Saturday, August 16, 2014

Screw Chiquita Bananas

Chiquita announced they will move from the US, to a lower tax haven.  NEVER WILL I BUY ANOTHER BUNCH of their fruit.  Not one.  Guaranteed.  I have a number of brands I don't buy, and I stick to it like glue.  Boycott is my vote.  Vote with your pocketbook, do not give them a penny.  Tell your store manager and the produce manager you want a different brand, tell them other stores carries a different brand.

Assholes, American corps don't pay much tax as it is.


  1. Trying to do the same after I read that.

  2. Replies
    1. Enjoying the warm. Just returned from the 4 Corners looking at ruins. Got natural gas installed. A new water heater will be inspected tomorrow I think and there is a furnace coming.

      Hopefully will build a 6x12 solar collector that will go on the front as well. With these changes I believe heating costs will drop significantly and payoff of the around 3.5K cost will be five to seven years. It's a winner no matter what.

      Trying to come up with a plan for missing winter but that's not there yet. Have a friend visiting who will be going to and living for however long in Costa Rica at the end of Sept. In a place called Puerto Viejo on the Gulf not far from Panama. Can't believe how mild the weather is and humidity that is fairly acceptable. Will be getting a report and we'll see. That kinda stuff.


  3. OF, that is fantastic, one of the few people know who is actually investing in saving energy and money in the future.
    I was going to do some sculptures this summer but started on some house repair projects and their is no end in sight. I don't get to work on it but a couple hours a day, so it takes months to do what a real carpenter could do in a couple weeks. Keeps me thinking solving problems.


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