Friday, June 15, 2012

Just the Flax, Ma'am, Sarge, watch this, especially the last 45 seconds

ATTENTION Sarge:  Flowmax has lots of bad side effects, and it costs several hundred dollars a year.  Flax seed has none, none and it costs only a few.
We put ground flax seed on cereal every day, we put it on yogurt, in soup, my wife puts it in things she bakes.  Buy a bag of "Bobs Red Mill" ground or milled flax seed, Kroger has it as do most grocers,  keep it in the fridge, it tastes fine, it's not a twigs and leaves hippie thing at all.  It has the same success at treating enlarged prostate as Flomax, fuck the drug companies, buy something from a farmer.


  1. I will look for some today...


    1. Good, a spoon of it on your cereal, I don't think you can even taste the difference.


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