Thursday, June 26, 2014

I had my hands all over this women, lots of times.

16.5" tall, clay, even though it's hollowed out and been in the kiln, it's quite heavy.
I was going to start another this summer, instead I have been replacing faucets, drains, painting, calking, it never ends.  Maybe this fall.

I have always carved from stone, first time working with clay.


  1. Darrel,
    1. WOW! That is awesome!
    2. Where is my fucking Buddha?
    3. Hijacking your blog:
    Visit me at - We finally have a decision on the crosses along the river front.
    Me? Fine - PSA is down to 0.55. Green glow in the bedroom...
    Mom is driving me bat-shit! I have a sitter firm in there in the PM.
    Chasing a young red head - Yes, I have blue pills.
    My other blog is - skin, politics, etc.


    Thanks, Darrel
    Now, where is my fucking Buddha?

  2. Great Job...I love the mystery of pensive u have created in her which makes me want to tickle her passionately :)

  3. Ron, you already have a Buddha.
    Pop, tickle away.

  4. Outstanding, man! Seriously good work! (why can't Sarge have another Buddha?)


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