Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Senate could be 50 Repubs and 50 Dems with the VP breaking every tie vote

With Snow and others leaving the early look-see is betting on a couple of Reichwing pick ups, maybe more than a couple.  Reasonable chance of the VP being the tie breaker every damn day of the week.  What kind of Supreme Court we going to get?  The next 4 years will see 2 if not 3 new justices.  I would not be surprised to hear a funeral dirge on public radio a couple times on NPR's wake up show re: said officers of the court.

I just saw some polling on a couple Senate races one in Virgina and the other Mass.  The dems have eked out a tiny lead now, partially as a backlash to the Reichwings attack on the sluts among us.  If you have a few dollars, or some other form of support to spare, do something for a dem senate race, otherwise these fucking religious zealots are going to ram a theocracy into the courts and the next 30 years will be like the inquisition, and if the VP is Romneys lap dog, corporations will get the vote proportional to their size.  Can you see Monsanto with 10,000 votes in Iowa?


  1. Actually, I think that might help things - a 50/50 split. That might end this partisan gridlock shit.


    1. I don't understand that Ron. If the GOP picks up more senate seats won't that give them more gumption to block any judge that has not sent black children to death row or written abortion is the main thing wrong with America?


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