Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I don't think the Supreme Court decision will help Romney

What the hell do we need Romney for if the Supreme Court throws out most or all of the health care plan?  One of his main things is to repeal it, so that removes some of his perceived purpose.

What if they uphold it?  He and the tea party have made a cottage industry out of hollering "unconstitutional", a decision supporting most or all of it says Obama was right and the red states and Romney should go back to protecting the rich and attacking women and minorities.

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  1. Today will not bring a decision - I don't think we will see one for month's to come - An October Surprise? I don't think the court wants to be put in the same position of Gore vs Bush ever again.
    Will a complete over turn of the Affordable Health Care Act have an adverse affect on Obama and the Democrats? Actually, I envision just the opposite happening.
    We had this going for America and they got the courts to stop it - pre-existing conditions, cancelations, return of the Do Nut Hole in the Part D Medicare Drug Plan - Lots and lots of ad fodder there...

    More on Mitch McConnel later...



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