Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to fix yucky air, the climate, and save money.


  1. Please read this. I am a sr. citizen and blog on blogstream which i can't find. I am not good at all using computers and find the complexity very frustrating ie I still don't know if this is the old blogstream site and have not been able to find a way to register on this site and don't know how i was able to comment to you. I found your video and played it and liked it very much. I will check out citizen's climate lobby since i am in complete agreement with you. it is one of the reasons i was trying to blog again. I am sorry I had to use anon but didn't know any other way to comment. maybe i can figure out how to use blogspot somehow. i would like to - especially if this is the old blogstream site.

    1. I too am a blogstream refugee. Blogstream had features no other site has, it was excellent. Please do go to Register and they will connect you with people from the nearest chapter. The group nation wide is small, 12,000 or so, but they recruit and train; letter writers, speakers, local event participation, lots of polite and well planned visits to congressional and senate local offices and in DC. and every month they have conference calls with impressive smart people to add to our knowledge. Please give it a try, it's a great activity, and it's probably the most important fight out there. This group will make you very optimistic about our chances, David against Goliath and all that.


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