Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spiders and automated tellers, don't try sex with either one.

I go over to Lowes to pick up some all natural bug killer, it's lemon grass oil, it costs about $6, $2 more than black flag and it's competitors and it's not dangerous to fish or birds, hell I think you can wash  kittens in it.  I found a brown recluse hatchery with gobs of them over my tools and gardening equipment, I shook it and spray those poor buggers and they died on the spot right then and their, no one of them even tried to escape or hide, I never saw anything work so fast.  Sprayed a stream along the patio and on the deck posts, two days now, no bugs are crossing it yet.  It's "HotShot Natural".  It's safe for kids and pets, it's just lemon grass oil, hell maybe you can put it in your oriental fish soup next time you make it.  Look for this stuff, we need to stop bombing our houses and yards in deadly chemicals and heavy metals, why do you think theres so much cancer?  God damn can't you link cause and effect?

When I was at Lowes,  the normal 3 check out counters open were but one, however they now have 4 self check out counters, thats new, and I ain't using them god damn it, I use to at Krogers but I quite it.  I'm not in a hurry, so I go to the human.
I hope you all know, no matter who is president, industry and business do not need people like they did before, I would be surprised if we can ever get unemployment under 7% with all this automation.  And why do you want to go to an automated teller anyhow, hell you can't flirt with it, you don't have a chance to have a torrid affair with it, hell life needs to have some excitement don't it, at least a slim chance of the forbidden?


  1. That's good to know the lemon grass works on the spiders. I've been using the bad stuff because I didn't think the good stuff would work. I will switch.

    1. I really like this HotShotNatural spray. It has an oder but not chemical, but a plant smell, heavy alfalfa maybe, but it goes away of course. I found it leaves a tiny soft stain (from the oil), so you might not want to spray it on your front room walls. If you get some and need to spray it inside you could make a little test in a spot it won't show to see the result.

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