Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free Postage, Free Envelopes, wow I love this country

Open a magazine, or the mail, and pre-paid postage envelopes gallop out like lemmings.

Besides recycling them, which I do with glee, can't we regift them to mail a snail mail letter to Uncle Rube, or hate mail to the mega church for using their electric marquee for political statements?  I think just a sticky label over the address of "Committee to Reelect Congressman Wealth Nutts" and sha-zam your saving damn near half a dollar, and Rep. Nutts's oil lobby picks up the tab.

OK I am relying on tribal knowledge here, will it work?  Is there anything illegal about it, mail fraud or something?   I assume you also must cover the barcode like string along the base of the envelope, which I believe is the coded address.
Anyone?  Can it be done?  Legal?


  1. Try it and report back to us. ; )

  2. A mail terrorist...

    I friggin luv it.


  3. Fringe,
    I read about a guy who mixed and matched stuff. When he got postage paid envelopes from different outfits, he'd put something from one in the envelope of another and stick it in the mail. So if Mega Church A sent him something and included a postage paid envelope while PAC B sent him something else, with a postage paid envelope, he'd send stuff from Mega Church to the PAC and vice versa. Can't recall what the results were except I think the guy wound up getting a lot less of such mail.

  4. Fringe:

    Let us know what happens. :^)

  5. All:
    OK, so you guys don't know do you? I will try it in the next few days, preparing for an all day meeting with customers and engineers tomorrow and into the evening. I will re-label one of these puppies to myself and slam it in the drop box up the street. In the mean time, hopefully someone will tell me if they know anything about it.

  6. I would think if 'misuse' of one of those envelopes constituted mail fraud or something it'd be all over the envelope in big bold letters. I would think ...

  7. OK, it will not work. I found a number of online discussions about this, the code is linked to the intended recievers address. Some who have tried it said it was not delivered, or delivered postage due, or in the case where they put their return address on it, they received notice that it is a type of mail fraud and others received applications to apply for pre-paid mail account.

    What to do with the envelopes that rain on you from magazines and junk mail? Recycle them. 1) put them in with your recycle paper and make sure it gets back into the system, or, 2) you still have a free envelope, place a stamp on it, and a label over the printed address being sure to cover any barcode style sequence often along the lower edge of the envelope.


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