Thursday, November 19, 2015

ask (R)'s to co-sponsor H.Res.424

On October 12th, Greg Page, Executive President of Cargill spoke at Kansas State University.  His message was to farmers and Ag students.  It was short and blunt.  Climate Change is real, it is happening, it will damage our supply chain of food production.  Further, it will change the way farmers work, and their income.  We need to tackle climate change head on, we need to develop the political will to do it, now.
Cargill as you may know is a food giant, meats, grains, food processing.  Love'm or hate'm, but they know which side of the bread the butter is on.  Climate Change is an economic issue and they know it now. 
Not a good couple of months for deniers, the Pope was here, 81 large corporations came out supporting Obama's efforts of action on climate issues, then Bank of America says climate change is going to cost the economy trillions if not attacked immediately, then 5 more of the largest banks in the nation ask Congress to take meaningful action, then 5 of the largest oil companies said they are prepared for a price on carbon.  Yes, thats right, oil said that.  (I can tell you why they would do this, if you want to know ask
in comments)
Now we have 12 (R) GOP members putting forth H.Res.424, which simply says lets play nice, look for solutions to climate change, accept the science, and get on with it.  If your in an (R) congressional district, write or call said GOPer and ask him to co-sponser the Gibson resolution H.Res.424.  Do not ask a (D) to support it, they will support it, but it will poison the well if a (D) signs on before they get about 25 (R)'s.  

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