Monday, June 4, 2012

Glen, creepy sad Glen, delivers line of the year.

“Everything you think is going to make you happy just turns to crap,” Glen, Season 5, Mad Men. I don't watch much TV outside of PBS Front Line, nature, history and science shows. But I love Mad Men. And last nights episode was a great one with the most quotable line yet from the series, or from anything since the Sinfeld series gave us a hundred of em. It was high TV, rare indeed. And Glen, if you don't watch much is a kid who has only had a few lines in all of the 5 seasons, was creepy as hell when he was little, but now he is maturing a little, is a target for bullys at his boarding school, and they gave him the line of the year, maybe the line of the series. OK, if you didn't see it, it may not look like much, but it was a wrenching observation.


  1. Too many people set up the wrong goals for happiness; that is why they get the crap.

  2. Whit, I don't know if I agree with you across the board. Material items sure, but in relationships, job choices and more, often we have to face up to the randomness of life, we can't solve every problem of the world or of the family or community. It's beyond our control to make wacky people see logic, or a company we work for suddenly change course or ownership throws us off. Perseverance, agility, skill, luck, we have to muck through it when what we hoped would make us happy turns to crap.

  3. Fringe.
    I watch the local/ABC News, CNN, the Military Channel, Weather Channel. I tape Rachel Maddow and Gy Fieri's "Drive In's, Diner's and Dive's.
    Well, Big Ten Network come basketball time.
    Not enought PBS - I need to fix that.


  4. I was 'hooked' on MadMen when it first came out - but haven't watched it a long time. That is a good line - though I don't necessarily agree with it. Kind of like Whit said - 'the wrong goals' creat crap sometimes.


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    2. Ice, right, it's a broad statement, a generalization so it can't stand up universally.


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