Monday, February 2, 2015

35° hotter in the Arctic before 2090 - scorpions OK with that.

By 2090, your grandkids are going to wonder why you didn't do something.  16°C, thats about 35° Fahrenheit higher temperatures in the arctic than today.  Look at central US 12°f higher, northeast 18°f hotter.

Before 2050 temps in the US are estimated to be 8°f to 10°f higher than today.

As a farmer I guarantee you, corn, wheat, tomatoes, peaches, they do not produce at 130°f.  Cucumbers and cattle don't, scorpions do.

So, adapt the deniers say, no big deal.  Adapt, like move crops to cooler climates.  Yea, but proper soil types may not exist there, food crops only grow in certain soil conditions, what about sunlight, you can't move crops to mild weather where the sun only shines a few weeks a year.  With temps changing so fast, you can't start almond trees in a cold climate so they will be mature in a good climate, they would freeze out currently.  Likewise if we wait to start it there when temps are right, by the time it matures it will be so hot it will kill it in it's new location.

It's time for a carbon tax and dividend.  Tax carbon at the point it enters the economy.  I'll explain it later, maybe tomorrow.


  1. Darrel,
    The Koch Brothers are against climate change and have the GOP Congress on the take. We can beat the drum as lloud as we can on this but a whore will remain a whore...

  2. Yea well sometimes whores renounce their sins with enough of the right support.

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