Friday, November 14, 2014

Fracking cost me money now

About 5 years ago oil and gas companies started fracking about 45 miles southeast of here.  About 4 years ago we started having earthquakes.  Wednesday we had a real boat ride, lots of rocking, I was getting an eye exam and the doors were slamming and the fat ladies working there were moaning and holding on.  It was in the mid 4's, 4.6 I think.  In the fracking area bricks fell off some buildings, here no damage.

This morning I called the insurance agent and added earthquake coverage.  It's currently only a few dollars a year, but he said they may yank the rate higher if the shaking continues.  So, now fracking actually costs me something.  My expenses and risks (still a big deductable on masonry damage) go up so a few oil guys can get rich.

Kansas Gov. Brownback early this year set up a 3 man panel to see if fracking and the earthquakes are related since they started in the same place at the same time. 2 oilmen and a geologist that spent his life working for an oil company were his picks.  "Probably not related, no solid evidence, it's just a random thing" said Pope Brownback of the report.  Breaking up the stoney arches and layers under our feet is like going under your house and shattering the foundation, things are going to sag, fall, settle, slip, crack, shake, your not going to like it.   Unrelated?  Like sugar and obesity!

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