Thursday, June 28, 2012

You computer probably burns $34 a year

If you have a reasonably current PC or Mac, and if you leave it plugged to the charger 24/7.  Operating in this way this machine works all day every day to transfer about $34  annually from you to the fossil fuel industry, leaving you poorer and them with enough money to buy a Senator.  If it's a real old mother, it's giving them even more.  Turn it off when you sleep and unplug the vampire charger.  If you can't get a raise out of your stingy boss, learn to cut costs, sha-zam you have the same result, more cash.

If your in the market look at a new tablet computer, your electric bill will be between $1.50 and $3.00 for the year.  That's a big damn savings on the utility bill alone.  Also the purchase price is less than most PC's.  When my old beast kick the bucket, I will open it, fuck up the hard drive, then drop it at the recycle center, then buy a tablet.


  1. Darrel,
    The tablets are too small for aging eyes. And, what about my porn! I need at least a 15 incher for that.
    Damn, porn is about the last vice - Well, okay - one of many vices, that I have left.

    My Vectern bill is %54.91 for electricity - It will be more next month because I am having the run the a/c with this heat wave (106 yesterday -
    hotter than a popcorn fart in Arknasas...).

    I will call you Sunday...


  2. More people are buying tablets than desktops and laptops.

  3. I think tablets are the wave of the future. Reduced power use is a good thing, although increased battery consumption may offset some of that. (By consumption I mean buying batteries).


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