Tuesday, August 5, 2014

War, huh, what is it good for?

A general was shot dead today in Afghanistan.  I wish it didn't happen, I wish he was alright.  But it pisses me off that the news launches into a life story of him and his family, his service history.  All those thousands that died with a low rank insignia on their uniform, they were equal to him, no evening news or front page story for them.  We should have been out of there already, let those people get back to their tribal customs, thats what they want.  It's a lifestyle that does not fit us, it's harsh, mean, but it fits them, let them return to it.

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  1. Correct and very well stated YF.

    Merca and in particular families never said boo about how their loved ones died for literally nothing these last few years.

    We are okay with this as a country are always looking for more it seems.

    Me I'm just fucking sick of it all!


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