Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A GOP group worth recommending, and joining.

75% of the wind energy capacity• is in congressional districts held by the GOP.  67% of the manufacturers supplying wind energy are in GOP held congressional districts.  Wind energy means lots of jobs and millions in payments to counties and landowners (royalties just like oil).

So why do Republican politicians vote against the better interest of their own districts businesses and ratepayers?  While Republican voters favor renewable energy sources at 60% to 70% depending on the area, elected state and federal GOP office holders favor it at only 15% to 20%.  Answer is pressure and money from the Koch's, coal companies, railroads, oil, natural gas, all want to stall the inevitable success of all renewables.  The cost to the public is higher utility bills by sticking with old technology, and more pollution.  You must tell your representatives at every level, even townships, how you feel, and what you expect from them, be polite, passionate, and firm.

I work with regional group Climate and Energy Project and a national group Operation Free, both work to educate the public and increase interest in moving the economy towards clean safe lower cost energy sources**  Friday I met the mid states coordinator for a Republican group doing the same,  Encourage the Repubs in your circle to look, learn, join and support this group.  Operation Free is a military veterans group, linked at the upper left corner of this blog, click the shield.

*"wind energy capacity" means areas where winds blow strong enough and often enough to produce power at a profit over the years.
** wind and solar are now at parity with fossil fuel in most areas, lower in some.


  1. Was concerned ...glad ur back with the good news!

    1. Pops, I've been busy the last weeks with some trade shows for business and the state fair working at a booth educating people about clean energy and the jobs it produces, enabling them contact their representatives in the state house.


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