Friday, June 22, 2012

Law of the Sea, 160 for it, 4 against it: Iran, North Korea, Libya, USA

The United Nations has it's hands full dealing with rogue states who do not want to work with the rest of the community of nations on: fishing rights, territorial water limits (border), mineral rights, transport right of ways, jurisdiction on interdiction and boarding of vessels.
160 nations have ratified the treaty, of the few who have ocean front property and oppose it 4 are from the usual suspect list of trouble makers, it's just odd to see the US side with Iran and North Korea.  Note that the club of people we love to hate, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Pakistan and even Syria already signed up.  
What a fine club we have joined.  Why?  Oil and mining companies, they are lobbying hard against it.  Will oil get us into another war, starting in the arctic with the sea ice melting and the scramble already on to rape that ocean of fish and oil, oh wait, that ice thing isn't really happening, it's not getting warmer, thats all a hoax.

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