Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally Bush 43 did something positive for the nation.

I would buy Bush 43 a beer today if I could.  This is the first time in years I could think of something positive he did for the nation.  He could have, and most at the time expected he would, name Scalia as head justice, but instead he brought in Roberts and named him chief justice.

After the court body slammed the GOP, out came Scum Dog Millionaire to claim he will overturn the law and pass a new one with just the shit in it we like.  There is no GOP plan to pass any such thing.  Following him all kinds of Republican trolls crawled from under the bridge to say the defeat will make them stronger, galvanize the base, money is pouring in and it is a kind of victory for them.

Do you remember Yasser Arafat, PLO dude?  The Jews chased him all over the middle east kicking his ass 2 or 3 times, cornering him up in a single building once for months,  forcing him to Cyprus at least once.  He use to make grand speeches as he was leaving defeated once more, shit like -- this is actually a victory,  it's a gift, it makes us tough, stronger, with every one we are closer to our goal.  And the Jews would sing a refrain, we wish you many more such victories.  

Like all good Scum Dog Millionaire lackeys, the GOP frame this in most important metric of all, money.  Money is poring in they say, the last few hours donations are 250k per hour.  Money, Scum Dog Millionaire loves the smell of money, the only true measure of ones life.  That they raise obscene amounts of money from people living in jets is a matter of great pride.  Look, the GOP was already galvanized by their belief this black man was an illegitimate President.  There was no way Obama could have gained much if this had been overturned.  It would have given the right ammo to sell  their case he is illegitimate in every deed.  They lost that, and if they somehow feel that is a victory, I wish them many more like this.  For the near term Romney will hammer the overturning of this bill, but it is a  weak sword he swings considering his history of mandates to buy the stuff.  You would think a job creator business guru like Mitt would not be so stupid as to run against mandates to buy it, really, a businessman doesn't understand economy of scale, or that the more people in the program the less it costs?  As Governor he understood that.  WTF?


  1. Defeat is DoublespeakLand.

  2. Ask a GOP Congressman for a copy of the Republican plan.
    There is none and won't ever be one...

    You notice how Boehner has replaced his "repeal and replace" with just "repeal"..



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