Monday, September 22, 2014

immaculate sunshine runuth over

Foggy-cloudy-rainy Germany gets lots of it's energy from solar panels, far more than we currently do.  Germany is north of almost everything we have except snowbilly Alaska.  Yet you see every state can produce just from this one source as much energy as they currently consume . At the start of WWII we jumped within a year or so from hundreds to producing 50,000 airplanes a year.  The climate deniers wind up their "it's a hoax" speech by telling you even if it you want to you can't suddenly build enough solar panels and wind turbines, hybrid cars, low energy appliances and home insulation to impact the climate in the way scientist suggest.  Hitler and the Japanese military underestimated American industry too.  It is totally possible.  Lobby your city and county to increase the insulation requirements on new construction and renovations.  All this is possible with your participation, none of it without it.

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