Monday, June 25, 2012

This is what public schools can do. Shame on Republicans and their attacks on public schools.

In this video we see Music Teachers can change lives, but along with Foreign language, Librarians, Debate teachers, Republicans all over this nation want it cut, stomped out, vouchered off to their religious and upper crust private schools.
I have a music teacher (orchestra) in the family who was told when she retires the school board will not hire a replacement, the orchestra will end to save money.  She wanted to retire but has not done so.  She said she cannot do it, many of the kids love orchestra so.  Her plan is to keep teaching as long as her health will allow, or be pushed out, which will come soon I'm sure.

Republicans, shame on you, selfish greedy money grubbers who would do anything to prevent the system that brought you to where you are from benefitting another.

5th graders, 5th graders in a troubled district, but this is what can be done, and these kids grades went straight up when they got with this music teacher.  Shame on you budget cutters, open your pockets.


  1. Selfishness is a virtue. There is no such thing as a 'public good.' Live for yourself, nothing else matters. Fear Socialism! Support the troops!

    America is in decline.

    1. Kevin,
      I think you are right. We are fast becoming a nation of the "haves" and the "have nots" and as hard as the thumper right shouts about religion -
      The fact is; they ignore the very teachings of their own religion.

      How can you have as much money as Romney and seriously give a fuck about people? He has multiple degrees from Harvard and would kill the Dept of Edcation, close public schools, eliminate programs, and can teachers immediately after taking office.


    2. NAC is right, I meet some business owners who gladly boast of events and practices that sound like tax evasion to me.

  2. We need a 'People's Champion' in the White House, like some of us thought Obama would be.


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