Thursday, June 14, 2012

Part 2: Free Postage, Free Envelopes

If you saw my earlier post on this subject I have an answer now.  Sadly, it will not work.

I found a number of online discussions about this,  it appears the pre-paid code is linked to the intended recievers address, when they don't match it's kicked out.  Some who have tried it said it was not delivered, or delivered postage due, or in the case where they put their return address on it, they received notice that it is a type of mail fraud, others received demands they cease this and apply for their own pre-paid mail account.

What to do with all these free envelopes that rain on us from magazines and junk mail?
Recycle them in one of two ways:
1) include them in your recycle paper tub/bag and make sure it stays out of landfills,
2)  you still have a free envelope you can use, place your stamp over the pre-paid corner markings, and a label over the printed address being sure to cover the bar code like sequence often printed along the lower edge of the envelope.


  1. Fringe: Better be careful. You don't to end up with a 20-year prison term for mail fraud.

    1. Whit: No worry, it doesn't sound like it car work, so it's to the recycle bin, as it was before.


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