Friday, June 8, 2012


I rarely eat meat.  Obama has decided to let Chicken slaughter houses inspect their own meat and speed up the line 25%.  800 meat inspectors will be laid off in the coming months, hundreds of workers will be injured, fewer workers will be needed, and you will now have to rely on workers to throw out bad meat on their own.
How long will Juan keep his job if he starts filling the barrel with infected or cancerous  chicken?  Maybe to break time, if he's lucky.
Privatized food safety!  I am amazed Obama caved to these industry fucks, and they still will not vote for him, I guarantee it.  I also guarantee a lot of the suspect meat that would have been tossed in the past, will now find it's way to the bird version of pink slime, bleached and dumped into soup, gravey, pot pies,  school lunch programs.   Don't worry, industry will never do anything to hurt it's customers, it never has in the past!


  1. Oh boy. I have never really trusted the "factory" food produced by industrial agriculture. What little inspection there was previously was inadequate. Why not eliminate it entirely?

    The people most impacted by this will be those with weak immune systems, oldsters and children, and a few thousands increase in deaths and illness will get swamped in the statistical noise of 350 million "consumers." No problemo!

    I don't eat a lot of meat, but I do like a bit of chicken now and then. Off to google how to handle possible tainted meat now... What a great country we live in, huh?

  2. That's the "deregulation" thing we keep hearing about. Take away the meat inspectors, do away with OSHA, remove all those pesky EPA regs, and while you're up put a cap on all trial lawyers' settlements for negligence and defective products. Presto! The perfect America! The "market" will decide good business practices by the bottom line they produce.

    God help us...

  3. Damn!
    We are just now getting a turkey processing plant here in SW Indiana that will hire hundreds of Hoosiers.

    So, Thanksgiving is to be tofu and fucking gravy? Have you ever tried that spongy-ass shit? SKM was into that crazy veggie diet shit before people even knew it existed. The bitch was skinny until I got her eating right.


  4. Thank god I don't eat meat. The thing is vegetables aren't all that safe either unless you grow them yourself. I bet Walmart had something to do with. I'm on a Walmart hating binge. Ha.


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