Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where is all that stock market money going?

In the rare moments lately that the right isn't claiming voter fraud solar energy and little kids from south of the border are only minutes from killing this nation once and for all, you will probably hear this.  Obama is spending every dime we have, dems are running up the debt, government is unstable and should not be in charge of the money, wall street and the rich should.   Am I right?  OK.

Then where is all that money going in the last two months when trillions have been pulled from the stock market, corporate bonds and mutual funds.  It's going into government bonds.  Government bonds, yes, US government bonds.

Doesn't sound like the government is so scary after all.  The stock market dipped due to so much money headed to the security of Obama's US government.   And, a-n-d, fucking AND, the national debt has been cut by over 50% since 2011.  50%.  Anyone hear about this?  Anyone hear how fast the debt is shrinking?  Fox?  Anyone?

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