Friday, September 19, 2014

Take a dump, look out the window, drink orange juice, but don't hit.

This picture in it's full size said NFL then under that, Get your game face on!
I never once saw any of my family even extended family hit one another, or any of our women look like they had ever been hit.  So, I don't get it, why do big ones want to beat the little ones?  WE argue, get all bent out of shape, but no one ever had a bloody nose from it, go outside, go to bed, get busy on something, listen to some calm music.  Things clear up.   You don't need a game face.

In the mean time Fox and Rush Limpball are telling the other side, that somehow it's not so bad, it's the liberals way of telling that makes it seem that way.


  1. Think maybe some good can come from all of this?

  2. It already has, and then it will fade, but at least there are some bright moments.


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