Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hey Inhoff, Global Frying is here.

In the last few days:
India, Deli, 118°f, new record, power failures, riots.
Paris suburbs, 100°
Northern Germany, 90's
South France, 100+
Central Russia, 100+

Records set in many cities in Europe and India, and most of these records were less than 5 years old.

Last night I went to hear a Republican Congressional candidate ramble.  He said if elected he will get rid of the pollution standards on cars, and industry, and then we can finally enjoy life.  Oh and the lady from McCains campaign town hall meeting was there to tell us Obama is a Muslim, unlike McCain, he didn't straighten her out, she got a round of applause.  He is trying to unseat a fellow Repub funded by Koch, it's dirt bag against dirt bag.

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  1. Darrel,
    The science denying ignorant-ass Okie you are refering to is Senator Jim Inhofe (R (naturally), Ok. We will see ninety next week in the river valley. And, know this - When climate change and global warming are no longer deniable - the GOP playbook is to do precisely what GW did with the non-existant WMD and shruge and say, "We had that one wrong"


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