Friday, March 30, 2012

Red states adding churches to state houses

Kansas joins a number of red states, I think they are ahead of most in opening their Capital Building Prayer Room.  Just off the main chamber is the chapel, oh strike that word, they have the sign on the door reading prayer and meditation room, they decided if they use chapel the left wing will take them to court, but this clever word game will fool everyone.

Separation of church and state is not an option in the red states, they are falling over one another to get these chapels installed across the country.

My hope is for a wave of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Native Americans headed to the state house chapel every day to spend time there chanting and reading their books.  I don't think the chapel will survive if this happens.


  1. Let's hope the Stand Your Ground law doesn't come into play at that point.

  2. Where are the Hare Krishnas when America needs them?

    Theocracy is rising and we need to do all we can do to combat it.



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