Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Neighborhood watch vigilante

This piss ant in Florida was a hunter, a vigilante into tough guy shit, that's not a neighborhood watch, at least by my area's standards.  This guy claims to be a neighborhood watch captain, but it was not sanctioned by the Orlando police, they had never set one up, it was vigilantism.   In Florida if you shoot someone, make sure he's dead, maybe a bullet through the eye for good measure, then claim the "standing your ground" self defense rule.  They cannot charge you without a hearing first that finds you did wrong, or so I understand.  This works best if your white and the one at room temperature is not.

Here to have a neighborhood watch you have to get a majority of the neighbors to request it through the police.  The police visit the group a couple of times and go over the way things work.  You get signs to post in the neighborhood.  The size of a watch is limited to a street or small area.  The police come in every once in a while and go over how to stay safe.  You have to set up calling trees in the area, know what cars go with what house, let each other know about going out of town, call each other when you see something out of the normal.  It never includes chasing people or carrying weapons.


  1. Darrel, I helped set up a community watch here at Bayhead apartments. No people on patrols with guns - call 911. Then we got IMPD off duty security and a on site resident Marion County Deputy Sheriff.
    There is no reason that kid should have been killed and I hope a grand jury brings a charge of murder agaisnt that wantabee cop.

    You would be horrified at how many "unsworn deputy sheriffs we have in Marion County. The "real MCSD people wear a five pointed star.
    These volunteer fucks wear six pointed stars. Oh, drive police cars as if they were regular cops. That is to get in the force - But, not really. Your school yard bully usually becomes
    a cop.

    Trevor is dead because the local cops didn't do something to stop the man that killed him from
    packing a gun.


    1. If Trevor was white and the killer black the shooters story would have been vetted from the get go, and I suspect an arrest would have been made.

    2. That ain't no shit...



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