Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romney's plan, a wet back army.

Romney, he's the guy who said his sons had more important things to do than join the military after 9-11, they needed to serve the nation by working to get him elected as the first mormon cult member in the White House.  The GOP is tripping over mouse turds trying to find a way to counter Obama's directive to stop deporting children brought here who are in school or military and have no police record.  Pandering the fox rabble cry.   Helping kids is pandering.  To late Rubio says, Obama didn't do it early enough to suit him, so it's no good.

Now Romney, only took him near a fucking week to come up with something to throw at Obama over this, not very fast on his feet, but now he says oh it's no good, it's too late to be fair, Obama is taking the hispanics for granted (by helping them, WTF?) and when I am President Mexicans will have to join the Army to get a pass to stay here while they are in junior high, wait, how is that possible?  Mexican kids that walked over deserts to get her can go in the Army, but not the boys of a guy with more foreign bank accounts than all the gardeners at all his 5 houses.   I thought the illegal Mexicans are coming up here spreading disease, he wants that in the army?, and they can't speak english, he wants a Spanish speaking army?, and they take our jobs, he wants them to fill the only sure thing job that some lower and middle class Americans can get, and thats in the Army, and for the guys that want to join to serve their country, are the slots going to all be filled up with Mexicans?  Doesn't Romney know if we put all the Mexicans in the Army, they will take over, their Catholics and Catholics are pretty damn pissed off about the fucking Mormons doing that voodoo conversion of their dead relatives into Jack Mormons.

Romney's idea is about as stupid as that story he proudly tells about his wife getting cured of MS on a fucking $77,000 horse trained in a specific gallop, another $10,000, and kept in a stable that you can bet cost more than my house, your cars, and the net worth of a couple hundred illegals combined.  It's a tax deduction I guarantee it.  Oh, if riding horses cures cancer maybe when he is president he will add horses as treatment covered by medicare.


  1. The reason Romney had no response is he assumed he wouldn't have to address these things.

    R-money thought he could just galvant around America having his minions try childish bullying pranks at President Obama while he said Obama is responsible for the job losses that He and the Republican Party caused...

    He's an empty suit, a husk of a human, who'd happily fire every American to win the PResidency and the millions it entails for his family.

    1. GeG;
      I still get uneasy when I see mittens take those fast short steps walking on stage. Why won't he come out? "Galavant", that's bitch slapping the obvious.

  2. Fringe: Better leave a safety valve in the military for jobless American youth.


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