Wednesday, June 20, 2012

verification code to comment, well maybe

I am getting tired of robot comments.  I know they are robots doing it because they are often placed on really old posts, months old sometimes.  They usually take this form more or less.
Oh I am so glad to learn this, please visit my blog.  Or, you have such a wonderful blog and I am such a big fan, can I link to it, please go to ...... and give me permission so all my friends can enjoy your wit and overwhelming wisdom.  Well, only once, ok twice, was I dumb enough to follow the link back, one was a Chinese (I think) site selling dried squirrel dicks or some kind of voodoo health shit, the other was a loan shark firm with $300 for me if I would just tell them if I hold a title on a vehicle and if I had any virgin daughters.

OK, I don't get many of these, and I do not like the verification code thingy, but, don't be surprised if in the coming weeks I move to this method of blocking businessmen from using me as a tool of their capitalism.  I never thought I would have to fight the "job creators" of the world from hitchhiking on my vehicle.

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  1. I haven't had that problem yet. And, hey! I did a view blog and everything is cool -Now the German flag didn't show on my I-phone but did one OAZ on the lap top.


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