishment of cities with public and private structures, institutions, written language.
For the exact same length of time we have had civilization which to this day are still dependent upon the crops and animals listed above, the temperature of the earth has averaged ±1°c.  In other words we have lived comfortably within a little over a 4°f band.  That is just amazing isn't it?
If you are a subject to depression, stop reading now, google apricots or something. Bye bye!
Currently it looks like we are on track for 4°C rise in 40 years or so which will also mean 3 feet or more of sea level, and 5 or 6 by 2100.  If you have young kids, maybe they will see this.  At 6°C rise, thats about 12° fahrenheit all but the northern tier of states in the US will not be farmable.  We have many days now in the central plains states that are 100, and the odd 110°.  Wheat, corn, and cattle cannot spend the summer in 112° and the odd 122° no matter how much water you throw at them.  Homes and factories cannot afford 9 months of air conditioning.  Water sources will dry up.
Move farming north some will say, even into Canada. (Canada already uses everything they can farm.  Farming takes more than the right temperature. The soil types do not exist in abundance to move much of our current farming, almost all the worlds farmable land is already in use.  The only solution, kill all the poor people to reduce the demand, let the wealthy live on the few remaining nice places.  The rich can inherit the earth, after all they schemed for control all 10,000 years.

water to burn

When I was in junior high, I belonged to the science club.  Saturdays all the “A” students and a few geek “D” students (that’s me) loaded up for field trips.  One trip was to a lab specializing in cement.  They had vaults of core samples, some in water, some frozen, some at room temp, cylinders of cement about 4” diameter in various lengths.  The cores cut from bridges, hiways, dams, building foundations, runways you name it.  From time to time they get one out and break it in a machine that can tell how much energy it took to fail, and in what way it failed.  With this info they could forecast the life of our infrastructure.  I remember from that visit a couple of things, some cement gets brittle, so it breaks easier, and some cement types kind of rot and the edges just crumble away  Cement is not forever, extreme temperatures, vibrations, humidity, salts, chemicals, gases, all contribute to speed it’s ultimate failure.

A few days ago I was stalking some industrial/technical fossil fuel sites when I read warnings coming from within the industry sounding an alarm about cement.  If you left the remote across the room you may not be able to avoid one of those industry propaganda adverts that tell you how wonderful and safe it will be to dig up carbon and throw it in the air, they often include a microsecond view of a drawing showing how pipes extend below the ground water and cement is pumped in around the pipes to seal off the gas and chemicals rise to the surface or the water table.  And, in perfect advertising logic, since they have a nice drawing of it, and the lady smiles, then that’s all the proof you need.  Right?  Some in the industry are saying the cement will fail, it must fail, that’s the law of cement physics, and when (not if) it will allow gas and chemicals (in the event they did not already rise as we know they are doing in many locations) will percolate to the surface.   Fracking is a disaster now, it will continue to be a disaster for decades to come as the cement seals fail with age.

Can anyone dispute the fact that gaskets and seals fail, be it on your engine block, garage door, or a glob of cement a mile down surfing the pressurized caustic earthquake and tectonic wave action in the earths fluidic crust?      All this is OK if you’re an oil company, or an absentee land owner living high off the lease payments. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kaiser Permanente warns of Climate Change

Climate Change ‘Will Impact Our Ability To Provide Quality Health Care’

That quote from an KP executive, one of the largest health providers, stated on June 15, 2012 that they have already launched a plan to reduce their own carbon footprint as much as they can ASAP.  They also said the evidence is clear that the climate is rapidly changing.  Looming rising temperatures, water shortages, and the resulting international conflicts will reduce their ability to serve.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just the Flax, Ma'am, Sarge, watch this, especially the last 45 seconds

ATTENTION Sarge:  Flowmax has lots of bad side effects, and it costs several hundred dollars a year.  Flax seed has none, none and it costs only a few.
We put ground flax seed on cereal every day, we put it on yogurt, in soup, my wife puts it in things she bakes.  Buy a bag of "Bobs Red Mill" ground or milled flax seed, Kroger has it as do most grocers,  keep it in the fridge, it tastes fine, it's not a twigs and leaves hippie thing at all.  It has the same success at treating enlarged prostate as Flomax, fuck the drug companies, buy something from a farmer.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Feudal Future

This "get your own" dream the Republicans have foisted on the American people does not work except for a few.  Anyone who believes it can work for everyone has never played Monopoly.  Unregulated free market capitalism can only produce one result, someone will hold a monopoly of all assets.

More than a few churches have helped with this false hope through the "prosperity gospel", God will reward the holist among us, if your rich it's good, your doing his work, the more you get the better person you are.

Bust the unions - cut or flatten out the real income of American workers.  Corporations and governments cut retirement and health plans, then tell workers "hey your in charge of it, go to the market and invest" with the scalpers and commissioned advisers and what will the retiring masses face?  Poverty.  Many of the nations elderly are facing a feudal future, fend for yourself, beg if you must.  Read a little about the feudal system, it endured far longer than capitalism has so far, and it worked nicely for the wealthy, so well they are going to bring it back.

Part 2: Free Postage, Free Envelopes

If you saw my earlier post on this subject I have an answer now.  Sadly, it will not work.

I found a number of online discussions about this,  it appears the pre-paid code is linked to the intended recievers address, when they don't match it's kicked out.  Some who have tried it said it was not delivered, or delivered postage due, or in the case where they put their return address on it, they received notice that it is a type of mail fraud, others received demands they cease this and apply for their own pre-paid mail account.

What to do with all these free envelopes that rain on us from magazines and junk mail?
Recycle them in one of two ways:
1) include them in your recycle paper tub/bag and make sure it stays out of landfills,
2)  you still have a free envelope you can use, place your stamp over the pre-paid corner markings, and a label over the printed address being sure to cover the bar code like sequence often printed along the lower edge of the envelope.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free Postage, Free Envelopes, wow I love this country

Open a magazine, or the mail, and pre-paid postage envelopes gallop out like lemmings.

Besides recycling them, which I do with glee, can't we regift them to mail a snail mail letter to Uncle Rube, or hate mail to the mega church for using their electric marquee for political statements?  I think just a sticky label over the address of "Committee to Reelect Congressman Wealth Nutts" and sha-zam your saving damn near half a dollar, and Rep. Nutts's oil lobby picks up the tab.

OK I am relying on tribal knowledge here, will it work?  Is there anything illegal about it, mail fraud or something?   I assume you also must cover the barcode like string along the base of the envelope, which I believe is the coded address.
Anyone?  Can it be done?  Legal?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pheasant population down 50% from last year

Higher temperatures are killing Pheasant's and the hunting industry in Kansas.  How?
1) Adults (along with other wildlife) are decimated in some localities.
2) High temps and drought stress chicks, few survive.
3) A warm winter and spring moved wheat harvest 3 weeks earlier than it has ever been before, robbing young birds of critical shade and shelter.

This is what global warming looks like.  Spring in some areas looks like fall.

Friday, June 8, 2012


I rarely eat meat.  Obama has decided to let Chicken slaughter houses inspect their own meat and speed up the line 25%.  800 meat inspectors will be laid off in the coming months, hundreds of workers will be injured, fewer workers will be needed, and you will now have to rely on workers to throw out bad meat on their own.
How long will Juan keep his job if he starts filling the barrel with infected or cancerous  chicken?  Maybe to break time, if he's lucky.
Privatized food safety!  I am amazed Obama caved to these industry fucks, and they still will not vote for him, I guarantee it.  I also guarantee a lot of the suspect meat that would have been tossed in the past, will now find it's way to the bird version of pink slime, bleached and dumped into soup, gravey, pot pies,  school lunch programs.   Don't worry, industry will never do anything to hurt it's customers, it never has in the past!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

fat stupid poor gay green harems

These drugs make you FAT. Tributyltin: a fungicide used most often in paints and marine coatings. Actos, and Avandia: diabetes drugs. Olanzapine: antidepressant (this can causes 10 kilo or 22 lbs gain per year)
*The House added 40 amendments to the Energy and Water Appropriations bill including two more absurd light bulb freedom acts, anything to burn more energy.
*The Senate GOP voted in lock step to keep women from escaping poverty.
*A Kansas minister said on Sunday Gay and Lesbians should be killed, his congregation should not kill them, but the government should kill them.
*Kansas GOP gov. Brownback spoke at AWEA the wind energy convention in Atlanta and greenwashed his love for the industry and ask Congress to extend the tiny tax credits they give the industry. This after he barred wind mills in the eastern 1/3 of the state and restricted the size of the power lines coming out of some wind farms which limits their future expansion or retrofit to more productive turbines. What a dick. He wasn't as brave as it sounds, Carl Rove also spoke there in favor of extending the credits, which are in the millions compared to fossil fuels billions of welfare.
*Not so fast Republican gloat machine. Wisconsin recall was scheduled after college was out, Novemeber will be different, expect 5 to 8% more under 25 voters then, plus November is also a kind of recall election, and voters do have a built in risk aversion to change as Walker well knows. But, to be fair, the plutocracy and theocracy will spend a billion dollars to insure their continued take over of the nations assets.  To this end they will prop up the candidate from the cult of the harem.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Glen, creepy sad Glen, delivers line of the year.

“Everything you think is going to make you happy just turns to crap,” Glen, Season 5, Mad Men. I don't watch much TV outside of PBS Front Line, nature, history and science shows. But I love Mad Men. And last nights episode was a great one with the most quotable line yet from the series, or from anything since the Sinfeld series gave us a hundred of em. It was high TV, rare indeed. And Glen, if you don't watch much is a kid who has only had a few lines in all of the 5 seasons, was creepy as hell when he was little, but now he is maturing a little, is a target for bullys at his boarding school, and they gave him the line of the year, maybe the line of the series. OK, if you didn't see it, it may not look like much, but it was a wrenching observation.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Watermelon as Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Be careful when you spit the seeds.
I've seen yellow melon for sale, but never tried it.  Anyone?

Brown Recluse are here, or, This Is Global Warming

Brown Recluse have a dark violin on their head.
 Brown Recluse spider bite can lead to an open sore several inches across that lasts for up to 3 months and resulting in loss of flesh.  Fortunately, the name Recluse gives a clue, they are afraid of people and run like hell, prefer instead to hide in dark rooms, cellars, under things, behind pictures, in cardboard boxes.  The chance of being bitten is small, but the penalty is severe.  Outside they haunt woodpiles and dense bushes, leaf piles, inside sticking your hand in a stored cardboard box, or putting on clothes thrown down overnight is the most common method leading to a bite.  (not a web producing spider)
Normally brown, but it varies, cream to almost black
In my part of Kansas they were rare, they lived further east in the state.  But the last 15 years changing weather patterns favorable to them delivered these devils further into the uber red state.  The whole neighborhood has them now.    Three years ago they showed up in our house.  They come out at night, so after sundown or early in the morning we hunted and killed them as they came out of hiding.  At one point I was killing 5 to 10 every day, this went on for months.  
We finally turned the corner when we had to replace our roof last spring.  We had wooden shake shingles.  The roofers said there was an eco-system on the roof, moss, ants, centipedes, silverfish, a complete food chain for the spiders.  Following the removal of their foods supply we did a severe cleaning, move and vacuum and wash everything, and under and behind every picture, bed, chair, appliance.  Laundry or bag up all kinds of things in the closet, go through drawers.  Then in a month we did it again.   Since then a couple more times.  We feel like we have damn near beat them, still, I find one every week or two.  The bastards are still in the walls and between the floor and the basement ceiling I'm sure, but it's evident there are not many, and perhaps some of what we find now is  the normal infiltration rate of one getting in from the woods now and then.  
This morning in the soft light of dawn, I got up for a pleasant whiz, didn't turn on the light but I thought I saw something move, turned on the light and there was one, a small one, running like hell for the air conditioner vent, the bastards are smart, they know exactly where they need to go, I slapped the floor three times before I had spider gut on my hand, I'm brutal, barefoot, barehand, I kill the devils with zeal.  That was the first one I had seen in well over a week, I think this is as good as it will get.   I have some fly paper I put down in the places I see them most, the way they think and move leads all of them to the same indoor topography for some reason, a half dozen locations are where I have killed damn near all of the ones I find.  I do not want chemicals, so I do not spray inside and rarely outside, besides, spiders walk on a horn or toenail, when they eat or groom they do not normally touch themselves with it.  They can walk over a sprayed area or poison area unharmed most the time.  The best cure, remove their food supply, go after all the other bugs.
Brown Recluse Spiders in your house?  This is your house on Global Warming.