Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why does Colorado Springs get all the fire fighting equipment?

Fires all over the west, the largest in the Fort Collins/Boulder area.  But a much smaller fire near Colorado Springs is sucking equipment and men away from other fires.

Why?  Money and Religiosity.  The homes under threat cost more than homes in the other fires.  Money Money Money.  Thats some rich guys free speech under threat.  And Colorado Springs is the cluster fuck of religiosity.  You can't swing a dead cat down there without hitting a mega church, or someone that got molested in one.  That fire, well that's the devil himself and he can run wild in liberal Fort Collins just fine, but no way he's gett'n into the Springs, stop it, and take the money from the school budget or the state workers pension, but stop it.


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  2. Maybe it is the fires proximiety to the Air Force Academy?


    1. Ron;
      See that comment above, Pretty sure thats a comment planted to get people to follow it back to some bullshit site advertising loans or herbal meds or harvesting information from your cookie bowl. Don't click it. I normally delete those but you said you had not seen that before. It's most likely a robot. I get lots of these now. As I said a while back, I may cave in and start using the verification method.

    2. Hi
      I wanted to bring up to date my previous remarks on this disaster. When I repleted, a form came up that
      I entered what I wanted & sent !!
      I repeat below

      I have not heard back from PBS, Re, News Hour Judy Woodruff 7/2/2012.

      I think it is to embarrassing to Judy & PBS & all the polluters that cause Global Worming, and fire Disaster.

      I sent a link to your site, that includes my previous comments.

      Some questioned the validity, since it attacks the 1 or 2 % !!!

      If you, or others, can post links to other web sites, or articles answering to

      the yellow fringe: Why does Colorado Springs get all the fire fighting equipment?: Why does Colorado Springs get all the fire fighting equipment?


  3. Hi,
    I think this fits in.
    I e-mailed this to our local PBS station
    Last Night. No answer Yet.
    Send me your e-mail address & I will let you
    know an answer, If I get one.
    Sy syweiss2@gmail.com

    PBS, Re, News Hour Judy Woodruff 7/2/2012.
    The News Hour is one of the few programs I watch, M-F
    I have never been so OUTRAGED of anything thing,
    PBS or, The New Hour produced.

    To night, Judy Wood interviewed an eminent weather scientist.
    The interview included Video of the devastation the wild fires have caused,
    and the effects, not only to our Western states, but to freak weather on our East coast.
    The program only addressed the effects Global Warming,
    Judy NEVER asked, him in his research, what is the CAUSE ?
    I kept yelling at the TV, JUDY Please Ask Him what is the
    CAUSE ?
    To me, not asking such an obvious question is, Why ?
    As a loyal supporter of PBS, I think an answer is called for.
    Sy Weiss

    1. Sy;
      I yell at my TV too. The questions ask in some interviews are so unimportant, and use up the time to ask the good one. If you hear back post it here. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Sy, I'm with you. I think less and less of TV as time goes on. However, that is disappointing that PBS didn't ask the obvious question.


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