Wednesday, June 6, 2012

fat stupid poor gay green harems

These drugs make you FAT. Tributyltin: a fungicide used most often in paints and marine coatings. Actos, and Avandia: diabetes drugs. Olanzapine: antidepressant (this can causes 10 kilo or 22 lbs gain per year)
*The House added 40 amendments to the Energy and Water Appropriations bill including two more absurd light bulb freedom acts, anything to burn more energy.
*The Senate GOP voted in lock step to keep women from escaping poverty.
*A Kansas minister said on Sunday Gay and Lesbians should be killed, his congregation should not kill them, but the government should kill them.
*Kansas GOP gov. Brownback spoke at AWEA the wind energy convention in Atlanta and greenwashed his love for the industry and ask Congress to extend the tiny tax credits they give the industry. This after he barred wind mills in the eastern 1/3 of the state and restricted the size of the power lines coming out of some wind farms which limits their future expansion or retrofit to more productive turbines. What a dick. He wasn't as brave as it sounds, Carl Rove also spoke there in favor of extending the credits, which are in the millions compared to fossil fuels billions of welfare.
*Not so fast Republican gloat machine. Wisconsin recall was scheduled after college was out, Novemeber will be different, expect 5 to 8% more under 25 voters then, plus November is also a kind of recall election, and voters do have a built in risk aversion to change as Walker well knows. But, to be fair, the plutocracy and theocracy will spend a billion dollars to insure their continued take over of the nations assets.  To this end they will prop up the candidate from the cult of the harem.


  1. Keep the powder dry.
    We may need patriots to take up arms in order to restore democracy in America.

    I believe that we will see American blood in the streets.


  2. Obama will win easily in November - Romney is an oaf and gaffe prone.


  3. Fringe,
    Shame somebody can't harness all of the bullshit and hot air Brownback and his ilk produce. The US would be energy independent inside of a week.

  4. Try a tums Melanie, and stay away from fox snot. Sarge, the blood will be little, mostly broken heads from police batons after the wealthy buy the election. Ice, I hope so. Mister O, Brownback hot air power would have to come with a CO2 detector since he stovepipes so many toxins to the middle class with every action he takes.

  5. I'm hoping a lot of what happened Tuesday in Wisconsin can be explained by people's averstion to recall elections that aren't based upon criminal behavior or corruption.
    But I far less optimistic about November than I was before the recall results. I think the GOP kingmakers with the limitless bankrolls will be motivated by those results, and money will again rule the day in November.

    Trying to find a silver lining for what's going on, but when you consider the jobs report, the recall results, the upcoming Supreme Court rebuke of Obama's health care reform bill, and a long, hot summer of unemployment and economic stagnation, it's hard to get pumped up.


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